Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 2212

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted by Eleven Jewell

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 2212-As Keegan picked at the fishbone, he remarked, “Didn’t we step in? Didn’t Stella give her money?”

Vermont’s eyelid twitched. Wasn’t that money coughed up by Blake Crosby because of the scheme he and Stella concocted? And they called that giving money?

From the get-go, Stella never intended to simply hand over the money. He couldn’t believe Keegan couldn’t see that. They caught him red-handed, and he thought Keegan was going to argue with Stella, but unexpectedly, nothing happened.

It seemed the incident at Mrs. Chapman’s daughter’s engagement banquet really stung Keegan. He really didn’t want to meddle in the Crosby family’s affairs anymore.

“If you don’t care, can Aurora not care? What if she starts caring then? How will you deal with your wife?” Stella, who was originally talking to Felicity, suddenly chimed in, “Stop trying to sow discord over there.”

Weren’t they discussing the script? How could she hear him when his voice was so low?

Vermont turned to Keegan, who smiled and said, “Did you hear that? Don’t stir the pot.”

Felicity also shot him a stern look. “Chatty, aren’t you?”

Vermont was rendered speechless.

Had he become an outsider now that she had taken charge?

The meal lasted almost two hours, and Felicity finally ironed out the entire plot.

The whole script was complete and logically coherent; even Keegan thought it was well-written.

Felicity was praised by her friends and lover, and her confidence swelled. She thought that with a bit more effort, winning the Best Screenwriter Award wasn’t out of the question.

Seeing her gleeful expression, Vermont’s heart melted.

Actually, Felicity had a talent for writing scripts, but the industry was like this now. Young screenwriters didn’t get opportunities; they could only work for some talentless trash good at hyping up something subpar for some money.

Writing countless industrial idol dramas had worn out the creativity of the screenwriters. When he initially introduced her to the big shots in the screenwriting circle, he didn’t think much of it. It was simply to get some guidance from those people, but unexpectedly, it struck a nerve.

He just casually suggested changing the angle, but he didn’t expect her work to be so dazzling. He even thought that this script wouldn’t be bad as a drama.

He nonchalantly thought, maybe in the future, he could realize his dream of living off his wife. Life was becoming more promising.

With the script settled, it was up to Vermont to find the team and the actors.

Felicity scorned him, “Useless!”

Felicity’s eyes lit up. “I won’t sign for anything less than a hundred thousand. It Vermont clicked his tongue, “Don’t worry, it’ll be even more than you expect.

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