Married At First Sight Chapter 3209

Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight Chapter 3209-Uncle Joly smiled and said, “Based on my experience, you have passed. Go out and meet the eldest lady. Don’t be nervous. Although the eldest lady is a bit serious, she is actually quite nice.”

“Thank you, Uncle Joly. I’ll go see the eldest lady right away.” Tatum was not afraid of serious people. No matter how serious Elora was, she couldn’t compare to his elder brother, Zachary.

Tatum was accustomed to Zachary’s serious demeanor and had developed an immunity to serious individuals.

Tatum followed Uncle Joly out of the kitchen.

Uncle Joly paid attention to him and saw that after he left the kitchen, he did not look around, nor was he surprised by the luxury in the room.

Unlike other candidates, they were always surprised by the luxury inside the house.

They couldn’t help but look around.

Uncle Joly thought that Tatum should be a person who had seen the big world. Or, the concentration was good enough. Anyway, he had a good impression of this young chef.

We estimate that he can join his team tomorrow.

Uncle Joly took Tatum a few meters away from where Elora was sitting and stopped. He signaled Tatum not to follow him yet. He went up himself and told Elora respectfully, “Miss, Tatum is coming.”

Among the Ormond family, only Tinsley had seen Tatum. Others were not at home at the time, and they did not see Tatum himself. Now that they saw Tatum, everyone was shocked.

Mrs. Ormond said to her husband in a low voice, “This chef is so young. He looks about the same age as Elora.”

Mr. Ormond hummed, “He is very young. He looks so calm and doesn’t show any signs of nervousness or fear.”

“Don’t you think this chef is very good-looking?” The second wife of the Ormond family, Tinsley’s mother, couldn’t help but whisper to her sister-in-law.

Mrs. Ormond smiled. “He is quite handsome.”

Tinsley answered, “Everyone, please believe what I say. I say today’s re-examination candidates are young and handsome, exuding unique charm in every word, deed, and movement.”

Everyone looked at Tinsley.

That look was so meaningful.

Tinsley was not stupid, so she didn’t know what her family members meant when they looked at her.

She laughed and said, “You don’t have to look at me like this. I just appreciate it. Tatum’s cooking is delicious. I just love to eat his food. Additionally, his snacks are quite delicious.

“Sister, you can do the interview and don’t worry about us.” Tinsley reminded Elora.

Elora felt that her cousin, Tinsley, was reluctant to let Tatum stand behind for such a long time.

Tinsley: Even if she jumped into the Yellow River, she couldn’t wash herself off.

Uncle Joly arranged for Tatum to come over.

Only then did Tatum come over.

“Hello everyone, my name is Tatum York.” Tatum introduced himself to everyone.

Elora asked Uncle Joly to bring him a chair and let him sit down.

Elora also changed her position and sat opposite Tatum so that she could observe Tatum more easily.

She didn’t ask too many questions. She already knew Tatum’s information.

After looking at Tatum several times, Elora asked him: “Mr. York, you have your own career, so why would you come all the way to Annenburg to apply for a job as a chef? The welfare benefits I provide are good, but I guess they are not as much as what you earn yourself.”

Tatum started his own business, and his regular hotels and restaurants were on the right track. Business was booming, and he made a lot of money.

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