When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 121

When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 121

Avery placed her phone on the table.

Her mouth suddenly felt dry, so she picked up the bowl of soup that Ben had passed her. Ben knocked on the table, then said, “Hey! Do you two think we don’t know you’re secretly texting each other right now?”

Avery was afraid that Elliot would blurt out something shocking, so she quickly said, “We’re both full now, so we’re heading home!”

“Sure! We’re full too,” Ben teased. “Full from watching your PDA!”

Rosalie heard the news of the assassination attempt on Elliot and rushed through the night to the Foster mansion.

Her face turned cold at the sight of Avery.

“When Mr. Foster was about to get hit by the car earlier, Miss Avery threw herself at him and wrapped him in her arms!”

The bodyguard had witnessed the entire scene and felt obligated to report what he saw to Rosalie.

“If I hadn’t shot its tires, the car would have crashed right into them. Miss Avery would have been crushed to a pulp and died on the spot. However, her shielding Mr. Foster might have actually given him a chance at survival.”

Bloody images flashed into Rosalie’s mind as she listened to the bodyguard’s description of that night’s events.

“We haven’t had dinner yet, Mother,” Elliot said. “We’re going to get something to eat.”

“Oh… Hurry up and eat, then! I’ll leave in a bit.”

All of the resentment that Rosalie had felt for Avery slowly vanished.

It was during the most dangerous of moments that someone could determine if another ‘person was genuine or not.

Avery had thrown herself in harm’s way without hesitation; all to protect Elliot.

If that courage was not born out of love, then what else could it possibly be? Elliot and Avery emerged from the dining room after dinner.

Avery was about to return to her room when Rosalie spoke to her.

“I know how to distinguish right from wrong, Avery. Thank you for tonight,” Rosalie said. She rose from the couch and stood before Avery. “Let’s leave our grievances behind. I won’t give you trouble as long as you’re true to Elliot. He is my son, and I only hope for the best for him.”

Avery was not used to the sudden change in her demeanor.

After a moment of stunned silence, she said, “It’s late… You should go home and get some


Rosalie nodded, then said, “Both of you get some rest, too.”

Once Rosalie left the room, the living room faded into silence.

Avery felt like her feet were glued to the ground.

She was too embarrassed to go up to the second floor with Elliot, but how was she supposed to come up with an excuse that would allow her to leave?

He had already told her that his birthday wish was for her to come home with him.

Would he not be disappointed if she left now?

“I took all of my clothes with me when I left last time”

“You can wear some of mine for now,” Elliot interrupted before Avery could finish her sentence. “Change out of the clothes you’re wearing now. They’ll be washed and dried by the morning.”

Avery pursed her lips as her mind went blank.

“You don’t want to?” asked Elliot as he fixed his deep eyes on her. “It’s fine if you want to go back to your mother’s place. I’ll get the driver to take you.”

Avery was speechless.

Setting aside her willingness, or lack thereof, she could tell from Elliot’s tone that he was upset.

Suddenly, Mrs. Cooper appeared out of nowhere and said, “You left behind a set of clothes before, Avery. Let me get it for you.”

This time, Avery had run out of excuses to leave.

After Mrs. Cooper walked away, Avery went behind Elliot and wheeled him toward the elevator. “It’s your birthday today. You can’t get mad on your birthday,” she said, trying to reason with him.

“I’m not mad,” Elliot responded in a calm voice. “I just didn’t want to force you.”

“It’s not that… It’s just…”

“What is it?”

“I left with such confidence and pizzazz before, but here I am again a few days later. It just feels a little bit like a slap in the face.”

“I was not there the last time you left. Your return should be more like a slap in my face, not a slap in yours,” said Elliot.

Avery felt a little better, then asked, “Who helps you wash up at night? Is it still the nurse from before?”

When the elevator arrived on the second floor, Elliot lifted his gaze and looked at Avery with a spark of curiosity in his eyes.

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