The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 117

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 117-A few steps ahead of Justin and Rosalind, Ryan and Bella walked side by side toward them. Ryan was tall and handsome, and Bella was elegant and gorgeous. They looked like a match made in heaven.

Justin’s eyebrows twitched when he noticed that Ryan was holding a shopping bag. Did they go shopping together?

Bella did not notice Justin and Rosalind as she was listening to Ryan’s animated jokes. Ryan and Bella looked at each other and laughed, clearly enjoying themselves.

Justin inexplicably felt his chest tighten, and his eyes were sore from seeing this scene.

Ryan vaguely felt an oppressive chill coming from the front and raised his head. His eyes widened when he saw Justin and Rosalind.

“Justin? What are you doing here?!” Only then did Bella notice Justin, whose face was as cold as frost. She glanced at Rosalind, who was in Justin’s arms, and sneered.

Knowing that her opportunity had come, Rosalind hugged Justin tighter, like a koala. She looked at Anna provokingly, showing Anna that Justin belonged to her.

However, Bella did not care at all.

She would have been jealous before, but not anymore. Now, her heart was calm.

Bella thought, ‘That scumbag and that bitch are a perfect match!’ “I should be the one asking you this, Ryan.” Justin’s voice was deep, and his face was gloomy.

“I’m shopping, of course! You know me, I love shopping.” Ryan smiled with curved eyes, not knowing that he was in deep trouble.

Bella could not refute that. She had never seen a man who loved shopping more than Ryan.

Although Ryan kept chatting with her along the way, his eyes kept glancing into the display windows. If Bella had not been in a hurry to leave, Ryan would have wanted to go into every store.

However, Justin thought that Ryan was provoking him.

“I didn’t expect Ms. Brown to be so close to Mr. Hoffman that they could go shopping together.” Rosalind clung to Justin’s chest weakly and added, “Justin, let’s go. We shouldn’t disturb their date.” Bella’s eyes were cold, while Ryan was confused when he heard the word “date”.

Unexpectedly, Justin slowly pushed Rosalind away and strode over to Bella.

“Hey, Justin!” Rosalind called out to him, but he did not look back. Her eyes were red with hatred.

Bella raised her pretty face to meet Justin’s sharp gaze. Although she was wearing high heels, Justin was still much taller than her. He gave off an indescribable sense of oppressive air as he stared at her coldly.

“What are you doing?” Justin asked in a cold voice.

“We’re just shopping. What’s wrong?” Bella’s red lips curled up slightly in disdain. “What a smart world! Mr. Salvador, do you want to blame me for not walking another way when you’re using this path?” “You went shopping with him?” Justin’s eyes became darker, and he emphasized the word “him”.

“Hey, what’s wrong with Anna going shopping with me? I’m not a pervert.” Ryan clicked his tongue.

Justin clenched his teeth. “Who knows what you’re like with the opposite sex?” “What the f*ck!” Ryan’s eyebrows furrowed in anger.

“Justin, I’m free to go out with whomever I please. It’s ridiculous that you’re still finding fault with me after we’re divorced.” Bella ignored Justin’s murderous gaze.

Was Justin angry?

He had nothing to be angry about. He could not possibly be jealous after seeing her and Ryan together, right?

That was impossible because Justin did not love her at all. So why would he be jealous?

“We haven’t finalized our divorce yet, but you’re going out shopping with my friend so openly. If other people saw you, what would they think of the relationship between Salvador Corporation and Hoffman Group? Are you planning to cause trouble over nothing?” Justin’s chest felt tight and stuffy, and his eyes were bloodshot.

Ryan raised his eyebrows and secretly complained. ‘That old fox! He’s just using me as an excuse!’ “Hah!” Bella felt that she had heard a joke that was not funny at all. “Justin, aside from the Salvador family, who else knows that I am your wife?” Justin’s eyes widened, and the emotions surging in his heart made his chest feel stuffy.

“We have been married for three years, but have you ever taken me out in public? Have you to meet your friends? Have we ever held a wedding ceremony?” taken me Bella smiled brightly, as if she were deliberately irritating him. “Don’t worry. Even if I put my face on the big screen outside the mall, no one will know that I am your ex-wife. So, you’re worrying too much if you think that I will embarrass you and Mr. Hoffman. Let’s all go our separate ways. If we meet in public in the future, let’s act like strangers. After all, a qualified ex should be as quiet as a corpse.” After saying that, Bella decisively walked past Justin.

Ryan pondered for a second.

In the end, he chose to ditch his best friend and chase after his crush.

Justin stared at Ryan’s back and took a deep breath. The veins on the back of his hands were bulging, and his expression was gloomy.

Somehow, he felt like Ryan had stolen his girl.

Most friends would stick up for each other, but in Ryan’s case, he would rather stab Justin to get the girl.

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