Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 326

Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 326-Charmine frowned. Was Anthony that immune to pain?

She decided to poke him harder, and she moved down to his waist instead.

Anthony noticed how there was more force in the way she stabbed him with her finger, thus his gaze hardened. “Not bad,” he spoke, “keep up the good work.”

With that, he walked to the lift with Charmine in his arms.

Everyone was shocked and surprised. Boss Bailey actually listened to all of the reports and even said ‘not bad’ and told them to ‘keep up the good work?!

Never before had they seen Boss Bailey in such a great mood. Was it because of the woman in his arms?

Everyone gave him a respectful bow. “Thank you, Boss Bailey,” they bade in unison as their eyes trailed to Charmine.

Who was this woman that Anthony liked? Someone who changed him?

They wanted to know who she was!

Even though Charmine was already inside the lift, she still felt the gazes that pointed at her like lasers, as though she could get zapped.

It surprised her still why Anthony would agree to listen to the report. It took them eight minutes in total!

There were so many people out there! Was it not better to leave as soon as possible?

It was only when Anthony sat Charmine on her seat did she finally breathe the fresh air. “You did it on purpose, right?” challenged Charmine, unable to hold back the question.

“Hmm? What?” Anthony looked at her, seemingly confused as he fastened the seatbelt.

Charmine wanted to accuse him of doing all that on purpose. If they walked straight to the car, he would not have to carry her for more than a minute. No matter how she looked at it, she was convinced he purposely did that so she would stay in his arms for longer!

Still, Anthony acted all innocent and confused, showing no hint to prove her point as if he was a righteous gentleman.

Charmine had to swallow back her words as she dismissively said, “Whatever. Forget it!”

She would stomach that then, though she would remember to minimize their appearance in public from then on.

The car steadily drove toward the Baileys’ residence.

Charmine was reminded of McKenzie setting up a spy on them, thus she instinctively prepared to lay on Anthony’s lap again when she recalled the embarrassment from last night. It would be so embarrassing if the same thing happened again!

She then trailed her eyes to the steering wheel and the car’s setup. This was the latest Rolls-Royce customized J11, and the seats could go as low as 180 degrees flat.

With that, Charmine pressed the button by her seat and the set started reclining gradually, allowing her to lay down.

Anthony noticed it all as his lips pursed slightly. Luke had just sent him this car this morning, and it was a customized model. Why was Charmine so familiar with the features?


What else did he not know about this woman?The person appointed by McKenzie was left empty-handed again. The car drove into the lift and was brought up to the mansion.Both Charmine and Anthony walked out of the lift and were instantly greeted with Chris running toward Charmine. The boy quickly hugged her by her legs.“Mommy, Mommy! You’re finally back! I’ve asked them to make you soup! Drink it while it’s warm!” As he spoke, a maid brought over a bowl of soup.It was a chicken liver soup!Charmine flushed. Why did Chris have them make her this soup?Chris took Charmine’s hand, seemingly supporting her. “Mommy, here, sit down. Do be careful when you walk, and be careful of the baby in your tummy.” 1That took Charmine completely by surprise.Baby in her tummy?Her head snapped toward Anthony. What did he say to Chris? Why did Chris behave so strangely?

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