The Man Decree Chapter 3773

The Man's Decree

The Man Decree Chapter 3773-Bianca added, “Mr. Chance, I must be honest with you. There’s no immortal magical item hidden in this polar region. What we do have in abundance are various types of polar stones. These stones are vital resources for Lunarius Palace. Of course, for the Mueller family, these polar stones are also a crucial resource. This is because only those who practice frost techniques can benefit from these polar stones. After discovering polar stones in the polar region, the Mueller family decided to collaborate with Lunarius Palace. They wanted to jointly search for more and then distribute the findings.” Bianca continued, “It’s just that the Mueller family is more powerful than Lunarius Palace, and what’s more, a member of the Mueller family even became an elder of Lunarius Palace. It’s clear they don’t trust us. Ms. Nieva spread the rumor that the polar region is the immortal’s tomb with the intention of attracting more people to the area. It’s also a strategy to find more cultivators to aid Lunarius Palace. Only when the polar region is in chaos does Lunarius Palace have a chance. As long as we find the polar stones, we will never have to look over our shoulders again.” Jared stared blankly at Bianca. Bianca knows everything. Her readiness to reveal everything to me must have been masterminded by Nieva herself.

Now that we have reached the polar region and many sects and families have been deceived into coming here, there is no longer a need to keep things from me.

Jared understood now. Even if he hadn’t shown up at Lunarius Palace and killed Keiran, Lunarius Palace and the Mueller family were bound to clash sooner or later.

His arrival merely served as a catalyst, causing Lunarius Palace to fall out with the Mueller family ahead of time.

“What exactly is this polar stone?” Jared asked.

Bianca shook her head. “I’m not sure. I’ve never seen it before. Ms. Nieva stumbled upon it here by chance. That time, she was seriously injured and recuperated for a long time.” Jared was surprised. The head of Lunarius Palace is a highly advanced cultivator. If she could be injured in the polar region, wouldn’t it be a death sentence for cultivators like us, who are merely Tribulator cultivators, to attempt to go there?

Bianca noticed Jared’s confusion and quickly clarified, “Ms. Nieva was injured because she accidentally ventured into the border of the chaos dimension. This polar region is the border. And there are no clear features or obstacles marking this border. If one were to mistakenly enter the border of the chaos dimension, they would likely lose their life. Ms. Nieva said she merely strayed a few steps off course before she barely managed to escape.” Jared finally understood. The border of the chaos dimension is so deadly that even the supreme beings at Immortal Realm who venture in will be reduced to nothing but bones.

Then there’s really nothing more to say when Nieva is a cultivator at Ultimate Realm.

“Go rest. We have to continue our journey tomorrow.” Jared sent Bianca away.

He found himself lost in confusion. He had no idea where the polar stones were located, nor did he have a map or any directions. In the vast, white snow, he wondered where he was supposed to start looking.

If they were at the immortal’s tomb, he could still determine the exact location based on the intensity of the celestial energy present.

However, at that time, they had no idea what a polar stone was, let alone its aura. They didn’t even know where to begin their search.

While Jared was at a loss, Vermilion Demon Lord said, “The polar stones must be affected by the magnetic field. To find them, you just need to search for the area with the strongest magnetic field.” “Magnetic field…” Jared began to rummage through his Storage Ring.

By the time the sky was faintly lit, Jared had already acquired two metal rods in his hand.

The two ends of the metal rods had been sharpened to a fine point.

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