When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2630 by Desirenovel

Chapter 2630

“Brother, I will go with you tomorrow.” Robert said.

Robert especially wanted to see Haze.

Although the youngest position in the family has been replaced, Robert has adjusted his mentality.

“Okay.” Hayden agreed.

Avery looked confused: “How are you two going to pick her up? What if she doesn’t want to come back with you?”

Hayden looked confused and confident: “No. Mom, don’t worry.”

Avery: “Did you think Is there any way?”

“No.” What Hayden was worst at was dealing with people.

He didn’t even like to talk. So when he said to bring his sister back, he meant it literally.

“I’m afraid your sister Haze won’t come back with you.” Avery said worriedly.

“Mom, things are not as complicated as you think. Go and rest! I’ll bring her back tomorrow.” Hayden promised Avery.

“It’s best to bring her back. If she doesn’t want to come back with you, don’t force her.” Elliot said, “There is no rush for this kind of thing. You just came back, go and rest!”

Hayden was not tired. Probably after searching for so many years, Haze was found, and the knot in his heart was finally solved.

Robert was not tired either. He felt asleep on the plane, and now he was wide awake.

“I’m a little hungry…” Robert stood up from the sofa, “I’ll go to the kitchen to get something to eat, and whoever wants to eat, I’ll cook together.”

Layla: “Go and see if there is any food in the kitchen. I want to eat instant noodles.”

Robert: “Our family has never had instant noodles, right?”

Layla: “Then go and buy instant noodles for me! I just want to eat instant noodles.”

Robert : “Okay… what kind of instant noodles do you want?”

Layla: “Sauerkraut.”

Robert: “Sister, don’t you like sour food?”

Layla: “I sometimes eat pickled cabbage. I don’t like it, but it doesn’t mean I don’t like it every day.”

Robert: “…”

Robert went out to buy instant noodles, Elliot looked at the time, it was already ten o’clock in the evening.

“Honey, go to sleep! No matter whether Hayden can bring Siena back tomorrow, we have to meet Siena.” Elliot said to Avery.

“Alright.” Avery held Elliot’s hand, stood up from the sofa, and told the children, “Don’t stay up too late.”

“Mom, go to bed! I’ll go to sleep after supper!” Layla said.


After Elliot and Avery returned to their room, Layla looked at Hayden, “Brother, you really have no idea?”

“What idea?” Hayden dismissively said, “It’s a very simple thing, what do you think? It ‘s too complicated.”

After Hayden finished speaking, he also went back to his room.

The next morning.

Hayden came to Wesley’s house.

Wesley opened the door and was a little surprised to see Hayden.

Wesley: “You came alone?”

Hayden: “Robert also came with me. He is in the car.”

“Why didn’t he come up together?” Wesley opened the door and let Hayden in.

“He’s angry. He doesn’t dare to see anyone.” Hayden finished his words calmly, and asked, “Has Siena woke up?”

“I’m up. I just finished breakfast and I’m going back to guest room now. I’ll call her.” Wesley said, he walked towards the guest room.

The room where Siena and Lilly slept well last night.

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