Twins In Her Womb: Sir President Please Be Gentle Chapter 3170

Twins in Her Womb: Sir President, Please be Gentle

Twins In Her Womb: Sir President Please Be Gentle Chapter 3170-Some Things Shouldn’t Be Said Too Overtly Vivian was lost in thought when the three kids came downstairs.

The three kids saw Vivian and gathered around her, greeting her in unison,”

Good afternoon, Ms. Vivian.”

Vivian looked at the three kids surrounding her, smiled, and replied, “Lanie, Rainie, and Tommy, good afternoon.”

She suddenly remembered something and picked up her backpack. She took out three neatly wrapped gifts from inside, handed them to the kids, and said,

“This one is for Lanie, this one is for Rainie, and this one is for Tommy.”

The three kids accepted the gifts and thanked her, ‘Thank you, Ms. Vivian.”

As Luca looked at the three happy kids, she shook her head helplessly.” You bought wine, and now you’re giving gifts to the children. Vivian, if you keep spending like this, I won’t dare to invite you the next time there’s something good to eat at home.”

“Come on, I just find the kids too adorable. That’s why I bought them books.

They’re just books, nothing too pricey,” Vivian quickly explained.

These books were ones she saw while browsing the bookstore. She thought they were suitable for the kids, so she carefully wrapped them up. They looked quite exquisite.

“They’re really not that expensive, Luca. Don’t forget about me when there’s something good to eat next time,” added Vivian, clasping her hands together and giving Luca puppy eyes.

“Alright. I won’t forget you when there’s something good to eat,” replied Luca helplessly, shaking her head.

Tommy kept staring at Vivian with his round eyes. Suddenly, he said, “Ms.

Vivian, you’re getting more and more beautiful.”

“Yeah, Ms. Vivian is getting prettier!” Rainie chimed in.

“What?” Vivian could not help but touch her face and then look at Lanie.

Even if Tommy and Rainie might just be saying nice things to flatter her, Lanie would not do the same.

Even though Vivian had not spent much time with the kids, she knew that Lanie’s temperament was most like Luke. He would not lie.

“Yes.” Lanie nodded. He was not as talkative as his younger siblings, but he agreed with them.

“See, I told you that the kids won’t lie. Look, they all think so,” Luca said cheerfully, indicating that she did not lie.

“Oh, it’s just like before, isn’t it?” Vivian felt a little embarrassed. Being complimented by the adults and then the kids made her want to break out into a grin.

Rainie raised her hand and touched Vivian’s face.

They were familiar with each other, which was why she made such a move.

Feeling the touch on her fingertips, she said, “Your skin has improved a lot, Ms.

Vivian. You really have become more beautiful!”

Vivian was delighted by her comments. She gave Rainie a hug and replied,”

Rainie, you’re beautiful too!”

“Thank you for the compliment, Ms. Vivian.” Rainie gave her a sweet smile and accepted Vivian’s praise.

Vivian was startled for a moment.

People in her country always graciously accepted compliments and praises from others, and then they would say thank you.

When did she start to doubt the sincerity of others’ words when they praised her beauty?

Vivian felt like she was not even as mature as a child.

Regardless of whether it was true or false, praise was something that made people happy. She did not need to shy away from it like a child.

There was no need for her to be so lacking in confidence…

“Thank you for your compliments too.” Vivian thought it through and then graciously accepted their praise. Whether genuine or not, getting praise was a good thing. She should not feel embarrassed about it.

She picked up her cup of flower tea and took a sip, feeling relaxed.

Luca and Vivian chatted for a while longer. Soon, Nina arrived.

“Luca, I’m here to help!” Nina walked into the living room, saw Luca and Vivian sitting there, and greeted them with a smile, “Hi, Vivian. It’s been a long time.”

“Hi, Nina. Glad to see you again.” Vivian smiled at Nina. Even though she did not know her well, she knew Nina was a good person.

Ray often said her social circle was too narrow. He told her that most people did not have malicious intentions and she should broaden her horizons and interact with more people. That would enrich her life and experiences.

However, when she was in Russia, Vivian’s world revolved around Gordan. She knew her attention would be diverted if she had more social interactions, but she still did not do so.

It was not until she came to A City that she felt the change in her social circle.

With Luca’s encouragement, she became more willing to engage in various social activities.

As long as the people she interacted with were good people, why should she be so submissive?

Vivian had an epiphany. At the same time, she heard Luca say to Nina,” Have a seat and have some flower tea. Everything is ready. There’s nothing you need to help with.”

Nina sat on another couch and placed a bag on the coffee table. “You’ve got everything ready?”

“Yes, Aunt Neile and I have everything prepared, so there’s nothing to help with.” Luca nodded.

“I came early just to help. I didn’t expect you to have everything ready.”

Nina could not helpybut wonder aloud, “Why are you and Aunt Neile so fast? I wanted to help. Otherwise, it’d be awkward to just sit and eat!”

“It’s no big deal. Eat more later to help me finish up all the food. Don’t leave too much behind,” replied Luca as she plought about the food. If everyone ate a little out of politeness or other reasons, there would still be leftovers even if she made various dishes for the kids tomorrow.

The food, even if stored in the refrigerator, could not be stored for too long during summer.

Nina patted her stomach lightly. “Don’t worry, I’ve saved room in my stomach. I’ll make sure to devour all your food later.”

“Ms. Nina.” Lanie suddenly looked at Nina.

“Yes? What’s the matter?” Nina looked at Lanie with a smile. Luke’s son did not speak much usually. Hence, she was a bit surprised by his sudden behavior.

“Some things shouldn’t be said too overtly,” replied Lanie.

Nina did not understand what he meant and turned to look at Luca.

Luca smirked. Of course, she knew what her son meant.

“What’s going on?” Nina was puzzled. “Are you saying that I can’t eat that much? It’s been a while since I went for a barbecue, and the food was prepared by Luca. I’m sure I can eat a lot.”

When Nina thought about the meats marinated by Luca being grilled on the barbecue, she could not wait to taste them.

Lanie pointed in the direction of the dining room and said, “Take a look at the ingredients on the dining table.”

“Is there a lot prepared? Will many people be joining tonight? I only bought two bags of fram Willf? be epough?Oh no, i’ll ask Percy to get some more later..” said Nina as she.

walked to the dining table, unable to get the rest of her words out.

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