Can Not Win Me Back Chapter 1867

Can’t Win Me Back by Ginger Sue

Can Not Win Me Back Chapter 1867-Preston stared at her with a fake smile and a spiteful stare. “I’m now disabled thanks to your genius idea! It’s pretty unfair that I’m struggling while you get away with it.”

“Uncle Preston, what else can you do now?” Zoe immediately distanced herself from the situation. “You were the one who released Lauren’s mental health diagnosis on the board of directors’ meeting. You arranged for Lauren to be put away. I wasn’t part of it at all.

“No one would believe in empty accusations anyway. Do you have evidence to prove that I gave you the diagnosis? I’m afraid you can’t drag me down with you.”

“Is that so?” Preston let out a loud cackle, which gave her the goosebumps.

“Dear Zoe, do you really think that your actions were secret? Do you remember ganging up and bullying Lauren when you were in school?”

Her heart felt like a jackhammer in her chest. Turning pale, she stammered, “WWhat are you talking about? No one bullied her!”

“Well, I’m 30 years your senior. I’m more shrewd and experienced than you could imagine.” Chuckling thuggishly, he stated, “I have witnesses and video evidence to prove the horrific bullying on Lauren. I think you might have played a role in shaping her condition today. Don’t you think?”

Zoe’s heart drummed wildly. Sweat formed on her forehead.

Back in school, Zoe was part of a gang of six bullies, including Freddy. There were two girls and four guys in total. One of them might have secretly filmed her bullying Lauren and kept the footage. Perhaps the bully had submitted the footage after being pressured by Preston, which he blackmailed Zoe with.

“If I passed this footage to Landon… Zoe, what surprise will be in store for you if he learns about it?” Looking threatening, he hissed, “Will he cut off your left or right hand? Tsk tsk. Too bad my poor niece will have to say goodbye to piano playing soon.”

“Enough! What do you want?” Zoe growled in anger and spite.

“I want you to avenge me.” With a crazed look in his eyes, Preston snarled, “I want Landon to suffer!”

Suddenly, an idea struck her. She immediately called up another person as mad as Preston—Betty Beckett.

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