Married At First Sight Chapter 3218

Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight Chapter 3218-Soon after, the butler brought breakfast.

The two of them had breakfast together and then left the room. The butler would tidy up the suite so that Zachary could stay there again, keeping it as it was.

Abby returned to her room and continued to catch up on her sleep.

Evan first called his grandma. After she answered the phone, he asked, “Grandma, where are you?”

“I’m in the villa; what’s wrong? You miss your grandma! If you miss me, you’ll come back and have a meal with me.” Grandma May said, then added, “My fish is cooked; it smells so good.”

Evan: “Grandma, you’re grilling fish so early in the morning?”

Grandma May said, “What’s wrong with eating grilled fish so early in the morning? It’s not really early in the morning anymore. It’s already past nine o’clock. Didn’t you see that the sun is already so high? The temperature has also risen a lot today. I went fishing with some old friends. They grilled and ate the fish they caught. It felt like a picnic, which was nice.”

Evan could imagine that scene.

The stream at the mountain’s foot was clear and full of fish and shrimp.

Grandma May would sometimes call several workers’ mothers to fish and shrimp in the river together.

There were several stone tables under the big tree by the river. As long as grandma gave an order, the butler would move the oven to the foot of the mountain and let a few old, naughty boys bake something for themselves.

When someone else bakes it for them, they still think it’s not delicious.

Grandma May said that they mainly like the process of baking food, but in fact, they can’t finish eating so much.

If there was more than enough to eat, grandma would share it with the workers.

The workers at Wildridge Manor all knew that Grandma May didn’t put on airs and got along with them, just like the grandma next door.

“Grandma, catch two more fish and bake them for me. I’ll go back now.” Evan wanted to go back and have a showdown with Grandma.

“When you come back, you can catch it yourself. Once you catch it, clean it, and I will bake it for you.” After Grandma May finished speaking, she asked him, “You are so free today? Since returning to Wiltspoon, you haven’t been home for so long. I thought you didn’t dare to go home.”

Evan said, “Why don’t I dare to go home? I didn’t get into trouble. The company is too busy, and you know that, Grandma. Our York family has too many properties, and the eldest brother can’t handle it alone. We always have to help share some, let alone our own company. I’m so busy now that I forget everything.”

Grandma May laughed and said, “You’ve forgotten it, but you haven’t forgotten that unknown girl.” They came to settle accounts with you, and you hid. You can’t hide from the first grade of junior high school, but you can’t hide from the fifteenth grade. You took someone’s precious thing and returned it quickly. I asked you to chase your wife, not to become a thief.”

Evan’s face suddenly turned red. He didn’t even tell Zachary what he did, and he didn’t even dare say it to Zachary for fear that he would scold him.

Grandma May stayed in Wiltspoon every day to play with old friends. How did she learn what he did?

Evan said, “I didn’t steal her things; she accidentally lost them, and I picked them up.”

Grandma May said, “It’s good to pick up gold; didn’t I teach you? If you pick up something belonging to someone else, as long as she can prove it’s hers, you should return it to her.”

Evan said, “She just can’t prove that the thing is hers, so I don’t dare to give it to her. ” “If it’s not hers, I will give it back to the rightful owner when the rightful owner arrives.”

Grandma May still smiled. “Evan, you have nine brothers; all of them are very smart. I admit, who can say that your grandpa and I have better genes? They passed it on to your dad, who then passed it on to you. However, smart people sometimes kill themselves.”

When Grandma May praised her grandson for being smart, she also praised herself and her late husband.

Her husband and she inherited good genes from their sons, who, in turn, passed these genes on to their grandchildren from generation to generation, resulting in exceptionally good grandchildren.

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