An Understated Dominance Chapter 2218 [4435– 4436]

An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori

An Understated Dominance Chapter 2218 [4435– 4436]-“Who are you? Tell me your name!” Damien Holmes frowned, his face intensely solemn.

The beggar in front of him remained motionless and calm as he faced his attack.

Especially the counterattack palm not only offset his attack but also knocked him back several steps.

This indicates that the other party’s cultivation level should be higher than his.

It was hard for him to accept that an unknown beggar could be so powerful.

“Good wine…good wine!”

Faced with Damien Holmes’s question, the drunk man still ignored him and drank to himself.

Seeing that Damien Holmes was about to have another attack, Tyson Houle finally spoke.

“Everyone, please don’t get angry.” Tyson Houle took a few steps forward, stood between the two of them, and said with a smile, “As the saying goes, you can’t get to know each other without fighting. After the fight just now, I believe everyone has a certain understanding of each other. Come on, let me introduce you to him.”

As he spoke, Tyson Houle extended his hand to the drunken man and said, “This is Senior Lennox Willis! I believe everyone present has heard of it.”

“He is actually the Wine Immortal Lennox Willis?” As soon as these words came out, all the warriors looked surprised.

Lennox Willis was a well-known figure around the world.

Rumor had it that he was addicted to alcohol and cared little about fame, power, and wealth, but his cultivation was unfathomable.

Among all the martial arts masters, he was among the best.

It’s just that Lennox Willis had disappeared, and his whereabouts were erratic. They didn’t know how many people tried to visit him, but they couldn’t find him. They were surprised to see Lennox Willis here today.

However, in their minds, Lennox Willis was completely different from the worldly master. The wine master in front of them was just like a beggar.

They wouldn’t have believed that the tattered, stinky beggar in front of them was actually the legendary big shot if Damien Holmes hadn’t just repulsed them.

“Master Houle, are you sure he is Master Willis?” Damien Holmes frowned and glanced up and down with a strange look on his face.

He had naturally heard of the name Lennox Willis. In the ranking of masters, Lennox Willis was even more powerful than the two evil spirits of heaven and earth.

Why would such a strong man become as miserable as a beggar?

Tyson Houle smiled and said, “Senior Holmes, you have just competed with Senior Holmes, so you should have some experience. Identity can be faked, but strength cannot be concealed. If it is not the legendary wine master, who can be equal to you, Senior Holmes?”

This was said very skillfully. While explaining, he also complimented Damien Holmes for resolving the unhappiness between the two parties.

As expected, Damien Holmes’s expression softened after being praised by Tyson Houle, and he asked, “Master Houle, could it be that Lennox Willis is the one we are waiting for?”


Tyson Houle nodded. “Lennox Willis has always been addicted to alcohol. The reason he was late just now is probably because he got drunk on the way. Please forgive me, Senior Holmes.”

“That’s all. Grandmaster Lennox Willis is famous. I will wait for a moment. He’s not harmful at all.” Damien Holmes said it lightly.

Although he was a little dissatisfied with Lennox Willis’s behavior, the opponent’s strength made it difficult for him to have an attack at this time.

After the test just now, he already knew in his heart that if he fought alone, he would definitely not be Lennox Willis’s opponent.

Only two demons from heaven and earth come together to stabilize one end.

It’s just that his wife was still on the way here and couldn’t be there for the time being, so he could only tolerate it a little.

“Master Houle, now that everyone is here, is it time to discuss business?”

At this time, Dustin, who had been watching the show, finally spoke.

He was not interested in these people’s grievances. What he cared about most was: what conspiracy was there in the pantheon of gods?

“Of course.” Tyson Houle pushed up his glasses with a smile and then said, “Everyone here is a master in the world, and everyone has special skills. We, the gods, value it very much. We invite you to come this time, mainly because if you want to cooperate, as long as you are willing to work for the gods, we will reward you generously.”

“Oh? “What does Master Houle mean by cooperation?” Damien Holmes raised his eyebrows slightly.

“I heard that a rare treasure has recently appeared in the forbidden area of Sacred Wyrm Summit. Our temples are very interested in it, so we would like to ask all the experts to help us hunt for the treasure together.” Tyson Houle said it directly.

Hearing this, all the warriors frowned and looked embarrassed, and no one dared to say a word.

It would be okay if it were anywhere else, but the forbidden area of Sacred Wyrm Summit was full of dangers. They were afraid that they would go in with their lives but not come out with them.

“Master Houle, you should know how powerful the Sacred Wyrm Summit is. Allowing us to trespass into the forbidden area is no different than entering and exiting the Sacred Wyrm Summit Tiger’s Den. If we are not careful, we may die.” Damien Holmes said it with a serious face.

“Yes, Master Houle! A behemoth like the Sacred Wyrm Summit is not something that we can afford to offend. I’m afraid we won’t be able to sustain this business.”

“Master Houle, it’s okay to help the temples find out information. As for breaking into Sacred Wyrm Summit without permission, there is really nothing we can do in the forbidden area.”


After seeing Damien Holmes speak, all the warriors shook their heads.

Although they were not afraid of death, it did not mean that they would actually die.

If the risk is ordinary and the price is reasonable, I am willing to take it.

But this time it was different. They were breaking into the forbidden area of Sacred Wyrm Summit, a place where all warriors dared not set foot.

No matter if they were an innate master or a martial arts master, they were not worth mentioning in front of the old god from Sacred Wyrm Summit.

After all, that person was the terrifying being who suppressed the entire martial arts world!

What’s the difference between sneaking around under a big shot’s nose and seeking death?

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