Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 840

Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 840-At night…

[Waverly Successfully Treated Ninety-Year-Old Astronomer]

[Waverly Rewarded With An Antique Vase]

[A Vase Worth Almost A Hundred Million]

These articles became the most heated topics, toppling the news regarding Charmine.

Netizens hailed Waverly as the modern prodigy doctor as she cured the astronomer and won the hearts of

the people.

Waverly, reading the news, was satisfied.

She wanted to crash Charmine. She wanted the Bailey family to know that she was more talented than her!

At the Bailey mansion…

After hearing from Senior Bailey, Susan had been thinking of ways to attack Charmine when she happened to

see the news as well.

Waverly successfully saved Grandma Houston? No specialist was able to treat her before!

Charmine was just some designer while Waverly was a prodigy doctor! What did

Charmine have in her to compete with Waverly?

The thought of her staying under the same roof as Anthony agitated her.

Ridiculous. She had to make Anthony come back to the mansion and make him

live with Waverly!

With something in mind, she texted Waverly,

[Waverly, I hope you’ll do as I tell you in the following days. I’ll help you get to


At Violet Villa.

After the news of Charmine’s Magpie Bridge was exposed, Chris acted like he

had discovered new land and skimmed through her design books in the room.

Charmine looked at the time. “Mono, it’s already nine. Time to sleep.”

‘There’s no hurry. Daddy, Mommy, don’t mind me. I’ll sleep after reading!” 1

Chris had a very nerdy and proactive look on his face.

Charmine saw how immersed he was and thus did not insist on him sleeping.

Closing his door, she then walked toward her room where

Anthony was sitting on the small sofa, legs crossed with a laptop on his lap.

His clear-cut fingers typed on the keyboards, exuding an air of seriousness.

Seeing that Charmine had come in, he kept the laptop.

“I’m sorry for the matters regarding Grandma Bailey.”

“Why do you sound so formal?” Charmine threw him a strange look and walked

over to lay in bed.

Anthony walked over and sat on the bed. “Of course. My family has troubled you

quite a lot recently, and I feel guilty. I must make it upto you.”

Instead of laying down, he sat by the side and reached out to massage

Charmine’s shoulders.

Charmine frowned. Anthony, the man placed on an incredibly high pedestal, was

offering her a massage? 1

He seemed to be even better than she imagined.

As she felt her feeling welling up, his large hands slipped from her shoulder to her spine, and his hands

slipped to the sides.

Sensing his intention, Charmine’s body tensed. “You better behave…”

“I said I’d make up to you, so it’s only natural I have to give you a full body massage to show my sincerity,”

answered Anthony with a serious tone as his large hands continued to massage her.

Charmine was stunned at that.

He must have bewitched her. She genuinely thought he was a good guy, but it seemed that he was merely

finding an excuse to take advantage of her! 1

Just as she was about to scold him, the phone on the bedside rang urgently.

It was Susan calling.

Glancing at the phone, he reached out and was ready to hang up before Charmine held his hand.

“Answer it. Let’s see what she has in mind. It’s better to know what they’re thinking.”

After a moment of hesitation, Anthony answered.

Susan’s voice came out from the phone.

“Anthony, Waverly treated the Astronomer Houston. The staff of the International Medical Association had

come to Violet Residence, wanting to interview her. I don’t care what intention you have, but you got engaged

to Waverly in public, and the entire world thinks you two are a couple. You must at least be responsible in this

current situation.”

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