My Professor Is My Alpha Mate Chapter 156

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate Chapter 156-Third Person POV.

“I told them this might be a little much,” Tyler said, rubbing his hand behind his neck sheepishly.

He looked nervous; her wolf was excited to be around their mate, but Connie was anything but excited.

Her plan was to humor Lila and Enzo with this “date” and then properly reject Tyler as her mate.

If Connie wanted to return to her pack and to her father, she needed to marry an Alpha. It was growing painfully obvious that it wasn’t going to be Enzo, which meant she needed to find another unmated Alpha.

However, she also had to admit that Tyler looked rather handsome in his suit. She can tell that Lila and Enzo had something to do with his outfit. It ran a little big on him and she remembered seeing Enzo wear that same outfit not long ago.

They really went out of their way to make this evening seemingly perfect.

But Connie wasn’t huge on fancy restaurants; she found them to be quite tacky. She would rather have something a little quieter.

Maybe when she was younger, she would have liked something like this, but she and her taste had grown over the years. Especially since she started working as a gamma warrior.

“It might be a little too much,” Connie agreed. “But I guess we should get this over with.” He smiled; he had a nice smile. She fought a smile of her own.

“I’m surprised you went along with this,” he laughed as he led her to their reserved table.

“Truth be told, you aren’t exactly who I envisioned my mate to be,” she said, glancing down at the menu.

Everything was so expensive; how was he going to afford this? What were Enzo and Lila thinking when they chose this place?

“Let me guess, you envisioned a strong Alpha that could make you into a Luna?” She was going to deny that, but she figured she was going to reject him anyway, she might as well be honest with him. He deserved at least the truth.

“Yes,” she answered. “I truly thought that would be my destiny. To be a luna of a pack. But I guess the goddess wanted me with an Omega. I’ve been called weak my entire life, so I guess that makes sense.” She thought he would take offense to that, but he just looked at her thoughtfully.

“I don’t really know you, but I’m not getting the weak vibe from you. In fact, I’m pretty sure you could kick my ass.” She stared at his serious face for a moment and then she couldn’t hold it in any longer; she laughed.

He smiled and glanced down at his menu with a reddened face.

“You have a nice smile,” he said, his grin only growing that much more. “Maybe we can just relax and enjoy the rest of dinner and whatever else they have planned. Then afterward you can reject me, and we can go our separate ways.” Her eyes widened.

“You knew I was going to reject you this evening?” “I’m not stupid,” he said in return, meeting her eyes. “I’m also not offended. Maybe we will both meet our second-chance mates. I hear the goddess will grant us a second chance if we are deserving.” This made Connie quiet; a small ping of hurt formed in her chest.

“I’m not sure I’m deserving,” she admitted. “I’ve done a lot of wrongs.” “You’re a Gamma warrior I’ve heard. Which means you’ve done a lot of good too. Everybody makes mistakes. It’s how you learn from them and grow that count.” “Wise words,” she said, peering at him questionably.

She was starting to grow curious about him.

“I’ve had wise role models,” he shrugged.

Just then, the waiter appeared and asked for their drink orders.

“Do you want a bottle of wine?” Tyler asked.

“Do you drink wine?” She asked in return.

“I’m more of a beer drinker. But I don’t mind a glass,” he chuckled, that nervousness returning to him.

She grinned at his response and glanced at the waiter.

“Two beers please,” she ordered.

The waiter nodded and went to fetch their drinks; Tyler looked surprised.

“You drink beer too?” “It would have been my first choice,” she admitted.

Connie used to hate the taste of beer, but usually after victorious battles, she would drink beer with the other gammas. She eventually started to like the taste and now it’s her first choice whenever she goes out.

He seemed to like her response because his smile grew wider.

“What else do you think they have planned for tonight?” Connie found herself asking.

Tyler shrugged.

“I think they said something about a carriage ride, maybe a concert and an outdoor party…” She rose her brows.

“That sounds like a lot,” she said, keeping her eyes on his. “Very overwhelming.” “I wanted to do something simple; like a picnic in the park and watch the sunset. But Lila said you’d want something fancier and more extravagant,” he shrugged.

“Lila doesn’t know me,” she said in return, narrowing her eyes at him. “I would have loved the picnic.” He beamed at her words.

The waiter returned moments later with their beer and then they both ordered steak for dinner. While they waited for their meals, they talked a little more.

“So, do you only want an Alpha so you can be Luna? What’s the story with that?” Tyler asked as he took a sip of his beer.

She wasn’t planning on getting too deep in the feels with him, but she decided to tell him the truth.

“It’s actually my father’s wishes,” she explained. “My pack wasn’t exactly friendly, and Alpha Cole was an awful man who got off on my torment. My father is his beta. I grew up with my pack tormenting me on a daily basis, my father included. I was the weaker of the bunch and much smaller in comparison.

They thought of me as weak and useless. However, I believe my father disliked me because I looked a lot like my mother who died when I was a child. I reminded him too much of her so he could hardly stand being around me.” “I’m sorry you had to go through that,” Tyler said, shaking his head and knitting his brows together.

“I was banished from the pack at 16 when the Luna’s pendant was taken and found in my things. It wasn’t me who took it, but they didn’t listen to reason and banished me. I went to live with Enzo’s mother in the rogue territory. He was my best friend and I trusted them to care for me. I spent a lot of time working on my strength and combat. Once I was ready and Enzo was officially the Alpha of the Calypso pack, I took the gamma test to become one of his warriors. So, I worked as a gamma warrior at 18 years old.” “It must have been difficult for you to be away from your true pack. I know a wolf’s ties with their pack never truly go away. It’s almost like a mate bond; the distance will hurt, and the banishment will forever be imprinted in your wolf’s heart.” She choked back tears at the memory, but she nodded her head once.

“It hurt a lot, yes. But I had Enzo and his pack to help me through. It wasn’t until last year that my father reached out and invited me to return to the pack. Imagine the eagerness my wolf felt when she heard we can go back to our true pack…” She still appeared uncertain as she glanced at her hands.

“But he gave me one condition…” “You have to marry an Alpha and become a Luna,” Tyler finished for her.

She met his eyes and nodded.

“And that’s not what you truly want?” “I want to return to my pack,” she answered. “I don’t want to be packless. Yes, I’m able to stay in Enzo’s pack when needed and yes, I travel around with the gammas so much that I’m hardly ever in the area… but not having a place to truly call home…” Her voice trailed off.

“Enzo thinks I found a new pack… but I’m too proud to tell him the truth.” “He’s your best friend; you should tell him,” Tyler said with such sincerity that it made her heartbeat quickly. The only other person who had ever treated her this kind was Enzo.

Tyler glanced over at Enzo and Lila’s table and then back at Connie.

“What’s their story?” Tyler asked, raising their brows. “I sense it’s a weird one.” Connie bit the inside of her cheek to keep from laughing.

“A very weird one and a long one. I shouldn’t speak about them when they are clearly trying to eavesdrop on our conversation.” Tyler rose his right brow and gave her a cocky grin.

“Then, let’s get out of here.”

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