Married At First Sight Chapter 3379

Married At First Sight Chapter 3379-Kathryn sent Liberty out. Liberty teased her a few times, but she didn’t even blush. She said, “Mr. Fraser doesn’t seem like a romantic person. I don’t seem to have any romantic instincts either. We are not in that kind of relationship for now.”

Liberty said to her, “You want to give birth to a daughter with him; why don’t you consider it? Apart from him, it will be hard for you to find another man who truly cares about you and is not like your father. With your position and identity, it is destined that it will be difficult for you to find a husband who is both excellent and willing to be a live-in son-in-law.

Mr. Fraser is the most suitable candidate. Whether you are together or not, he will always be loyal to you and by your side. You have high standards, and your views on marriage are different from others. I think that apart from Mr. Fraser, you really won’t be attracted to other men.”

Kathryn did admire Hayden, but it was just admiration.

But Hayden was a woman.

Hayden thought about matchmaking Hugh and Kathryn, but neither of them was attracted to each other.

She had to give up.

Kathryn was silent for a moment, then said, “Let’s talk about it after we’ve settled our relationship. I don’t have the energy to think about getting married and having kids right now.”

Liberty said as she walked, “That’s right. Don’t worry. The truth about our matter may come out soon.”

All the old assistants have been found.

Neither of them spoke.

They didn’t know who would die and who would have the last laugh in the end.

After entering the elevator, Liberty spoke. She asked Kathryn, “If my grandmother was really killed by your mother, can you really kill your own relatives for the sake of justice?”

Kathryn said, “There is evidence that my mother did it. She should bear the consequences of her actions. I will not cover up for her, nor will I deny it. I will not fight you to the death because of her. I don’t want anything from the Farrell family. I will return it to you. I’m only taking Mr. Fraser with me. Mr. Fraser and his men don’t serve two masters. Keeping him here will be of no use to you.”

Liberty looked at Kathryn steadily.

Kathryn met Liberty’s gaze without any retreat and was very frank. She said what was in her heart.

Liberty said, “Mr. Fraser is yours; just take him away.”

After a pause, she added, “Perhaps you are more suitable to be the head of the family.”

The future head of the Farrell family needed to be led by someone who could distinguish right from wrong, and Kathryn was more suitable.

After all, Liberty came from Wiltspoon, and her grandmother had passed away decades ago. Her mother and aunt had lived in Wiltspoon for decades and had long since left the Farrell family. If she really took over the Farrell family, everyone might not accept her.

It would take her a long time to subdue them and make them submit.

Kathryn was different. She was Clarissa’s biological daughter. No matter how Clarissa came to power, she was the head of the family. Kathryn did not grow up in the Farrell family, but she had returned to the Farrell family for more than two years, and the people in the clan had accepted her.

In the Farrell Group, Kathryn gradually gained a foothold.

Liberty felt that Kathryn was more suitable to be the head of the Farrell family than she was.

Kathryn understood what Liberty meant. She looked sad and said, “If it was really my mother who killed my aunt and my younger aunt, even if you didn’t vent your anger on me, I would not have the face to stay here any longer.”

After a moment of silence, she continued, “Besides, I really don’t like the Farrell family, and I don’t care about anything about the Farrell family. I have my own company and my own career. I want to develop my own career with Mr. Fraser.”

Liberty smiled and said, “I don’t like the Farrell family either. I think this family is too feudal. Compared to inheritance, I still prefer to develop my own career.”

The Farrell Group did not belong to any individual in the Farrell family, but to the entire family. Even if the head of the Farrell family is the head, it is impossible for her to monopolize the Farrell Group.

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  1. Si Kathryn es más adecuada no porque Liberity no lo sea ella es muy capas si no que ella tiene su vida a Duncan que se merece lo mejor es uno de los mejores hombre por no desir que es el mejor porque el puesto de Zachary nadie se lo quita el me encanta, bueno volviendo al tema después que Kathryn egersa el liderazgo con onestidad los demás la respetarán y que saquen a todo que quiera formar problema 😵‍💫

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