Meet My Brothers By Red Thirteen in Chinese Chapter 30

Meet My Brothers By Red Thirteen in Chinese Chapter 30-My sister’s heart needs to be opened a little bit.

Lin Dongye secretly sent a message to his assistant to help solve the medical expenses for his sister.

—— The next day, Zhao Xixi was still woken up by the phone call She answered the call in a daze: “Hello?”

“Zhao Xixi, where is my watch? Where did you put it?”

Hearing Huo Hanhui’s cold voice, Zhao Xixi’s drowsiness disappeared instantly.

Zhao Xixi sat up: “I don’t know, don’t ask me.”

After saying that, she hung up the phone directly. Didn’t Lin Xi live with him? Why not let Lin Xi help him find it?

Dog man, he definitely did it on purpose Over there, Huo Hanhui pursed his thin lips. This woman, Zhao Xixi, dared to hang up on him!

Huo Hanhui casually took the watch next to him, turned around and left the villa, so angry that he didn’t even eat breakfast.

After he got in the car, he asked Secretary Li directly: “Did the hospital call her?”


“you sure?”

Since Zhao Xixi knew that her uncle’s medical expenses had been stopped, why did she dare to be so stubborn?

How can her little money be enough?

He called her specifically today, wanting to give her a step down, but that woman actually dared to hang up the phone!

Secretary Li said suspiciously: “I just asked someone to check and the medical bills of my wife and uncle have been settled.”

“Heh, she probably can only give it one month.”

“No, I gave it ten years.”

ten years?

Huo Hanhui tugged on his tie: “Where did she get so much money?”

“According to the records, after the young lady paid for one month’s medical expenses, someone else extended the payment for ten years. But the account was anonymous and we couldn’t find out who it was.”

Huo Hanhui opened the car window, and the morning air outside blew in. He frowned: “Who do you think gave it to me?”

Secretary Li tentatively spoke: “The man who picked up the young mistress in a helicopter that day?”

Huo Hanhui’s face turned ashen. He really underestimated Zhao Xixi’s ability. Seeing that he couldn’t get any benefit from him, he immediately fell into the arms of another man.

The man thought for a moment: “Bring me the information about the Baihua International Competition.”

After Zhao Xixi was woken up in the morning, she couldn’t sleep She walked out and saw a handsome guy sitting on the sofa. This was her sixth cousin Lin Wusheng. She subconsciously said, “Sixth cousin, you look like a certain movie star Lin Shen.”

“Ahem, many people say that. Because I am that person’s professional substitute.”

Lin Wusheng stood up and immediately changed the subject: “Xixi, I bought you breakfast. I have nothing to do today so I can accompany you around. I can buy whatever you need.”

From today on, he will be Xixi’s little follower. Who calls him the most idle and boring?

Where is the fun in filming with my sister?

Zhao Xixi took out the competition invitation in her hand: “Brother Six, I have to go to a place to sign up.”

Although grandma got a spot for her, she needs to register on site in person.

Lin Wusheng took a look at the invitation and felt that it looked familiar. Isn’t this a competition that Big Brother’s company usually holds every three years?

Because the eldest brother is a real estate tycoon, he will hold decoration design competitions to sell houses.

I didn’t expect that my sister would also participate in this competition!

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