Twins In Her Womb: Sir President Please Be Gentle Chapter 3110

Twins in Her Womb: Sir President, Please be Gentle

Twins In Her Womb: Sir President Please Be Gentle Chapter 3110-Gerald recalled the number he was assigned in the organization. He reminisced about how thrilled he was when he first received it.

Joining the Island of Despair made him feel respectable and prestigious. After all, it brought in a handsome income.

Yet, Gerald only felt regret now.

“091,” uttered Gerald.

“Mm.” Shanks picked up his phone and dialed another number. “You threw 091 to me. How can I possibly rescue someone alone?”

“You have the capability to save him,” Abel’s voice came from the other end of the phone.

“But if you don’t want to, that’s fine too. He’s just trash anyway. He’s incapable of doing anything right. If you don’t want to save him, let him breathe his last and dispose of him.”

“Easy for you to say.” Shanks looked at Gerald coldly and said to Abel, “Send two men up.”

Abel replied, “Alright. I didn’t expect you to still have the intention to save him.”

“So, are we saving him or not?” Shanks’ tone was impatient. Abel was truly incomprehensible. First, Abel wanted his men to bring this person up here to be saved, but then he said it did not matter whether Shanks saved him or not.

It was more troublesome than dealing with a woman.

“If you want to save him, then save him. I’ll send people up,” Abel finished his sentence and hung up.

Shanks tossed his phone aside, slowly rose to his feet, and said, “It’s too difficult for me to save you alone, and I can’t find anyone else who understands medicine, so I have to let those two guys help me.

“Just bear with it if it hurts later. I have no other choice.”

Gerald heard this and shuddered again.

Let two men who did not understand medicine help?

Those two helpers had to be the burly guys from the Island of Despair. Would they not just end his life?

Could they not just take him to the hospital?

Gerald spat out some blood and felt a little better now.

Shanks heard the sound and looked disdainfully at the dirty floor. “This is really bad luck.”

If those people from the Island of Despair got injured during their missions and needed treatment when they returned, he would be more than happy to treat them.

However, Shanks really hated cleaning up Abel’s messes.

Abel always beat people up to the brink of death and then sent them over here.

These were the most troublesome people to save.

“Sir, you can just take me directly to the hospital.” Gerald’s throat felt a bit better, and he also understood that Shanks did not want to treat him. That was why he suggested going to the hospital.

Going to the hospital would be better than suffering here.

“Do you really want to go to the hospital?” Shanks was slightly surprised. It seemed that Abel’s so-called training courses had skipped some important information.

“Mr. Shanks, if you really send him to the hospital, I bet those incompetent doctors won’t be able to save him.” A man’s voice sounded. He was speaking English, so Gerald understood.

Shanks remained silent.

The man spoke to Gerald again, “If the boss is willing to bother Mr. Shanks to save you, you should be grateful. If you go to the hospital with those injuries, I doubt any doctor would dare to save you.” Gerald frowned. Did this mean that only Shanks could heal his injuries?

“Save me… please.” Gerald immediately changed his tone and thought to himself that he would just endure the pain if it meant he could still make it out alive.

If they really took him to the hospital and those doctors could not save him, it would all be in vain.

Gerald understood that the people here would not take him to the hospital.

They were also worried that he might talk nonsense.

“Hmph, such a coward. It’s only been half an hour, and he’s already like this. It’s truly embarrassing for the Island of Despair,” cursed Oscar, one of the men.

At this moment, Shanks said nonchalantly, “Do you think everyone is like you guys?”

Oscar suddenly chuckled. “Mr. Shanks, you’re right. Our bodies have all been conditioned through your long-term care, so naturally, we’re much better than this kind of waste.”

On the Island of Despair, aside from taking poison and the antidote, they also frequently drank potions prepared by Shanks.

These potions were developed to enhance their physical functions and promote robust health.

With their extensive training combined with the conditioning from these potions, they could withstand beatings far better than others.

Shanks listened to the man’s praise without getting carried away. Instead, he instructed them in a cold voice, “Take him to the bed in that room.”

He pointed at another room.

Fortunately, this hotel suite had several guest rooms. Otherwise, Gerald would have to suffer and be forced to undergo treatment on the floor.

“Alright.” The two men were about to lift Gerald up again.

When Shanks saw this, he frowned and reprimanded, “What are you doing? Are you trying to make it harder for me to save him by handling him like this?”

“Mr. Shanks, you’re so capable. Even if we increase the difficulty tenfold, you’ll still be able to save him,” Oscar joked, knowing that Shanks had a better temper than Abel. Thus, he playfully bantered while also offering praise.

Gerald’s face could not help but turn pale as he listened to their conversation.

Despite their repeated flattery, Shanks did not seem to care much. He simply instructed them, “Carry him over there.”

“Got it,” answered the two men.

Due to Shanks’ instructions, Gerald was directly carried by one of the men. It felt much better than being lifted.

“Damn, this is the first time I’ve carried a man like this. What rotten luck,” said Russ.

“There’s a first time for everything. Consider yourself lucky you’re carrying a short and thin one,” replied the other man, Oscar.

“What luck? I didn’t beat him to this point. Besides, if he were a woman, I’d gladly carry her. But a man? What’s lucky about that? Why don’t you do it?”

muttered Russ as he carried Gerald to the room pointed by Shanks.

At that moment, Shanks entered with two bags in hand. They contained medical supplies he brought from the Island of Despair.

At first, it was just for precaution. Shanks did not expect he would actually need it.

Shanks was upset at the thought of this. It was not a particularly dangerous mission this time, yet he had to use his medical supplies all because Abel could not control his temper.

“If your boss sends a couple more guys, I won’t have enough medical supplies,”

said Shanks as he handed a pair of scissors to Russ. “Go ahead and cut his clothes off.”

“Alright.” Russ took the scissors and waved them in front of Gerald.

Gerald trembled with fear, his teeth chattering.

He was afraid that the scissors would plunge into his eye socket or throat the next moment.

Gerald’s reaction prompted laughter from the two burly men. “He’s such a coward.”

“Can you guys focus on helping me properly?” Shanks sat aside while organizing his supplies. There were hemostatic bandages, some powdered medicine, and a few vials of injection.

As for Gerald’s fracture, he intended to examine it after cutting off Gerald’s clothes to see how to treat it.

“Hurry up. Mr. Shanks is getting impatient,” urged Oscar.

“You do it.” Russ handed the scissors to Oscar. “I’m not interested in men’s bodies.”

Oscar rolled his eyes. Was he interested, then?

Nonetheless, he picked up the scissors and snipped away, cutting off the fabric from Gerald’s body.

Gerald lay on the bed, trembling after being stripped naked.

“Alright, we’re here to save you, not to kill you. Why are you shaking?” Oscar disdainfully tossed the blood-stained clothes into the trash can

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