The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 79

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 79-“Mr. Salvador… It’s all my fault! I’m not a good mother!” Jean thought that it would be better to take the blame instead of having Justin interrogate them. She did not want this matter to affect her daughter’s future marriage to a wealthy family.

Thus, Jean rushed over, looking remorseful, and knelt in front of Justin. “My family is in trouble. We don’t have capital investments, and our factories are closing down one after another… Your family refused to help when the Thompsons pushed us too hard. We were really desperate… So my husband and I decided to sell some of our belongings to fill the gap. I took Rose’s jewelry and sold it off. Rose didn’t know about it! If I had known that this necklace was your token of love for Rose, I would never have sold it, even if I’d die of poverty and starvation!” Rosalind breathed a sigh of relief and pretended to be innocent, with tears in her eyes. “Mom… You went overboard… That was my favorite necklace… How could you…” However, Justin’s eyes were indifferent. He parted his thin lips and said, “That’s not what I want to ask.” The necklace was nothing compared to Rosalind wrongly accusing Anna.

Although he was sad and irritated to see his hard work being wasted, he could still understand that Rosalind did this to save her family from disaster.

However, he could not let it go if Rosalind was framing an innocent person.

“Did you cut your own wrist? Or did Anna do it? Did you accidentally break Anna’s bracelet, or did you deliberately take it off and break it?” Justin’s tone was deep, and his eyes were blank.

“Justin… Are you saying that I’m a wicked woman who framed Anna?!” Rosalind cried. “I’ve been by your side for so long… Am I not as good as your ex-wife, who lied to you?” Justin furrowed his eyebrows. “Carrie never lies. She said that she didn’t see Anna touching you.” “Carrie is not of sound mind, and she has poor language skills. Justin, you know that she’s always hiding in corners. We can’t just assume that she saw everything clearly.” Shannon hurriedly came out to smooth things over.

Justin sneered. “Will mothers hurt their own daughters in front of outsiders? I don’t have a mother, so I don’t know how it usually works.” Shannon’s face suddenly turned pale.

“This bastard is really good at dissing me!’ “So, Rose, why did you do this? Since I have chosen you, I will not get back together with Anna. Why are you still causing trouble for her?” Justin suppressed his anger. The growing disappointment bound his heart like a heavy shackle, making it hard to beat.

He was still calling her “Rose” because they were childhood sweethearts for twenty years. She was his grace and redemption. After all, Rosalind was the only ray of light that shone through his dark childhood.

Justin was afraid that this light would go out. He was very afraid that the person he chose to bet everything on was the wrong woman for him.

“I didn’t! It’s not me!” Rosalind yelled and patted the mattress wildly. Her normally gentle eyes were bloodshot and ferocious. “She stole my man! Now she wants to frame me! Bethany said that Anna and Carrie had been friends since Anna was staying at Tideview Manor… They must have teamed up to go against me! Justin, would you rather believe them than me? Have you fallen in love with Anna? Do you not want me anymore?!” “I have always been yours. Even during the three years of marriage to Anna, my feelings for you haven’t changed, and I have never touched her.” Justin clenched his fists with all his strength. His eyes dimmed.

He thought of Anna, who took the blame without hesitation when questioned, and recalled the red marks on her wrist. He also thought of her disappointment when she looked back at him with tears and hatred in her eyes.

Justin took a deep breath. His severe headache made his vision blurry. “But Rose, I don’t understand what you’ve been doing recently. Are you trying to push me toward her?” “No, no! It’s not like that, Justin…” When Rosalind saw Justin leaving without looking back, she turned pale with fright, jumped out of bed, and ran to the door.

However, the door slammed in her face, and she could feel a cold whiff of wind.

Rosalind stared at her scarlet eyes and kicked the door of the ward angrily. However, she used so much force that she started to scream in pain and hop on the spot.

‘Anna! I won’t let you go! I’ll show you what it means to be my enemy!’

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