Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 104

Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 104-“I promised your mom that I would take good care of you, but I…” As she said this, Veronica’s voice started to catch.

Tiffany glanced at the red bruise on the back of her hand before looking up at Veronica. She usually portrayed herself as such a strong woman but now, she seemed to be teary-eyed. Tiffany could not hold it in any longer as she collapsed onto the floor in an embarrassing manner.

“Veronica, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I was scared… I’m really scared! I know that the Bailey family will grow tired of me eventually, so I wanted to make a name for myself within the modeling industry before that happens. •

I want to earn as much as I can so that my future is secure. Why did Charmine have to target me like this? She’s already the Director of Gray Diamond Empire and owns so much. She even has Anthony. Why can she let me be! Why does she have t o be against me! She must really want to see the end of me before she’s satisfied!” Tiffany spat out, her tone full of malice and deep pain. –

Veronica sat beside her and sadly reassured Tiffany, “Tiffany, not everyone in this world is as kind as you. Charmine clearly wanted to sabotage you from the start, so she hatched this plan on purpose. In fact, we didn’t lose to her. Rather, our only failure was that we underestimated our opponent. Promise me you’ll pick yourself up and go home to get a good night’s rest.

I guarantee you that I’ll come up with another solution for


Tiffany could only nod her head while sobbing. She lay on the floor, leaning her entire body against the wall looking very dispirited. There was nothing else that she could do and things were looking really bad for her this time. People would be laughing at her for a long time after this…

Veronica watched her, full of sorrow as she said, “Would you like me to get Julian so he can keep you company? Right now, you need a distraction.”.


The thought of seeing Julian caused Tiffany’s eyes to light up. For the past two days, she had already heard the news about Charmine seducing Anthony from Julian. However, she could not believe that Charmine had successfully married into the prominent Bailey family. Anthony Bailey would never marry a woman who previously fell pregnant and had a miscarriage. :


Excluding the Bailey family members, Julian was the best looking man she had ever laid her eyes on. He was also the nation’s most eligible bachelor, so there was no one better than him. As long as she could keep Julian within her grasp, she would eventually obtain victory over Charmine!

She nodded. “Let him come over. I actually have things I need t o discuss with him.”

“Okay.” Veronica made a call before walking over to help Tiffany clean her face and reapply her makeup.

Tiffany caught another look at her swollen and bruised hand a s she said regretfully, “Ronnie, I’m sorry. I was too emotional earlier.”

“It’s ok, there’s no need to apologize. I promised your mom that I would take good care of you, so I’m not going to break m y promise. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for your mom,” replied Veronica as she looked at Tiffany with eyes full of affection.

All those years ago, Veronica was only 20 years old, newly entering the job market as an agent. She was bullied. On one occasion, she was dragged into an alley by some people and beaten close to death before being thrown down into a drain.

It was Tiffany’s birth mom, Lara Zabel, who pulled her out of the water and saved her from drowning. Even after that incident, Lara continued to help Veronica out on multiple occasions.

Before she passed away, the last text message she sent to Veronica was, (I have never asked you for anything in my lifetime but I’m asking you this now. Please take good care of my daughter.]

Hence, Veronica had always spared no effort in assisting and watching over Tiffany. Tiffany was not only like a daughter to her, but she was also her pride and joy. Tiffany’s successes and defeats were her successes and defeats. She would never let anyone hurt Tiffany.

“Remember that your best quality is your lovely and captivating face. When Julian gets here, don’t forget that you must never let him see you losing control over yourself. Keep your hold over Julian and you’ll always have a lifeline. At the very least, you’ll be the young Mrs. Cabell of the Cabell family,” Veronica urged Tiffany.

“Don’t worry, I’ll do my best! Also Julian has another trick up his sleeve, one that can destroy Charmine beyond redemption.” Tiffany’s face suddenly took on a solemn look as she turned to Veronica and said, “Let me handle this matter with Julian. Go ahead and keep an eye on Charmine. Keep a close watch over her as we need to find an opportunity to get back at her. This time, we can’t leave behind any evidence like before!”

“Will do!”

The wind had picked up speed as the summer day suddenly became cloudy. It looked like storms and heavy rain would arrive at any moment.

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