Twins In Her Womb: Sir President Please Be Gentle Chapter 2786

Twins in Her Womb: Sir President, Please be Gentle

Twins In Her Womb: Sir President Please Be Gentle Chapter 2786-Johann could not promise him that.

He turned to the anesthesiologist and said, “Get ready.”

The anesthesiologist nodded and turned to Pierre to confirm his identity. “Mr. Mallory, as per usual protocol, we’ll need to verify your identity first,” said the anesthesiologist.

“Your name, please.”

“Pierre Mallory,” replied Pierre cooperatively.


Johann drew his attention away from Pierre and checked the tools he would be needing.

Even though it was not his job, he had to be cautious and double-check everything.

He had his own surgical team at the hospital he was working at. Everyone was aware of his surgical procedures, but he was at a different hospital now.

These people were elite doctors selected by the hospital director, but being an elite doctor did not mean anything to him if they had never worked with him before.

Johann explained some of his surgical habits to the surgical nurse and assistant so that they could work in coordination with him to avoid any trouble.

This was the first time these people had worked with Johann.

They were all excited because Johann was famous in the medical industry.

They were even more thrilled to learn that Johann could perform orthopedic surgeries as well. That was why everyone said that Johann was a versatile doctor. Any hospital that could have him working for them would be lucky.

Rumor had it that their hospital director also wanted to recruit Johann back then, but he rejected the offer without a second thought.

His reason was commendable.

Johann said that his goal as a doctor was to solve patients’ problems. He would not discriminate between the rich and the poor. If he worked in this hospital, the patients he would be taking care of were only from the upper echelons of society.

This way, he would miss out on many special cases.

After all, illness did not discriminate against people according to their wealth. Complex diseases usually would not occur in wealthy people.

Johann needed to encounter more cases to enrich his experience and surgical skills to truly be able to help his patients.

Their hospital director was disappointed for a long time after Johann rejected his offer.

However, everyone at the hospital had heard of Johann’s name. It was an honor for them to be able to work with him on one surgery. Others would be envious if they could talk about it in the future.

Although they could not reveal the patient’s information, they could still mention the chief surgeon’s name.

It was common for hospitals to ask for other doctors to handle complex surgeries. They would not be curious about the patient’s identity. Instead, they would like to know about the patient’s illness when

they mentioned Johann’s name.

Johann gave his instructions to the team. Pierre was put under anesthesia.

“Dr. Park, everything’s stable,” reported the anesthesiologist.

“Okay. This is our first time working together. It’s also my first time performing surgery in this hospital. I hope we have a pleasant cooperation and give the patient a new life.” After Johann said that, he started operating.

A bone must be reconnected when it broke. The nerves might also be damaged. It was a complicated task.

After Pierre’s leg was broken, he was tortured more than once. There were many small bone fragments at the fractured bone site. Johann did his best to piece them back together.

It was essential for Pierre’s mobility in the future.

Therefore, the surgery was both simple and complicated at the same time. It took a long time.

“Dr. Park, the nerve fibers here are severely detached.” The assistant noticed a concerning issue.

“We’ll deal with it later,” Johann had his own surgical plan.

Old Master Mallory was waiting anxiously outside the operation room.

When Percy told him that there was no need to pay the ransom, he was startled for a moment.

He was relieved after he found out that Pierre had been rescued.

However, no one told him that Pierre’s condition was not good.

He only found out after waiting for a long time and questioning Mr. Bennet, who revealed that Pierre’s right leg had been broken by those despicable kidnappers for quite some time. He was currently undergoing surgery at this hospital.

Therefore, he rushed over as quickly as possible.

Old Master Mallory was not afraid of arousing police suspicion either. After all, it was normal for an elderly person to enter and leave the hospital.

Who could possibly suspect him?!

Percy and Old Master Mallory sat on the chair and waited.

The operating room was well-concealed with no other patients’ relatives waiting there. There was only the Mallory family waiting here together with their butler and maid.

They did not inform their relatives that Pierre had been sent to the hospital. After all, it would increase the risk of exposing Pierre’s situation if another person knew about it.

As Old Master Mallory looked at the light in front of the operating room, he furrowed his brow, contemplating the situation.

The kidnapping of Pierre seemed to be Percy’s fault, but he could not put all the blame on him. As Percy said, those people who kidnapped Pierre had been holding a grudge against Pierre for a long time.

Pierre kept provoking them, testing their limits. Hence, they took the opportunity to kidnap him.

It was Percy who gave them the chance to do so. After all, it was he who exposed what Pierre had done on the internet.

However, it was not entirely Pierre’s fault.

If Pierre had never done those things, no one could have taken advantage of his injured leg.

After analyzing the situation repeatedly, Old Master Mallory came to the conclusion that Percy played a driving role in this matter, but Pierre was the one who brought this upon himself.

The other party would not have had the chance to kidnap him if he had never done those things.

However, based on what Percy said, Pierre would have been dealt with either way.

After all, he had provoked someone he should not have.

Even if Pierre was not kidnapped, they would still come looking for him anytime.

This was how Old Master Mallory analyzed the situation, but he still had not completely eased the tension between him and Percy.

Even though Percy had saved Pierre and showed their brotherhood this time, the old master felt uncomfortable. Percy had resolutely chosen Nina. It was like a thorny vine entangling his heart.

He just could not accept it!

Old Master Mallory used to think that his most outstanding grandson could marry a better wife and bring the Mallory family to a higher level.

However, Percy had chosen Nina, a woman with a tarnished reputation. She was someone who could not even help him with anything.

This was not the granddaughter-in-law he had been anticipating!

Pierre’s surgery lasted for eight hours.

The red light in the operating room went out around 8:30 pm. Johann walked out with a slightly exhausted look on his face.

Old Master Mallory rose to his feet and walked toward him with a walking cane in his hand. He asked, “Dr. Park, how is Pierre doing?”

Johann reported on the surgery’s situation, “The surgery went smoothly. We’ve fixed the broken bones and connected them with steel plates and screws. He’ll need a year to recover before the steel plates and screws can be removed. But I don’t know how fast he can recover after the surgery.”

Old Master Mallory’s heart sank. He immediately asked, “What do you mean?”

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