An Understated Dominance Chapter 2185 [4369– 4370]

An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori

An Understated Dominance Chapter 2185-She thought that Sullivan was well-informed and must have very good eyesight, so she followed the bet, but she did not expect such a result.

“Junior sister, you can’t blame me for this. It’s only the guy on No. 28 who failed to live up to his expectations and caused us to lose everything.” Sullivan smiled bitterly.

“Humph! I will never bet with you again!” Halle rolled her eyes.

A bottle of blood-replenishing pills can be sold for a lot of money on the market. She was originally thinking of making some extra money, but she didn’t expect that she would waste money in the end.


Sullivan looked embarrassed and could only change the subject: “No one can say for sure whether he will win or lose. Look at the No. 6 player chosen by Mr. Dustin and Senior Sister; won’t they also lose?”

“Um?” Halle looked suspicious, then looked at Arena No. 1.

At this moment, in the No. 1 arena.

The woman in red, holding a sword, was still fighting fiercely with the man in black, holding a black iron rod.

Although the woman in red was powerful, she lacked speed and skills and had gradually fallen into a disadvantage.

Occasionally, a man in black would strike her.

A stick strike would likely cause an ordinary warrior to fall, but the woman in red was an exception.

They beat her ten times with a stick, but nothing happened. She was still active and vigorous.

“Did you see that? The woman in red can no longer resist. If she continues to fight, she will be defeated soon.” Sullivan continued to give pointers.

“Really? I think she looks very strong.” Halle didn’t believe it.

Sullivan began to show off again. “Junior sister, you don’t understand. Don’t look at her now; she is full of energy and vitality; those are just appearances. More than ten heavy sticks have struck her in the past and present. I am confident that her injuries are serious. Now she is just holding on. As long as one breathes, she will be defeated immediately.”

“Really?” Halle narrowed her eyes.

“You will know if you read below; I will never lie to you.” Sullivan was full of confidence.

While the two were talking, the woman in red on the first stage suddenly stopped.


The woman in red quickly raised her hand to stop the man in black, who was about to continue attacking.

“What? Are you going to admit defeat?”

The man in black put away his stick and stood up, feeling slightly relieved.

He had to admit that the person in front of him was very strong. The fierce battle had consumed most of his energy.

Despite having the upper hand, they estimated that some tricks would be necessary to win completely.

Of course, it would be even better if the other party could admit defeat on their own.

It could save him some energy for his next game.

“Who said I was going to give up? I just played too hot and took off two pieces of clothing.”

The woman in red clothes took off her coat as she spoke, revealing the dark, heavy armor underneath.

After quickly unlocking the lock, the woman picked up the heavy black iron armor and threw it under the ring.


There was a loud bang.

The heavy black iron armor directly smashed a pit into the ground.

The man in black was stunned to see this scene.

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