Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 2197

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted by Eleven Jewell

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 2197-Dahlia felt a twinge of guilt and immediately lost the fiery momentum of her earlier shouting, but she still pushed herself to say, “She already has asthma, so who’s to blame if she can’t control her emotions?”

Trevor remarked casually, “The people Jaylene brought with her said you swindled her out of her money. This matter seems related to her condition, right?”

Dahlia’s heart skipped a beat, and then she spotted Stella. Her eyes instantly lit up. “Stella, you’ve come at the perfect time.”

Stella hesitated.

It was odd. It was the first time Dahlia had spoken to her with such enthusiasm.

Dahlia attempted to approach, but Trevor calmly positioned himself in front of Stella, preventing Dahlia from getting too close.

Dahlia halted in her tracks, eager. “Stella, you promised me before that you’d give me a billion to settle the company’s debts. You can’t just go back on your word.”

Her eyes suggested to Stella that if she didn’t hand over the money, she shouldn’t be surprised if Dahlia ignored their familial ties.

Stella pursed her lips. “I agreed to give you a billion because you claimed Kanrara ran off with the money, leaving the company in debt. I gave you the money to clear that debt, but instead, you handed it over to your brother and sister-in-law for their enjoyment. Your brother splurges at the casino, and your sister-in-law stays in luxury hotels. Why should I foot the bill for them?”

Dahlia was taken aback. After calming down, she finally realized what was amiss.

Blake had clearly stated that Kanrara had absconded with the money, so why was Kanrara at the hospital with him?

Dahlia glanced at Blake, about to inquire, but Blake nervously interjected,”

Dahlia, don’t listen to her nonsense. I just happened to bump into Rara.”

“Just happened to bump into her?” Stella smirked slightly. “At midnight, in the hospital? Why did my brother say it was you and your wife who took Jaylene to the hospital?”

If it weren’t for the doctor warning that Jaylene’s condition was severe and fearing legal consequences, the two would have fled long ago.

Jaylene wouldn’t have visited Kanrara’s place without reason. Dahlia had clearly informed Jaylene earlier that Kanrara had run off with the money.

Jaylene had gone to Kanrara to request for money back, and something had occurred at Kanrara’s residence. Kanrara had then reached out to Blake, and the two had escorted Jaylene to the hospital.

With this matter cleared up, Dahlia’s heart sank. She looked at Blake with a pale face. “What actually happened? Blake, you’d better explain! I transferred over two hundred million to you. Where did it go? Did you lose it gambling, or did you give it to this contemptible woman?”

Kanrara’s expression also changed. “Two hundred million?”

She slapped Blake hard across the face, gritting her teeth. “Wasn’t it eight million? Where did the rest of the money go?”

Seeing her brother being slapped, Dahlia instinctively struck Kanrara back.


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