Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 1587

Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 1587-“Grandma, Chloe, I’ll walk you home,” declared Chris. “I’m a man, and I should protect you!” “Alright, then!” Chloe smiled adorably, and her eyes twinkled like the stars in the sky.

Grandma smiled as well. “Okay.”

Chris supported Grandma to walk and sent them home.

Across the stream, a few women sat below a tree as they muttered to one another.

“Why is that woman so close to the village head?” “She’s probably getting old and silly. She can’t tell right from wrong.” ‘The village head even gave that woman a lot of things! That woman probably tricked her!” “They seem quite rich, though.” “How rich can they be? Why would they be here if they’re rich? The amount she tossed out was only ten thousand bucks.”

The women began gossiping, and some even ridiculed Charmine.

“Only ten thousand? They can earn as much after working a few months in the city.” “Who knows, maybe she came to a small village like ours to take our money!” “Right! The village head has a lot of land. I heard she has some antiques as well.” “Who knows, maybe they came here to steal her money!”

‘True! Let’s wait for it, then. The village head will get it bad!”

The village head overheard their conversation, but she was not infuriated nor did she bother explaining the situation.

That genial smile was still plastered on her face. When they got home, she put Chloe to sleep.

When she was about to sleep, the phone in the house rang urgently.

She went and answered the phone, greeting, “Hello, who’s calling?”

A rough and impatient man’s voice was heard, “Are you the village head of Mount Village?” “Oh, I am.” The old lady nodded and asked, “Who are you? Is there anything?”

The man said, “I’m a developer, you see. I saw your village, and I want to turn it into a resort! Give me a price, and sell your village to me. Everyone will move out in a group. Give me a number-each of you will be able to afford a house in the city!” 2 Grandma still had a friendly look on her face a moment ago, but her expression turned stern. “I’m not selling. This is our root. We won’t sell it!”

The other end halted. “I’ll pay you!”

Grandma insisted, “We won’t sell either way. Many generations lived here, and I-” “Alright, don’t use that on me!” The man said, “You must sell it, even if you don’t want to! I’ll use force!” 3 With that, the man growled and ended the call abruptly.


Grandma helplessly put down the phone and sat on the sofa. She sighed.

All these years, many people had called her in hopes of buying this village to develop it.

However nice the offer was, they all had to ask all the villagers to move out.

This was their root. How could someone forget his or her root?

Therefore, she turned them down every time.

The difference was that every other developer was polite and asked her to call back after consideration. This man, however, threatened her!

If the man came over with his people, the villagers might sell this place for money!

This was, no doubt, a troublesome matter…

The old lady laid in bed anxiously. Worried over this matter, she had a restless sleep.

The next morning, a black minivan drove into the village.

A few rough-looking men got out of the minivan, each sporting a golden necklace and gold rings on all fingers.

They also held a few documents and a speaker. Someone carried a heavylooking box.

They walked in arrogantly.

The man in lead looked around the village with an arrogant look. From this moment on, this village was his!

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