Married At First Sight Chapter 3200

Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight Chapter 3200-Serenity said, “Abby, eat slowly. “We, the husband and wife, have to go downstairs for a walk first.”

Abby said, “Sister Seren, you’re full so quickly.”

Serenity smiled and said, “My husband and I both eat very quickly. “We are usually busy with work and race against time to eat, so we developed this speed.”

Abby smiled and understood.

Serenity held Sonny’s hand, hinting at her husband to follow, and the three of them slipped out of the presidential suite first, thoughtfully closing the door for the two of them.

Zachary also told the bodyguards to go have dinner; there was no need to guard here.

Both Evan and Abby understood that Serenity deliberately created opportunities for them to be alone.

When there were only two people in the room, Abby picked up her glass of wine and tasted it elegantly, but her eyes fell on Evan.

Evan sighed secretly. “What should come will come.”

He asked Abby, “Miss Du, do you want to tell me something?”

Abby didn’t speak; she just drank in silence and stared silently at Evan.

Evan was very good-looking.

She heard that all the boys in the York family were very good-looking. She met his eldest cousin, Zachary. Zachary was also very handsome. However, he looked serious and a bit cold. Except for when he merely said hello, he glanced at her, and then his gaze never returned.

Zachary only had eyes for Serenity, which confirmed the legend that he doted on his wife to the point of madness and only loved Serenity. He also had a great aura, which Evan couldn’t match.

Evan seemed much gentler. In front of Zachary, Evan still seemed a bit naive and immature.

Without Zachary present, Evan’s excellence became apparent. At least he was the most outstanding young man she had ever seen.

When he was kind to her, it was easy for her to sink. When he ignored her, she was so angry that she wanted to beat him up. What did she think she was?

Would it come when she calls it or go when she waves it?

When he thought of her, Evan would tease her, then leave her and run away.

That’s not how monkeys play.

Evan quietly changed positions.

“Mr. York, why did you move your position?” Abby spoke, and she asked Evan sarcastically.

Without waiting for Evan’s reply, she said, “Are you afraid that I’ll throw a glass of wine at you?”

Evan smiled sarcastically and said, “Miss Du, your look tells me that you really want to throw a glass of wine over me, then swing your fist and beat me until my face is black and my nose is swollen.”

“Mr. York, why do you have such thoughts? “Do you feel sorry for me?” Abby stopped drinking. She swung the wine glass, watching the wine draw a beautiful arc in the glass, and looked at Evan with a playful look.

Evan: “Miss Du, I haven’t done anything to feel sorry for you.”

His tone was not positive enough. He still felt guilty.

Abby suddenly put the wine glass down heavily.

The movement was too big and scared Evan.

Evan was ready to escape, and he watched her movements closely.

Abby stood up, raised her fingers towards Evan, and said, “Mr. York, you’re sitting far away. It’s hard for me to talk to you. Please get up and lean over so that I can talk to you more easily.”

“Miss Du, I have very good hearing.”I can hear you talking like this.” Evan sat still. The stool under his b-u-t-t seemed to be filled with glue, making it impossible for him to move even if he wanted to.

Abby immediately pulled out the chair and stepped to Evan’s side in a few steps.

Evan: He bounces up and runs away now; is it still too late?

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