When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1678 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1678 by Desirenovel

Hayden said this because he felt that Elliot might want Layla and Robert, but not necessarily him.

The father and son have a bad relationship and have never reconciled.

“Hayden, don’t be angry yet. I just planned for the worst, your father may not be so tough.” Wesley felt distressed when he saw Hayden as an enemy.

A child of his age should have grown up happily under the protection of his parents. But he has been suffering from troubles his age should not bear.

“Uncle Wesley, you don’t need to comfort me. I don’t know other people, don’t I know him? He’s a bad guy.” Hayden said coldly.

Starry River Villa.

When Hayden came back, Layla immediately pulled him and asked, “Brother, have you seen my mother? Have you seen Uncle Mike? Are they both in the hospital? How is Aunt Shea’s baby? Take me to see it! I miss my mother.”

Layla wanted to go with Hayden tonight, but Hayden refused. Because Hayden wasn’t sure if his mother was really in the hospital.

“Layla, brother has something to tell you.” Hayden took Layla’s hand and led her into the room.

Layla looked at her brother attentively and babbled: “Brother, you are so serious! Aren’t you happy to see your mother? Who made you unhappy?”

Hayden: “Your father, Elliot.”

“Ah? Also he is in the ospital?” Layla asked in a clear voice.

“He went to Yonroeville to find him and Rebecca’s daughter.” Hayden pushed open the door and led Layla into the house.

After the siblings entered the room, they closed the door.

Mrs. Cooper hugged Robert, followed her, and stood at the door to see if she could overhear their whispers. It wasn’t that Mrs. Cooper wanted to eavesdrop on the brothers and sisters’ speech, but Robert pulled her up.

Robert was a little angry, his brother and sister whispered, but he didn’t even bring him.

“Dad b*stard!” Layla blew her nose and stared at her brother’s words.

“Layla, you still called Dad?” Hayden said angrily.

“Elliot is a big villain. I won’t call him Dad!” Layla immediately changed her tune, “Did he go to Yonroeville to get mad at us? Why did he do this? Didn’t he promise my mother that he would never go to Yonroeville again? Why doesn’t it count?”

Hayden said the reason: “The bad woman Rebecca died. Elliot and her child are also gone. So Elliot went to Yonroeville to find the child.”

“That bad woman, How did she die? Did she die of illness?” Layla’s eyes widened with curiosity.

Hayden: “She was killed.”

“Oh… what about her little baby? Where did the baby go?” Layla sent out a series of doubts, “If Dad… ah, if Elliot finds that Little baby, do you want to bring that little baby back?”

Before Hayden could answer, Layla said to herself, “If he did this, I would never call him dad again. I’m really sad.”

“Layla, Mommy said that when he comes back, he will divorce him. Then he will definitely compete with the mother for our custody. I will definitely follow my mother. Layla, I hope you can follow my mother too.” Hayden said this to Layla, in order to make Layla stand firm on her mother’s side.

“Of course I want to follow my mother.” Layla grabbed Hayden’s arm anxiously, “I want to be with you. I don’t want to be stay with the bad father. He has another baby, and he will definitely not love me like he used to!”

Hayden pondered. After making this decision, he said, “If Elliot insists on the custody of Robert, then when I am more powerful than him in the future, I will snatch Robert back.”

“Woooooo…I don’t want to give Robert to him. Brother, my brother is ours.” Layla thought of breaking up with Robert and tears suddenly flowed out, “If he treats Robert badly What should we do? If we don’t live with him in the future, the bad father will definitely not be nice to Robert.”

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