You Can Run But You Can’t Hide My Contractual Wife Chapter 26 by desirenovel

You Can Run But You Can’t Hide My Contractual Wife Chapter 26 by desirenovel

Busted Disguise

Arabella got out of the car. It was quiet and dark. She wandered her eyes everywhere hoping she could find a hint of where they are in. She didn’t have a plan to walk along with Bill and to follow his order.

It’s a cemetery. They’re in the cemetery.

Arabella panicky chased Bill as she was afraid of the night in the cemetery.

Bill stopped suddenly. Arabella shoved her face to the solid back of Bill. His scent calmed her down. It’s slowly invading in her nose like a fresh morning breeze that she wanted to stay in that position and cuddle.

“What are you doing?” Bill turned around and saw her like day dreaming.

Arabella instantly blushed. “Nothing.” She gathered her cool to cover the obvious.

“Why we are here?” Arabella’s facial expression was a bit of scared.

Bill didn’t answer and just continue on walking.

The lawn was very spacious. Arabella was staggering with her stiletto as they were walking on a cobblestone pathway.

“Hey! Wait for me.” Arabella called him.

Bill didn’t even spare her a glance and just continued on walking.

“You are scaring me. Why are you taking me here? Are you a vampire? Do you gonna suck my blood and leave me dead here? Gosh. Or are you going to bury me alive here?” Her body was frightened of her thoughts. She was with a stranger, in the dark, at the cemetery, Whoaah! It’s a complete setting for a horror movie.

“Yes. I will bury you here if you don’t stop talking. Will you please shut up? You are exploding my ears.” Bill was obviously running out of patience.

Arabella’s eyes widened as she inhaled a deep breath and exhaled it heavily. She was left with no choice other than to keep her mouth shut or to seriously risk her life.

Bill stopped in front of a black tomb with a metallic gold words written on it.

“This is my grandfather’s tomb.” Bill said in a serious manner.

“Why did you take me here?” Confused, Arabella asked again.

“You don’t remember my grandfather?” Bill faced Farrah and his eyes narrowed like there’s an urge of anger that was about to go out.

“I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I don’t. As my mom said I have a selective memory in my childhood.” Arabella explained truthfully.

“Do you think you can just escape from what you’ve done because you have an amnesia?” Bill began to criticize her in a cold tone.

Arabella was very confused. “Tell me what did I do wrong with your grandpa then.” With all her problems right now, she didn’t have time to guess and think of what possibly happened before.

Bill didn’t answer her. Instead, he looked at her with deep eyes liked mocking at her soul.

“Mr. Sky, I want to go home now.” It was obvious that Bill didn’t want to tell her.

“Why are you escaping again?” Bill asked

“What are you saying? Please get to the point. Escaping what?” Arabella was dumbfounded. Why he’s making everything like a guessing game?

“Look Mr. Sky. If you don’t have something to say to me. I’m going!” Arabella was running of patience. She was with a stranger playing a guessing game in a cemetery. Good thing he’s a handsome stranger or if he’s a vampire, he’s a prince. Arabella didn’t want to admit that if Bill’s a prince vampire, she would gladly offer her neck to him to be sucked.

Arabella shook her head with her dirty thoughts.

“How do you plan to go home without me, Arabella Jones?” Arabella stunned. Her eyes grew wider. ‘What did she call me?’ She was rooted to her spot.

“Surprise? Who said about tricking again?” Now, all floors were on Bill. The noisy Arabella seemed to lose her tongue.

“What do you want me to call you. Jane Foster or Arabella Jones?” Bill squinted at her face. The only light there was warm coming from a lamp post. She could feel his warm breathing.

Arabella took a step back to create a distance from him. His deep eyes were all at her.

“Mr. Sky. I don’t know what you are talking about. I just want to go home.” Arabella denied it. She didn’t want to be misunderstood why she needed to disguise herself. It’s not for him. Who would know that they’re going to meet each other again?

“Tell me Jane Foster. Is this all your tricks? You disguised yourself to kiss me that night. You wanted to enter into my life to make trouble again. What’s next? Climbing into my bed?” Bill walked nearer to Arabella.

“Stop. Don’t come closer. I told you. I don’t know what you’re saying. And I never plan on climbing in your bed!” She blocked her hands towards him. She was now in panic and blushed with the way he talked.

Bill smiled at her wickedly as he saw Arabella was blushing in the dark and was nervous.

“Okay then, I proved it myself.” Bill quickly grabbed Arabella’s arm. She then lost her balance and was about to fall, but a strong arm grasped her waist. Instinctively, she clung her two hands on his neck to avoid the fall.

Before she knew it, her lips were devoured by other lips. It was sweet at first, but it gone wild like hungriness is there.

Arabella was shocked but couldn’t help herself to respond to his every movement. His tongue entered her mouth intertwining her tongue. His strong hand became to wander crazily on her body while his other hand was supporting her waist.

Arabella hated herself that she liked his every touched that her body demanded for more.

