Married At First Sight Chapter 3203

Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight Chapter 3203-Evan was silent.

Abby raised her eyebrows and said, “Evan, why are you protecting her and don’t even dare to let me know who she is? Don’t worry; I will only compete fairly with her and not use any means to harm her. I don’t even bother to do that. It’s just for a man. This is the first time I like a man so much that I am willing to fight. “If it were the second man, I would give up my adult beauty to my love rival.”

Abby was interested in not only Evan, but also the York family behind him.

The York family was famous for having good family traditions.

The elders in the family were very open-minded and would support whatever the younger generation did.

Even if they didn’t support it, they wouldn’t block it forcefully, like other parents.

Additionally, the York family’s men were particularly devoted to their wives and their relationship.

A lover is rare.

Who wouldn’t want to marry a good man who would be faithful to her forever?

Therefore, Abby wanted to fight for it. She really couldn’t fight for it, which meant that she had no chance with the York family. If she just gives up and admits defeat without fighting, she is afraid that she will regret it in the future. She never does anything she regrets.

Evan still didn’t speak. He didn’t know the fox’s name.

His heart was half focused on the other person, but he still didn’t know her name.

Abby thought she was a love rival who was protecting her and was a little jealous. She didn’t ask any more questions but just said, “Evan, the more you protect her, the more curious I become, and the more I want to know who can compare me.

No defense; one day I will know who my love rival is.”

She raised her glass to Evan and said, “Come on, let’s have a drink.”

Evan picked up the wine glass, stood up, leaned over, and clinked it with her.

Then watch her drink it all in one gulp.

Abby no longer talked about love with Evan but instead ate and drank with him. From time to time, she talked to Evan about stocks and what projects were more worthy of investment.

She was not the head of the family business like Elora, but she entered it as soon as she graduated. She started at the grassroots level and now serves as the general manager of several branches. She was considered a strong woman.

Abby also had a good drinking capacity.

The wine had great staying power, and Abby’s face gradually turned red.

She was a little confused when it came to speaking.

Fortunately for Evan, when Abby filled another glass of wine for herself, Evan dissuaded her: “Abby, don’t drink anymore; you are already drunk.”

“I’m not drunk yet. This wine is delicious. Your Wiltspoon Hotel really deserves its reputation. The food and the wine are delicious.”

Abby picked up the wine glass, took another sip of wine, and praised Serenity’s wine for being very delicious.

Evan: “This wine is delicious, but it has strong stamina. You are already drunk. “If you drink more, you’ll be drunk and unconscious.”

Abby: “I’m so drunk that I’m unconscious. Please send me back to my room to rest. I’ll stay at the Wiltspoon Hotel.”

Evan said helplessly, “This is a trivial matter. If you are drunk, you will have a splitting headache when you wake up tomorrow and feel very uncomfortable.”

She came to Wiltspoon alone, feeling uncomfortable with no one to take care of her.

Abby didn’t listen to the advice and went about her own business, picking up vegetables and drinking wine.

Unable to persuade her, Evan could only look at her helplessly, waiting for her to get drunk.

He was no longer drinking.

Drink again, and both of them will become drunk.

In about half an hour, Abby lay motionless on the table.

Evan stood up, walked to her side, and pushed her gently. “Miss Du, Abby.”

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