Married At First Sight Chapter 3227

Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight Chapter 3227-Grandma May looked at Evan in silence.

After all the words were spoken, Evan also said whatever came to his mind. He said everything he could and couldn’t say.

He went back to his old house today just to show off to his grandma that he could no longer marry the wife that his grandma had chosen for him like his brothers did.

He had someone he wanted to pursue.

After he finished speaking, Grandma May sighed and said, “You are right. Long-term pain is worse than short-term pain. Abby probably doesn’t have deep feelings for you now. You should tell her clearly and let her give up.”

After a pause, Grandma May asked again, “Evan, do you really not consider Abby? Don’t you believe Grandma’s vision?”

Evan said seriously, “Grandma, I believe in your vision. You have good vision. Abby is indeed a very good girl, but I don’t have that kind of male-female relationship with her. Even if I marry her, we will treat each other with respect. But there will be no true love between husband and wife. She is a smart person, and she definitely doesn’t want such a day.

Grandma, love is love. If you don’t love, you don’t love. There is no reason.”

Grandma May hummed, “Okay, since you said that, I will no longer care about your emotional affairs. You can do whatever you want. You can pursue whoever you like, but there is a bottom line. You will marry a woman who must be of good character. Even if you can’t be good, you can’t be too bad. At least you have to be passable. Don’t ruin my York family’s reputation. If your character is too bad and you insist on marrying her, that’s okay. I won’t do anything to beat the Mandarin ducks. At most, I will sever the relationship with you and drive you out of the York family. You will have nothing to do with our York family in the future.”

Her husband would not allow a speck of mouse droppings to ruin a pot of porridge.

Several generations of the York family, as well as decades of hard work by her and her husband, contributed to the York family’s good reputation.

It can’t be ruined by Evan.

Evan looked serious and assured. “Grandma, I know that if her character is bad, I will not marry her, no matter how much I like her.” I still know how to marry a virtuous wife.”

Grandma May said, “It’s good that you know. Abby is at Wiltspoon now. You can have a good talk with her on your own. I’m old and can’t control that much. I hope you won’t regret it in the future.

Also, if you regret the decision you made today and find that Abby is more suitable for you in the future and want to pursue her again and want our help, remember what you said today and don’t come to me for help.

Don’t bother your brother and sister-in-law. Your sister-in-law is pregnant and goes to work every day. “She is very tired and doesn’t have much time to deal with your rotten love affairs.”

Evan: “Grandma, I know very well that I have no love for Abby. Why do you always say that I’ll regret it in the future? I don’t regret it. I never regret anything I do.”

Grandma May smiled and said, “That’s good. Give me my grilled chicken legs.”

Evan handed the other roasted chicken leg to Grandma.

Grandma May ate the roasted chicken leg elegantly, staring into the distance.

Grandma May said, “Evan, sit here for a while. You go back to the villa first and stay at home for lunch. You told your mother that you were coming back, and she was waiting for you to eat. In the afternoon, you will visit Abby quickly, show her cards, and explain clearly. Let her give up.

Abby, on the other hand, came to Wiltspoon because of you. She is a guest. You prepare some Wiltspoon specialties for her, and you let her take them back. “It’s an apology for hurting her heart.”

Evan: “Grandma, will she accept it? I rejected her sternly, and she became angry with shame. “Will she accept the specialization I gave her?”

Grandma May: “You can buy it and give it to your sister-in-law. Your sister-in-law will give it away. Seren will definitely prepare some specialties for Abby to take back. I told your sister-in-law that you don’t have to spend money.” “You go buy it and deliver it in the name of your sister-in-law; Abby will accept it.”

Evan said, Oh.

What kind of apology was this?

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