The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 196

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 196-Nigel’s face turned pale in anger, and his body trembled slightly. “Anna, what’s going on? Tell me what happened.” Although he knew that Bella was Wyatt’s daughter, he still could not kick the habit of calling her Anna.

“How is this possible?!” Gregory thought he had very strict rules for his family, so he felt humiliated when he heard that something like this happened under his watch. “The level of security in the mansion is very high. It’s so tightly guarded that no outsiders can come in or leave as they please. Moreover, those who came to celebrate my father’s birthday tonight are relatives and close friends. Who in their right mind would do such a dirty and despicable thing in broad daylight? There must be a misunderstanding. Perhaps Mr. Thompson has food poisoning, or an allergic reaction, or…” “It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not. Thompson Hospital is very efficient. Everything will come to light once Asher’s blood work is out.” Bella raised her chin haughtily with a cold light in her eyes. “Also, you mentioned that this mansion is so tightly guarded that no outsiders can come in or leave as they please. Does that mean this is an inside job?” Gregory’s face turned pale for a moment, but he could not think of how to refute her.

Rosalind hid behind the Salvadors in fear, staggering two steps back in fear.

Rosalind comforted herself, ‘It’s okay… I’ll be fine… Bethany did it! I didn’t do anything…’ Bethany’s heart was beating like a drum.

She had agreed to drug Asher, while Rosalind would deal with Anna. Why did Asher get drugged, but nothing happened to this bitch?

Did Rosalind stay out of it?

Bethany gritted her teeth and stared at Rosalind. ‘We promised to do it together, but you secretly backed out! You coward!’ “Ms. Brown-Thompson, you’re going overboard with your accusations!” Shannon was afraid that her schemes would be exposed, so she hurriedly chimed in. “We have no enmity with you or Mr. Thompson, so why would we harm him?” “That’s enough! You have no place to speak here!” Nigel could not bear it anymore and roared angrily.

Shannon was scolded like a mere servant. She was so angry that she wanted to poison the old man.

“You might not want to harm Asher, but you used him like a pawn. Whoever did this is targeting me.” Bella’s eyes were calm and fearless.

Justin trembled as he glanced at Shannon and Bethany with gloomy and suspicious eyes.

From the beginning, Justin felt it was strange that Asher and Wyatt, who were not on the guest list, suddenly showed up at Nigel’s birthday party.

Justin recalled how Shannon revealed his relationship with Bella in front of Wyatt. Soon after, Asher and Bella were supposedly seen going into the same room.

All of this was too coincidental.

“After I finished singing on stage, a maid came to me and said that Asher was feeling unwell, so he was resting in a room. She asked me to check on him, so I followed her out of concern and didn’t think much of it. I didn’t expect something like this to happen.” Bella clenched her teeth. Her charming eyes were red with resentment. “In order to protect me, Asher held glass fragments in his hand and hurt himself to keep a clear mind. That way, their schemes wouldn’t work. Since I’ve always concealed my identity, no one in the Salvador family knew that I was a Thompson and wanted to take revenge on me. But they never imagined that Asher and I were siblings. If they had known, they probably wouldn’t have used this trick.” Wyatt was distressed. He suppressed his anger and sneered. “Gregory, you’d better give me an explanation for tonight’s matter. Otherwise, I won’t let this slide!” “Chairman Thompson, I think there must be a misunderstanding.” Gregory was so anxious that he spoke quickly.

Wyatt waved his hand irritably. “I don’t want to hear it! My son and daughter were plotted against in your house. My son is now unconscious. I don’t care if this is done by your family or someone else. This happened under your roof, so you must give me an explanation!” “Aren’t you making things difficult for me?” Gregory’s face flushed with anger.

“Hah! Your son isn’t the one who is drugged right now! What’s so difficult about this?” Wyatt narrowed his eagle eyes and said, “Gregory, are you incapable of investigating, or do you not dare to investigate this?” Gregory clenched his teeth, feeling dizzy with anger.

When Bella saw her father standing up for her and Asher, she felt a surge of warmth in her heart. Her eyes teared up.

Although Wyatt was a womanizer, he still looked out and protected his family.

Rosalind’s gauze skirt was soaked with cold sweat, skirt was soaked with cold sweat, while Bethany was about to have a mental breakdown. She had already stepped back slowly while holding the hem of her dress, ready to run away.

“Ms. Bethany, where are you going?” Bethany was so frightened by the sudden voice that she almost screamed.

She looked up abruptly and saw Ryan walking toward them calmly. His charming eyes were chilly.

Everyone saw that he was holding a sleeping girl in his arms.

Bethany was infuriated. Hatred spread uncontrollably throughout her body.

The girl Ryan was holding so carefully was Carrie.

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