Twins In Her Womb: Sir President Please Be Gentle Chapter 3138

Twins in Her Womb: Sir President, Please be Gentle

Twins In Her Womb: Sir President Please Be Gentle Chapter 3138-The reason he gave to the reporters actually had loopholes.

Still, whatever reason one chose, there would always be loopholes. Hence, he opted for this one. This way, he could provide an explanation without offending Luke.

Karen naturally knew there would not be an audio with the same frequency.

After all, that was the sound of Silas being beaten up. How could that possibly be found in a movie?

Therefore, when the man explained it to the reporters, he was actually avoiding offending Luke.

Karen initially thought that since there was someone so similar to Silas, he should teach the reporter of New Youth Daily a lesson. However, this man straightforwardly told her that she did not have the ability to contend with Luke.

She felt humiliated.

The man rose to her feet and said, “The mission is over. As for the person in the bedroom, you’d better get a doctor to check on him. If he dies, you’ll be in trouble.”

Karen retorted, “Trouble? Well, if he dies, it’s just as well. It’ll save me some trouble.”

The man looked at her.

Karen added, “What else do I need this man for with you helping me now? I truly hope he dies sooner.”

After these lessons, she became cautious.

She dared not to say she wanted to kill Silas, but she expressed her hatred toward him.

The man frowned and reminded her, “I helped you because I was paid.”

Karen nodded. She knew there was no such thing as a free lunch. Even though Pierre said he was a friend, someone with such skills would not help others for free. There had to be payment involved.

“I know. Whatever amount it is, I’ll pay you when I need you in the future. Just come over,” said Karen as she displayed her nonchalance about money.

She even thought that after this incident, most of the issues related to Silas would be resolved. Even if the man’s price was exorbitant, she would not have to spend much.

“I only take this kind of job once. I won’t accept it no matter how much you offer in the future. So you’d better keep that man safe instead of coming up with ways to ruin him,” replied the man. Even though he was working for Abel, he was being paid.

He was not naturally skilled in disguise. He learned it from a master.

His master had told him that their skills were just a means of survival, a way to ensure their own livelihood.

Nevertheless, due to the nature of their profession, they had to remain low-key in their dealings. Moreover, they were always borrowing the faces of others.

When using the disguise technique, they could not hope to inherit the other person’s life. They were merely borrowing it and had to ensure the safety of the borrowed person’s life.

Therefore, Silas had no connection with him. However, since he had borrowed Silas’ identity this time to earn some money, he had to ensure Silas’ survival.

That was his obligation.

“Not even for money?” Karen suddenly understood. He was not Pierre’s friend.

It was merely a business deal.

“You’ll still need him in the future. You declared at the press conference that you would pursue his legal responsibility today. There’ll be further lawsuits and such, so you should know what to do.” Then, the man left right away.

Karen watched the man leave from behind. She was dumbfounded for a moment.

The gist of what this man said was for her to leave Silas alone.

“What the hell?! Who does he think he is!” Karen grumbled angrily. She grabbed a cup from the coffee table and hurled it against the wall with a loud crash.

Jeff descended from upstairs and saw her in a rage. He had no choice but to bite the bullet and say, “Madam, it’s urgent. We need to get a doctor for Silas right away!”

“What’s wrong with him now?” Karen rolled her eyes.

“Silas seems to have been badly frightened. He’s having convulsions now. It’s unusual. I’m afraid he won’t make it through the night if we don’t get a doctor,”

explained Jeff.

“What a nuisance. Let him die,” replied Karen. Yet, she still picked up her phone to call the doctor.

The doctor she found for Silas was from the black market. He had average medical skills, but he was top-notch when it came to getting things done for money.

At least he would not tell anyone about Silas’ situation.

After briefing the doctor on the situation, Karen instructed Jeff, “The doctor will arrive shortly. Go upstairs and watch him. Don’t let him faint, or we’ll have to take him to the hospital.”

If they had to take him to the hospital, it would be disastrous. It might expose everything they had planned for today’s performance.

“Understood,” Jeff replied with a troubled expression.

They could not let Silas faint?

He was not a doctor. He could not possibly be that skilled…

However, it was Karen’s order, so he had to comply. He made his way upstairs with a bitter look on his face.

Silas was still trembling. Fortunately, after the black-market doctor arrived and administered a sedative injection, his condition gradually improved.

“He was just frightened. What’s the point of scaring him when he’s already like this? He’s a patient now. He needs rest. If you don’t want to take him to the hospital, you need to take good care of him.

“Otherwise, who knows if he’ll die from fright?” the doctor said to Jeff and Windsor.

Jeff and Windsor wore pained expressions. They did not want to scare Silas to death, and this matter had nothing to do with them.

Was it not that man who could disguise himself who scared Silas?

However, they did not expect Silas to be so easily frightened. He thought he was going to die just because a man disguised himself to look like him…

Did he really think that they were part of the underworld? Would they really dare to kill anyone like that?

There was no way they could do that!

“Yes, understood,” replied Jeff and Windsor. They dared not to mention what had just happened.

Now employed by Karen, the doctor would come daily to treat Silas.

However, he could not stay here permanently. If there were any emergencies and treatment was delayed, it could be fatal.

“Can you just stay here?” Karen disregarded the doctor’s suggestion. If Silas was not on the verge of death, she would not have hired this doctor.

“Madam, I have my own clinic… I have plenty of patients to attend to every day.”

The doctor shook his head.

Karen did not waste time with him. “Name your price.”

“It’s not about the money…” explained the doctor. “I have regular clients, including those from the underworld. If I close my clinic for even a short period, I might lose a lot of business later.”

“You mentioned that this week is a critical period for Silas, right?” asked Karen.

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