Bill broke out the kiss and stopped his movement all of the sudden. He looked at her teasingly.

They were both panting with the kiss.

“Do you still want to deny it Arabella?” Bill spoke.

“No. I’m no…” Arabella was about to say something, but she was kissed again by Bill. This time it’s wilder and deeper that he couldn’t get enough of her softness. Their body was strongly pressing on each other. His hand swiftly unbuttoned her shirt to enter.

“Stop!” Arabella was back to her senses when his hand slightly touched her chest. The spot felt burning and she could feel her arousal insanely heightened.

Bill slightly detached his lips to hers. “You sure? But your body’s telling me not to stop.” His voice was playful as his eyes were full of lust.

Bill was also surprised that with her, he can actually lose his control. He was used by women threw their selves to him. They all wanted to serve and gave all the pleasure in the world to him on the bed. All he needed to do was watched them and be aroused of their sexual initiatives.

Arabella or Jane, she’s the only person that could arouse him like crazy that he would do the first initiation just to kiss her.

“Paakkk!” A sudden slapped was heard. Arabella hit him on the face.

“You bastard!” Arabella was also shocked that she actually slapped the mighty Bill Sky. Now, she was doomed. How could she actually go home in the middle of the night? She didn’t even know where in the world they are.

Bill was taken aback. He touched his right red cheek and glared at her with sharp flamed eyes.

“That’s for…That’s for kissing me!” Arabella was scared of his gaze. She hated herself again for being impulsive as she gritted her teeth. She felt like she needs to give him a reason. Her body shivered in nervous, but she still tried to be tough.

“You dared to lie to me. Without you telling me something, I can prove it from your lips.” Bill stared at her with narrowed eyes while sexily biting his lower lip.

Arabella remembered his words before about kissing. ‘Once you borrow a kiss, you must return it. Once it started, the chain goes on and will never end.’ She was stunned with his sexiness.

“Mr. Sky, you can’t just do that to me. Look you have a fiancée. Please behave yourself. I want to go home now.” Arabella felt that maybe she needs to remind him in case he forgot it. She tried to look around how she can flee away from the place, but it seemed that they were in a remote area. She could only see darkness around.

“You can go.” Bill replied without looking at her. He faced his grandfather’s tomb with his two hands in his pocket.

Stunned and confused, “How?” Arabella asked behind his back.

“You walk?” This time Bill faced her again sarcastically with a smirked.

“Are you crazy? I don’t even see anything here. I don’t even know where’s the direction to go. You brought me here, you should bring me back.” She tried not to be affected with his mood swings.

“Then you should know what to do if you want to go home safely.” He smirked at her.

Arabella was taken aback. “Why are you doing this to me? Did I offend you so much that you need to punish me like this?” Arabella felt like crying for hopelessness.

“What you are into right now, is still not a punishment.” He glared at her with a devilish eye.

“What do you mean? Don’t tell me you are the one behind everything mess I’m into?” Arabella froze. Her anger began to heighten up again.

“Yes.” Bill replied quickly without any hint of hesitation to hide it.

“What?” Arabella couldn’t believe it. She was like dying everyday thinking about her problems and how to solve it but this person just played tricks to her.

“Do you think it’s funny to play with me?” Arabella let go of a small laugh as she felt fooled deliberately. She hated herself for being so gullible, but she hated him the most.

Arabella clenched her fists as she gritted her teeth in anger.

“Yes. It’s funny.” He smirked sarcastically.

“Are you even human?” Arabella let go of her annoyance. She liked to punch him to let go the anger in her body.

“The last time I checked, I am human.” He smiled at her, but it’s more about mocking her.

Arabella was controlling herself as she still needs to get out of there alive.

“What makes you human then?” She asked.

“Because you are still alive.” He said quickly with a serious facial expression.

Arabella was blown away. She felt her anger was covered now with intense fright.

“Why?” She gritted her teeth. This time she felt the cold air on her face.

“Because you owe me something.” His deep eyes were fixated on her.

“Tell me what is it so I can give it back. Then we’re done! I wished not see you anymore.” Arabella felt very annoyed by the man in front of her who could actually twist her life with just a snapped of his fingers.

“You can’t bring it back.” Bill’s face became gloomy.

“Then tell me what should I do to compensate that thing I owe you? And you to stop bothering me in the future?” Arabella was running of patience. She felt as she was running of oxygen too. She was drained already talking to this man. She promised herself as long as she can get away from the place, she would not make any appearance in Bill’s life. She would do any means to avoid him or their life to be entangled again.

“There’s no way you can compensate what you owe me.” His eyes darkened. Her faced was fiercely handsome even in the dark. His seriousness sent sudden goosebumps to Arabella.

“But there’s one thing you can do to ease me temporarily.” Bill walked again closer to Arabella.

“What?” Arabella just wanted to go home. She didn’t mind doing it as long as she can get out of the place safely.

“Sleep with me tonight.” Bill replied.

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