The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 285

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 285-Bella yawned tiredly and said, “Memphis must harbor resentment towards me and Rosalind, given his captivity.”.

She continued, “But if I show him a little kindness while he’s on the brink of mental collapse, I’m confident he’ll be profoundly grateful to me and channel his hatred towards Rosalind. At that point, he’ll put all his energy into seeking revenge against her.” Steven complimented, “Ms. Bella, you’re so intelligent.” He added, “I can’t wait to see them fight!” A week later.

Bella finished a thorough inspection of the restaurant and returned to her office, feeling satisfied. It had been almost six months since she took over the hotel, and every aspect of the business was thriving with an increase in profits.

During the recent evaluation, the hotel not only successfully retained its star rating but was also awarded the title of “Most Popular Hotel of the Year.” Bella, however, had her sights set higher. She aspired to win the prestigious “Best Hotel of the Year” title, which had been held by the Salvador family for five consecutive years. With Bella on board, the Thompson family had a chance to claim the coveted title and steal the limelight.

Bella surprised Steven by accepting interviews from three well-known media outlets and making public appearances, which was quite different from her usual discreet approach. She had her reasons for taking such bold actions. Bella realized that relying solely on being Wyatt’s daughter would not earn the trust of everyone if she wanted to become the CEO of KS Group.

In order to establish herself, she understood that she couldn’t remain a silent leader in the shadows. She had to step forward into the limelight and showcase her achievements to the people of KS Group.

When Wyatt entrusted her with the hotel’s management, it was akin to handing her a ladder. Bella seized this opportunity and intended to make the most of it.

Bella achieved another significant victory in her pursuits. She was with Steven and about to ask for another cup of coffee when she remembered that Steven had left to handle an important matter. A week had passed, and with Rosalind’s birthday banquet approaching in just two days, Steven had not yet returned.

Bella closed her eyes and lightly tapped her fingers on the table. She was confident that her strategy was right on target. Therefore, she remained calm and patient.

Just then, Bella received a phone call. On the screen, she saw that it was her beloved disciple, Roza Walker.

She quickly answered with a smile, “Roza, what delightful news do you have for me this time?” Roza greeted her on the phone, “Master!” Roza spoke in a sweet and friendly tone, “I have baked some homemade pastries and have the finest tea ready for you. Would you like to drop by my place today for a treat?” She had set aside her usual cold demeanor and opted for a gentler approach.

Bella saw through Roza’s scheme. “You want me to check out Rozabela’s new haute couture designs again, don’t you?” she responded.

Roza playfully objected and said, “Come on, Master, don’t expose me!” Bella offered Roza heartfelt encouragement, saying, “Your talents are exceptional! You no longer need my guidance. You’ve become an inspiration to numerous aspiring designers and have carved out a significant reputation in the fashion industry. Trust your instincts. If I meddle too much, it might overshadow the essence of your work. Believe in yourself, Roza!” “Thank you, Master. Without you, I would not have achieved what I have today.” Roza remained as humble as she was in her unknown days. Deep down inside, Bella remained her inspiring role model.

Roza hesitated for a moment before she continued, “Master, actually, there’s something else I need to share, but I’m afraid it might upset you.” She added, “Just an hour ago, that bitch, Rosalind, showed up again, pestering me for clothes. She had her eyes set on the silver off-the-shoulder dress hanging in the design room. Honestly, she has no shame!” Bella asked casually, “Did you give it to her?” Roza’s voice softened. “Well, that’s why I am here to apologize to you, Master.

Bella reassured her, “I completely understand. Much like me, you do everything with a purpose and reason. You have your own goals.” Roza’s disdainful snort cut through the air as she recounted the scene. “That dress she borrowed, a high-end design, mind you, is so last year-already out of fashion. And the fit? Oh, it’s a disaster. The bust and waist measurements don’t suit her figure at all, but she insisted on flaunting the dress anyway!” A cold laugh escaped Roza’s lips. “I made it crystal clear to her that each haute couture piece I create is unique and precious. She’s allowed to borrow, but if she dares to alter any of my designs, even with a safety pin, I’ll make her compensate five times the price!” Bella chuckled, her eyes slightly narrowed. “Won’t there be issues with wearing such an ill- fitting dress?” Roza responded with a shrug. “Whether there’s an issue or not is not my concern. After all, it’s Rosalind’s reputation at stake. Don’t you agree, Master?”

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