Can Not Win Me Back Chapter 1876

Can’t Win Me Back by Ginger Sue

Can Not Win Me Back Chapter 1876-Preston kicked Cornelius to the ground. Then, he got down on one knee, lifted his foot, and stepped on Cornelius’ bleeding wound.

Cornelius howled in extreme pain.

“I’m not afraid to be frank with you too. It’s about Bill’s aircraft accident. I was the one who planned it all.”

“Why, you… You…!” Cornelius widened his eyes in disbelief. He stared straight at Preston’s sinister face. However, he was in so much pain that he couldn’t bring himself to say a word.

“That year, I hired someone to destroy the helicopter’s main gearbox in advance. That caused the aircraft to plunge into the sea. I did have a chance to save Bill. But I chose to leave him to die.

“Poor Bill. Even as he died, he wouldn’t have thought that it was his own younger brother who caused his death! Did you know? He watched as I swam up to the surface of the sea. His gaze was even filled with relief. There was not a hint of hatred in his eyes at all.

“Such a perfect and good-hearted man should just be reunited with God. He’ll just get in my way if he stays in the Harper family. All I can say is that he was born into the wrong family!”

“Asshole! You bastard!”

Cornelius’ eyes were bloodshot. He yelled out, wanting to retaliate with all he had. However, Preston didn’t give his father a chance to bite back at him.

One stab, another stab, and another.

Cornelius lay in a pool of his blood. He died with his mouth and eyes wide open.

Even Frank was floored to see such cruelty before his eyes. Those who didn’t know them might have even thought that they were archenemies!

“Don’t blame me, Dad. You can only blame yourself for being too ruthless toward me.”

Preston sighed. His face was blank. He swept his hand across Cornelius’ eyes.

“Bill was such a kind and merciful man. It didn’t suit him to be in the bloody world of business. I am the only and most suitable candidate. It’s a pity that you were blinded.”

Sylvia arrived at the front of Primrose Manor. As expected, she found Cornelius’ car parked outside.

Initially, she wanted to make her way right in. But she felt that it would’ve been too abrupt. After all, she still had to show respect to the head of the Harper family. Thus, she waited patiently outside.

After a long wait, the door finally opened.

Sylvia was wary, so she hid among the trees and observed the situation in secret.

In the next moment, she spotted Frank lugging a long, black nylon sack out of the manor.

Sylvia was aghast to see that following behind him was a single-armed Preston, who was also dragging an identical sack!

“Has the room been cleaned up?” Preston asked.

“It’s all cleaned up.”

“Find a place to bury the bodies. Get the Harper family’s car settled as soon as possible. There’s a dirt road nearby going toward the West. There are no surveillance cameras there. Even if the police were to investigate, they wouldn’t be able to find the bodies so soon.” Preston’s tone was calm. He even yawned.

“I understand. Will you be taking your leave tonight, then?”

“I’m not done with my revenge. How could I leave?”

Sylvia covered her mouth in terror. She was scared out of her wits. She turned around and made a run for it.

Preston might have lost an arm, but his hearing was still sharp.

“There’s someone among the trees! Go after them! Don’t let them get away!”

“Sylvia… That bitch!”

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