The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 96

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 96-Bella was stunned and quickly lowered her head. Her small face was half-hidden by her black hair. Although she tried her best to calm herself, she still blushed slightly.

Justin’s heart skipped a beat, and his breathing became warmer.

At this time, his phone vibrated in his pocket.

Justin looked at it and stepped out to answer the call.

In the corridor, Justin leaned his back against the wall and saw Rosalind’s name on the screen. He closed his eyes in resignation as he picked it up.

“Justin, are you still angry with me?” Before he could speak, Rosalind started to cry.

“No.” He replied without any emotion.

However, Rosalind had a feeling that he was still mad at her.

“Then, can you come and see me? I really miss you, Justin. I can’t sleep because I’ve been thinking about you…” Rosalind confessed hurriedly. Her voice was so soft and sweet.

“Not tonight. I’m staying with Grandpa.” “Are you at Grandpa’s house? Then I’ll go over to find you… Didn’t you say that you wanted me to accompany Grandpa from time to time? That way, Grandpa can accept me. I just happened to make your favorite walnut cake. We secretly ate it while sitting in the alley when we were kids. I will also bring a portion for Grandpa so that he can taste my baking.” Rosalind sounded like a dutiful wife.

“Rose, it’s really inconvenient tonight.” Justin’s heart softened at the mention of their childhood. He said, “Anna is with Grandpa right now. It wouldn’t be a good idea for you to bump into her. You know how much Grandpa likes her…” “Are you with Anna now?” Rosalind’s voice trembled.

“Yes. Grandpa has been looking for her these days, so I brought her here.” “Is it really just Grandpa who wants to see her? Don’t you want to see her yourself?” Rosalind became jealous and resentful again.

“No, don’t overthink it.” Justin felt that his throat was dry.

“Does that woman have any sense of shame? Why is she still pestering us when you two are already divorced?! She must have secretly instigated the relationship between me and Grandpa! Why is she so shameless? She’s using Grandpa to suppress me!” Rosalind was infuriated.

Justin stretched out his hand to rub his throbbing temples and sighed.

In the study, Bella wavered when she thought of Justin’s intense gaze earlier.

‘Damn it! Why am I blushing? I’m so useless! Justin’s eyes are naturally seductive. He probably looks at the toilet bowl like that too!’ “Anna.” Nigel suddenly called out to her.

“Hey, Grandpa.” Bella returned to her senses and smiled sweetly.

“You really like the bracelet that I gave you, huh? You wear it all the time!” Bella was extremely flustered. Her brain was in a mess, and her throat felt like it was clogged with cement.

“Grandpa…” “Wear it well. It has beneficial health properties.” Nigel smiled kindly. “I asked Matt to sort out my wife’s jewelry yesterday and found a few pieces of good jade. You can take it with you when you leave and keep it for the future. Grandpa is getting old. I might not be able to wake up the next day. In the past, I thought that Justin could take care of you for the rest of your life, but now it seems that the stupid boy is not reliable either. He’s blinded by that witch, just like his imbecile father. Grandpa just hopes that you will be safe and happy. If you ever encounter any difficulties, these jade pieces will be enough for you to spend the rest of your life without worrying, okay? Anna? What happened?” Nigel was dumbfounded. The man who had yielded so much power all his life was at a loss at this moment.

Bella was dejected. She stood in front of Nigel as if she were being punished. Her thin shoulders were trembling, and her red eyes were filled with tears. Slowly, those tears started falling down her face.

“Grandpa… I’m sorry…” ]] Bella thought about how she had hidden her identity from Nigel just so she could be with Justin. Nigel had been so kind to her over the years, but she had failed to protect the jade bracelet that he gave her.

At that moment, Bella had such mixed feelings and felt so overwhelmed with guilt that she burst into tears. She cried loudly without regard for her image.

“Aw, my dear, why are you crying? Don’t cry, baby girl…” Nigel was so nervous that he quickly took out the handkerchief he always carried with him to wipe her tears.

Justin, who was standing outside the door, also heard the crying and hurriedly looked inside the study.

He was shocked to see his ex-wife bawling. His heart clenched, and he could no longer hold the phone steadily

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