Unlimited Son-In-Law Chapter 170

Unlimited Son-In-Law Chapter 170

At present, Tyrone was only twenty-eight, the same age as Donald. Moreover, his nickname was the Ninth Prince, as his rank among the eleven warriors from the Campbell clan was ninth.

He was hardly favored, but he had a dignified authority without question.

The first person who walked toward the grandfather clock was Gideon. He placed his hand on the clock and pledged, “I, Gideon Campbell, am willing to follow in Mr. Tyrone’s footsteps and serve the Campbell clan without complaints!”

At that moment, Gideon finally felt what it was like to hold his head up high and be in high spirits.

Apart from that, he believed no one in the world had the nerve to offend Tyrone from the Campbell clan except for the other noble disciples like Tyrone.

Initially, Gideon and the others had already planned on carrying on the current ordinary development as they thought it was no longer possible to return to the Campbell clan.

To their utter shock, there had a huge opportunity to do that on that day.

Thus, it was no surprise that Gideon was ecstatic and decided right away.

Following closely behind were second-generation members like Cameron Campbell and Alexis Campbell.

“We’re finally about to join a powerhouse like the Campbell clan!”

“It has been a difficult journey indeed!”

Raymond had worked so hard for so many years, but he failed. Conversely, we’ve succeeded today!” Winston felt like he was about to burst out in tears out of excitement. He then walked toward the grandfather clock and pressed his hand onto it. “Let’s gift this clock to Raymond today!”

Jack also chimed in, “Honestly, I already knew Mr. Tyrone would accept us because of my excellent writing. In particular, Donald’s chapter in The Abandoned Children of The Campbell Clan. Mr. Tyrone was very complimentary about that chapter!”

“Exactly! Jack has played a huge part this time!” Gideon responded.

Soon afterward, most of the members of the Campbell family began to walk toward the grandfather clock.

In the end, the only ones left were Michael’s family.

Raymond looked toward Michael and Derrick indifferently, waiting for their decision. Michael was his biological son, while Derrick was his biological grandson.

Currently, Michael was wearing a gloomy expression. One could tell that he was struggling

“Why are you still standing there? Come over here! Stop caring about that old geezer’s feelings!” Following those words, Michelle headed to the front of the grandfather clock and stood in line.

Not long after, Derrick uttered, “That’s the Campbell clan. How can I possibly give up on this opportunity? Ha! I’ll also be one of the disciples of the Campbell clan from now! Let’s see who has the nerve to provoke me!”

He then stood in front of the grandfather clock as Michelle did.

“How about you?” Raymond questioned Michael.

Following a few seconds of contemplation, Michael finally stood up and spoke in a deep voice. “I choose to pledge my allegiance to the Campbell clan! You will never have any chances to rise anymore! I know why Tyrone smacked you on the face back then. You had his fortune read and claimed that he would not live past thirty. After hearing about it, Tyrone slapped you in front of everyone. Then, he unleashed his wrath and nearly exterminated us! I’ve told you many times that fortune-telling has no scientific basis, but you wouldn’t listen. As a result, you brought catastrophe upon us. I’ve hated you from that day onward! We would’ve already returned to the Campbell clan by now if it weren’t for your nosiness! I would’ve led us on the path of glory! You’ve caused us to waste over ten years! Hence, I choose the Campbell clan over you!”

Upon hearing those griefful words, Raymond shut his eyes.

Aside from Donald and Raymond, every single one of the members of the Campbell family stood before the grandfather clock.

“Excellent.” Sixten smiled with unusual jubilation and continued, “Take a good look Raymond. You’ve lost, and you will be on the losing side forever!”

Meanwhile, Donald had a chilling countenance at the moment. There was a glint of ferocity in his eyes as well. One could feel his hazardous aura exuding when he opened his eyes.

Regardless, he had no choice but to suppress his emotions for the time being. Others can make light of Raymond’s feelings, but I can’t!

“After the clock strikes twelve tonight, Sixten will face his doom!” Donald closed his eyes while murmuring that sentence. When he opened his eyes again, not a hint of fluctuating emotion remained in him.

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