The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 199

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 199-Everyone’s sharp eyes turned to Bethany.

“Bethany… Did you really do this?!” Nigel was shocked.

Ryan narrowed his eyes slightly and glared at the frightened Bethany.

If Carrie had not mistakenly drunk that glass of wine, he would have become this insidious woman’s plaything!

Bella lowered her eyelids and showed no emotion. She curled her red lips slightly, as if she had seen through all the conspiracies.

“You! How dare you slander me?!” Bethany yelled and tried to rush forward in anger, but Shannon stopped her. “I am the chairman’s daughter! You’d better think clearly about the consequences before tarnishing my reputation!” Although she sounded tough, she was actually scared to death.

However, she could not rat out Rosalind because it would just show that she was also involved in the drugging.

Bethany was sweating profusely. That was when she realized that she had been tricked by that bitch, Rosalind.

“How can you be so vicious? Our family treats all servants well, but you wanted to drug these two young masters and blamed it on me when your evil deeds were exposed. You evil witch! Last time, Bethany only reprimanded you, but you held a grudge and wanted to drag my daughter down with you, right? Dream on!” As Shannon said that, she pulled Gregory’s arm anxiously. “Greg! Call the police and arrest this vicious woman! She is slandering our daughter!” Gregory naturally did not believe that his beloved daughter would do something so despicable, so he shouted sternly, “Guards, tie her up and call the police!” “I didn’t…. I didn’t! It was Ms. Bethany! She also said that she would give me a large sum of money after I completed the task! That way, I can live a good life and never have to be bossed around again! Ms. Bethany, how can you not admit your fault?! You wanted to seduce Mr. Hoffman! Please say something!” The maid stared at Bethany with red eyes and shouted hysterically.

Shannon wanted to plug her mouth with a dirty rag and ordered for the maid to be dragged out.

She was sure that the maid had no evidence to point it back to Bethany. Otherwise, she would have produced it long ago.

At this point, Bella figured out the entire situation, but she still felt that it was too simple.

She had lived with the Salvadors for three years and knew Bethany relatively well. She felt that Bethany’s pea-brain would never be able to come up with such a vicious and roundabout plan.

This seemed more like Shannon’s idea, but Shannon would not drug her own daughter.

Therefore, Bella had reason to suspect that the mastermind behind this was Rosalind.

At this moment, Bella keenly caught a hint of the sinister smile on Rosalind’s face.

Anger surged in her heart, but she forced herself to suppress it. After all, Bella had no evidence…. or reason to doubt Rosalind. Instead, it would seem like she was randomly targeting Rosalind. Bella did not want to give Rosalind a chance to slither away.

“Chairman Thompson, what happened this time is indeed a serious oversight in the management of our household staff. We are deeply sorry for causing such trouble.” Gregory said to Wyatt in a solemn tone, “Please accept our sincere apology for not vetting our staff properly.” Wyatt seemed to be smiling, but he did not say a word.

Gregory’s face was grim. ‘The old fox Wyatt is just trying to make me look bad for not accepting my apology!’ Justin did not agree with jumping to a conclusion like that. His eyes were cold, and he said, No, this is obviously…” “Dad, since Chairman Salvador has apologized to us and the maid who drugged Asher has been discovered, let’s just leave it as it is tonight.” Bella interrupted Justin. “After all, nothing serious happened to us. Both our families are well respected in Savrow. If this gets too big, it’ll just be embarrassing. Let’s just be the bigger person and let it go.” Justin looked at her in surprise.

No, something was definitely wrong.

The former Anna might swallow this grievance, but Bella Thompson would never let it slide!

Justin could not forget the fierce look in her eyes when Asher was drugged. She looked like an enraged little beast that wanted to tear the mastermind to pieces. How could she let it go so easily?

Was she planning a more lethal counterattack?

When Ryan heard Anna call Wyatt, “dad”, he was so shocked that her eyes almost popped out, and his mind went blank.

He had not noticed that Anna recognized such a powerful father. It seemed like the gap between him and Bella was growing.

“Gregory, I’m only accepting your apology because of my daughter.” Wyatt’s tone was cold. Everyone could hear how reluctant he was to accept this explanation.

Bethany saw that she had escaped, so she leaned into Shannon’s arms tiredly. Shannon took the opportunity and quickly left with her daughter.

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