Can Not Win Me Back Chapter 1902

Can’t Win Me Back by Ginger Sue

Can Not Win Me Back Chapter 1902-Alyssa trembled with anger and tears in her eyes as she roared, “From the moment you stepped into this manor, every move you made was being recorded by hidden cameras and live streamed. The entire country has witnessed your crimes. Preston has tricked you from the start, yet you continue to hide the truth!

Will you wait until it is too late to face reality?”

Zoe was stunned, her mouth agape, blood staining her lips.

“I-I know! I know!”

Mason, the most cowardly among them, realized he was less powerful compared to the others.

Crawling to Jasper’s feet with his incapacitated limbs like a wounded sea lion, he said, “Two men came and took Lauren and the other woman away! Zoe even addressed one of the men as ‘Mr. Carsen,’ but he ignored her completely!

“Mr. Jasper, Mr. Landon! Zoe tricked us into coming here! She threatened us—if we didn’t beat Lauren up, she would kill us all! We were coerced into this—ah!”

Jasper’s cold glare bore into Mason as he kicked him in the face. “How dare you call Lauren by her first name?”

Mason wept, his front teeth shattered.

“Zoe has been bullying Lauren since high school! She manipulated us all!” The man in the blue suit cried along as well.

“Zoe! Weren’t you wondering who had betrayed you? It was me!”

The woman in the red dress abandoned all pretenses and revealed herself. “I have been hating your arrogant, bossy attitude for a long time! You always used us to bully Lauren, but you never treated us as equals!”

People would turn against the mighty when they lost their power.

Freddy, who was lying in the corner, also wanted to speak up. But his tongue had been severed, so he couldn’t speak.

However, Jasper would never let Freddy, who had tried to rape Lauren, go unpunished. He walked over to Freddy and delivered a powerful kick at the latter’s nether regions.

A choked “Uh!” was all Freddy’s severed tongue could manage before his body stiffened. He fainted from the pain.

The kick most likely also neutered him.

Alyssa’s gaze was brimming with hatred. “It was Preston’s men. Cyrus, we must quickly capture Preston!

“We’ve already issued orders to arrest him. All ports, train stations, and airports have been locked down. He won’t escape us!” Cyrus tightened his fist, his knuckles cracking under the pressure. As the chief police officer, he had no choice but to rein in his anger.

“Haha… Hahaha!”

Nobody noticed when Betty woke up with a significant bump on her head.

Laughing hysterically like a maniac, she pointed at Zoe. “Zoe, you played me for so long and even messed up my life. Now, karma’s serving you!”

Alyssa walked over and slapped her twice. “Who sent you back here? Speak!”

“Haha… I wouldn’t tell you even on my deathbed, bitch!” Betty chuckled.

“Do you think you could escape by coming back here? Returning here will only make your situation even worse!”

“It’s no big deal. What do I have to be afraid of now that I have been infected with a variety of diseases? Zoe drank my blood, so she will be infected as well!

Lauren bit Zoe, which means she will be next.

“Hahaha! They all have AIDS! Jasper, all of your plotting and scheming have dragged your dearest sister down! It’s all your fault! Hahaha!”

This was payback for their crimes!

“Zoe, for every kick you landed on my wife, I will return to you in full!”

Suddenly, his phone rang. Landon stared at the name on the screen, his eyes widening. It was Preston.

Everyone held their breath. The cops are already tracing the call.

“This is between us. Don’t even think about hurting Lauren and Angelina,”

Landon’s voice cracked.

“I’ve sent you the address. Come find me.”

Preston chuckled sinisterly. “We need to end things—as uncle and nephew.”

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