The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 177

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 177-Dad, Anna is in a relationship with Mr. Thompson.” Gregory lowered his voice and added, ” Since Anna is in a new relationship, please don’t try to set her up with Justin. Love can’t be forced.” “I agree, Dad.” Shannon also took advantage of the situation and chimed in. “Mr. Thompson picked Anna up from the manor as soon as Justin divorced her. It shows that the two of them have been together for a while now.” “Really?” Nigel glared at Shannon.

“Yeah. Otherwise, how could they have progressed so fast? That’s why I always told you not to worry about the children. What’s the point of a marriage if they can’t stay together? It’s better to let them go and find their own happiness. You don’t have to worry about Anna in the future. The Thompson family is not inferior to ours at all.” Shannon spoke in a soft voice. Her smile hid her devious schemes.

‘Anna, I want to see how you can still pretend to be so pure and innocent in front of Nigel!’ Bella pursed her red lips tightly and lowered her eyelashes sadly.

She had long been prepared for such a day and was ready to accept Nigel’s resentment.

“Grandpa, please don’t blame Anna.” Justin stood up for Anna unexpectedly. He looked at her and said, “She doesn’t owe me anything. I give her my blessing to be with Mr. Thompson.” He almost seethed out the word “blessing”.

Bella was stunned to hear this.

In her impression, Justin was an arrogant man.

If it had been before, she would have been overjoyed.

However, at this moment, she just curled her lips in contempt and felt annoyed.

“Nonsense! So what if you don’t give them your blessing?! I asked you to reconcile with Anna, but can you do that?” Nigel angrily slapped Justin’s arm. “Is it Anna’s fault for wanting to be with someone else? Isn’t it all your fault?! You’re not as lucky as Asher to get such a good wife!” Everyone was shocked to hear this.

Shannon and Rosalind’s faces were so pale that even their delicate makeup could not brighten them.

At this moment, they realized one thing.

It was simply impossible to paint Anna as the bad guy in front of Nigel. This old man liked Anna so much that he wished he could marry her!

Justin’s chest felt stuffy when he was scolded again. However, he said blankly, “It’s good that you’re not upset with her.” “Hah! Why should I be upset at Anna? I only want the best for her! Anna, Asher, come with me.” The Thompson siblings looked at each other and obediently walked over to the old man. “Grandpa, I’m sorry for hiding this from you…” Bella pursed her lips pitifully.

“It’s okay. I don’t care about this. I just want you to be happy!” Nigel looked at her lovingly before he looked at Asher sternly. “Asher, you’re a person of stature, and you have many siblings. You must promise me that you will protect Anna in the future. Don’t let her suffer one bit when she marries you. Otherwise, I won’t care if you’re a Thompson. I will personally stand up for Anna and seek justice!” Asher looked at his sister intriguingly. He recalled the times when Bella was younger. She would ride on Axel’s back, treating him like a horse. There was also a time when Bella painted Drew’s face. He could not help but smile and say, “Okay. I promise that I will take good care of her.” Although Nigel was old, he was not blind.

He could see the affection in Asher’s eyes, so he sighed with relief and said reluctantly, “I’ll count on you to take care of Anna now. I hope that you can give her whatever my grandson couldn’t and love her forever.” In an instant, Justin’s face suddenly turned pale, as if he had been struck by lightning.

“I will,” Asher responded with confidence.

Justin took a deep breath and stared at the woman standing next to Asher. She used to be his wife.

He felt as if his soul had been briefly pulled out of his body. His eyes suddenly turned red.

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