Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 2194

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted by Eleven Jewell

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 2194-“Why did you come to Caline to confront Stella instead of going to the Vinci Rivera Group to find him?’’ Jaylene asked.

Dahlia couldn’t respond.

Naturally, she dared not stir up trouble at the Vinci Rivera Group. Threats of suing Keegan were ultimately just a ploy to extract money. She didn’t want to sever ties with the Kane family unless absolutely necessary. After all, who would support her in her old age?

So she sought out Stella. Stella, pregnant and residing in Royalpark Villa, signaled that remarriage with Keegan was imminent, whether his memory had been recovered or not. As a married couple, she couldn’t afford to disregard Keegan’s reputation. But Dahlia hadn’t anticipated that after getting so little money, Stella would simply ignore her!

“Does Keegan also know that you need the money to settle your brother’s gambling debts?” Jaylene ground her teeth. “Aunt Dahlia, have you ever been honest with me?”

Dahlia contemplated arguing, but Jaylene’s icy stare silenced her. “I don’t care what you do, just give me my money back.”

At the mention of money, Dahlia’s demeanor shifted. “What money? Did I ask you for money? Didn’t you voluntarily give me money? Did I write an IOU for you? What money do I owe you?”

Jaylene was stunned, her thoughts in disarray. Then, she cursed, “Dahlia, how shameless can you be? If you hadn’t come to me pretending to be pitiful, would I have given you money? I offered you help out of kindness during a tough time, but you used it to pay off your brother’s gambling debt.

I could have reported you for fraud!”

Dahlia abandoned pretense. “Kindness? Was it really kindness? When I was detained, I called you so many times, asking you to bail me out, but why did you ignore me?

“You want to report me? Go ahead! Let’s see if Keegan will marry someone who reported his own birth mother!”

With that, Dahlia hung up the phone.

Jaylene’s face flushed with anger. She swept everything off the table with a furious gesture.

After work, Stella encountered Jaylene in the elevator. She glanced at Jaylene with mild surprise and remarked casually, “Aren’t you working overtime today, Ms. Saun?”

Clutching her fists, Jaylene glared at her with hatred. “You knew Blake Crosby had gambling debts, so when Dahlia came to you, you avoided her, letting me run into her, didn’t you?”

Stella smiled faintly. “I didn’t urge you to help. Weren’t all your decisions your own? You were trying to impress Keegan, trying to get along with your1 future mother-in-law,’ weren’t you?”

Jaylene erupted in fury. She lunged forward to grab Stella’s clothes, but Samuel Herston beside Stella raised his hand to block her.

“Ms. Saun, there are surveillance cameras here,” Samuel calmly reminded her.

“Ms. Hall mentioned you have asthma. It’s best not to get too angry; it could trigger an attack.”

Jaylene’s face paled, and she clutched her chest, struggling to breathe.

She quickly retrieved her inhaler from her bag and took two puffs, feeling some relief.

As the elevator doors opened, Stella and Samuel exited one after the other.

Jaylene erupted in rage. Armed with Kanrara’s location, she assembled a group and confronted them that very night.

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