Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 887

Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 887-“Let me unwrap my present,” he spoke, voice husky and magnetic as he raised his hand and unbuttoned the

buttons on her suit, helping her remove her suit.

Charmine’s cheeks flushed red. Unwrap his present?

He was removing her suit, and he called it ‘unwrapping his present’?

However, after a moment, she vaguely understood…

Lips half-curled, Anthony carried her and walked upstairs.

To him, she was the best present.

Panicking, Charmine quickly reached out to grab the box as he carried her upstairs.

Waverly had not gone inside her room by then, and she heard their conversation and saw what they did.

Charmine’s suit was left on the sofa, a silent showcase of their romance.

They just did not hold back in front of her!

She was so envious that it could tear her apart. Her hands clenched tightly.

Hold it. She must hold it!

Tomorrow during the banquet, she had to make progress with Anthony and

make sure Charmine paid for what she had done to her!

On the second floor…

Charmine was placed in bed as Anthony unbuttoned his white shirt, one button

at a time, his movement elegant yet passionate.

Charmine gulped. Her heartbeat fastened.

Although Anthony said he would not touch her before marriage, they only held

back the last part. Who knew what else he would do?

She quickly handed the box to him. “Why don’t you unbox this? I picked this for


‘There’s no hurry. I can unbox the gift tomorrow, our night is running out,” he

said as he turned off the light and leaned forward.

Charmine’s eyelashes fluttered. Their night was running out…

Right, tomorrow morning, Anthony would have to go back to the Bailey mansion

with Waverly. The two had to be seen together in public while she could only

She stopped struggling and allowed his heavy body to lean toward her. She

reminded him worriedly, ‘They might do things to you tomorrow. Do be careful.”

Anthony raised his eyebrows when she spoke, accompanied with a playful look

that was rare from him.

“If I’m drugged and have to sleep with another woman, what would you do?”

Eyes narrowed, Charmine answered instinctively, “It’s not like it didn’t happen

before. Your child is five years old.”

With that said, their bodies stiffened.

Five years ago, the drugged-out Anthony slept with Annabel, resulting in her

birthing Chris.

Present-day Annabel still bore Anthony’s child as she rested on the third floor of

a villa not far away.

They were so absorbed with matters regarding Annabel that they forgot about Annabel.

Annabel was the only woman Anthony had slept with…

The atmosphere felt somewhat thick.

Anthony’s expression fell. “I’m sorry, my lady.”

His low voice sheltered a rare glint of gentleness as his large hand kindly fixed her hair. He lowered his head

and kissed her between her brows.

Charmine closed her eyes gently, allowing him to kiss her.

Every time she thought of Annabel, she felt restricted, bound.

He was her man, yet he had a child with another woman. He even had her baring another.

On second thought, she did not have a chaste body either. She did not have the right to feel so.

It would have been perfect, dare she dreamed, if Anthony was the man who deflowered her five years ago,

that she birthed Chris instead.

If Anthony was the man from five years ago, how good would it have been?

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