Twins In Her Womb: Sir President Please Be Gentle Chapter 2626

Twins in Her Womb: Sir President, Please be Gentle

Twins In Her Womb: Sir President Please Be Gentle Chapter 2626-“Okay. Then remember to remind her to take the medicine half an hour later,” said Luca attentively.

“I will,” replied the caretaker as she kept the empty lunchbox away.

“Ms. Rayne, I should leave and go back to work. Cooperate with the doctors and receive your treatment. Don’t be afraid. Medical technology is advanced now. You’ll be fine.” Luca knew what Wanda had in mind. Hence, every word she said was to comfort her.

“Okay. Off you go.” Wanda’s heart was warm.

She did not know why Luca cared for her so much.

After Luca left, the caretaker could not help but ask, “Ms. Rayne, is she your relative? Your niece?” “No, she’s not.” Wanda shook her head. She had mentioned to the caretaker that she had a niece. However, her niece was currently abroad. She could not come back. That was why Wanda thought no one would come to visit her.

Therefore, when Luca showed up and showed Wanda some concern, the caretaker thought Luca was Wanda’s niece.

Still, Luca had indeed warmed Wanda’s heart…

“Look at how much she cares about you. I thought she was your niece,” muttered the caretaker.

“My niece is living abroad. Something bad happened to her back then, and she lost her memories. She can’t remember any of us. The bond we shared is gone too,” said Wanda in a low voice.

“How unfortunate..” the caretaker could not help but mutter.

Wanda did not say anything. She wondered if the caretaker felt sorry for her or Bianca.

Was the caretaker feeling sorry for Bianca, who lost her memories, for living a miserable life.

Or was she feeling sorry for Wanda for receiving treatment here all alone without anyone coming to visit her in the hospital?

After Luca left the hospital, she hurried back to Watson Biopharmaceuticals. She arrived there right on time after the lunch break. Then, she returned to her office and started to mix the formulated medications.

It was inconvenient for her to do it in the laboratory.

Mixing formulated medications was a meticulous job. Luca looked at the precision scale and carefully mixed them. Sometimes, adding a gram more or a gram lesser in the medication would affect its effectiveness.

Hence, she could not be careless.

Luca mixed the medicine according to the previous data she had collected. She noted down everything while she was mixing them.

Before she got off work, she finally prepared two new medications.

Now, she only had to mix the two formulated medications with Amur’s blood and her blood. Then she would be able to know if they worked.

Luca carefully stored the medicines, planning to analyze them tomorrow morning.

Even if the medications did not work this time, she believed she was not far away from finding out the formula for the antidote.

Luca got off work on time after she kept the medicines well.

After Luca arrived home, the maid told her that the three kids were upstairs, doing their homework. Luke had gotten off work and come home too. Luca quickly made her way up the stairs.

Luca went to greet the three kids first.

She knocked on the door when she arrived at Lanie’s bedroom door.

Lanie turned around and saw that it was Luca. There was a smile on his nonchalant little face. “Ms. Luca, you’re back.”

“Yeah. How was school today?” Luca asked caringly.

“It was great,” answered Lanie as he handed the homework he had finished to her. He said, “Ms. Luca, Daddy’s busy with work. Please help me check it.”

“Sure. No problem.” Luca sat on another chair to check his homework.

Lanie was smart, and he was thorough when he was doing his homework. Luca quickly went through his homework. There was no mistake. “You got it all correct.”

“This grade is too easy for me,” Lanie said coolly. Then, he spoke again at the thought of Luke’s reminder, “Ms. Luca, Daddy wants you to head to his bedroom after you get off work.”

“Huh? Okay.” Luca could not help but wonder how Luke could know her so well. Even though Luca knew he had gotten off work, she would still check in on the kids first.

Lanie asked Luca to bring his exercise book along with her. “Ms. Luca, can you please help me hand in the exercise book to Daddy and let him sign it? That way, I won’t have to disturb him when he’s working.”

“Sure. I’ll hand it to him now.” Luca took Lanie’s exercise book and went looking for Luke.

Knock, knock. Luca knocked on the bedroom door.

“Come in.” Luke’s voice came from inside the room.

Luca pushed the door open and entered the room. “Lanie told me that you’d like to see me.”

“Yes. I have something to show you.” Luke’s gaze was gentle when he met her eyes.

Luca walked toward him with curiosity.

Luke pointed at his thigh and asked, “How about sitting here?”

“I’d prefer sitting on a chair. The kids might come in to ask you to check their homework later.” Luca had not gotten used to letting the kids see Luke and her being too intimate.

Luca grabbed a chair beside her and sat down. Then, she placed Lanie’s exercise book in front of Luke and said, “Why don’t you sign Lanie’s homework first? I’ve checked it for you. There are no mistakes.”

Luke picked up the fountain pen beside him and signed his name on it.

Luca took the exercise book from him and kept it. Then, she asked, “Found anything?”

“Yes.” Luke clicked and opened a video file. novelbin

The Norman residence’s backyard garden was shown in the video. Luca knew it was the surveillance footage when she saw it.

“Rain noticed that something was wrong with the footage. She noticed that someone had done something to the surveillance footage when she received the computer case connected to the surveillance cameras. The data was recovered by the IT team.” Luke clicked on the play button.

Luca stayed focused and watched the video.

As the surveillance footage played, Luca could see Leia sneaking into the backyard garden. She opened the back door. She did not go out, but she pretended as if nothing happened and went back the way she came.

Luca looked up and glanced at the time shown on the surveillance footage. It was just before she arrived at the residence.

Leia was the one who opened the door for those people.

Those men did not break the lock because the door was opened for them. That was why the alarm was not triggered. Consequently, they only managed to find out something was wrong when those men broke into the house.

“Are we giving this to the police?” Luca asked.

“I think this is the Norman family’s matter. Even if we hand it to the police, things won’t turn out like what we expect.” Even though Luke refused to let Leia get away with this, Leia had replaced Bianca’s position now. She had become the apple of Queenie’s eyes.

If they acted recklessly and sent Leia to prison, they were afraid that Queenie would not be able to take it.

Luca pursed her lips. She was thinking about the same thing as Luke.

However, she had more to worry about.

If Queenie found out Leia’s true colors and chose not to send Leia to prison, she might become another Pierre.

She would become someone who would not hesitate to harm the people around her for the sake of her interest, just like Pierre…

“Also, Rain found out that a huge amount of money was deposited into Leia’s bank account. She tracked where the money came from and noticed that it was Mandy Sanders who transferred the amount of money to her. Mandy showed up in the hospital and met Leia on the day of the incident,” added Luke.

“Mandy?” Luca frowned.

“She bears some resemblance to you. Matysh has been keeping her by his side.

Given the transaction history and the surveillance footage, I’m afraid Leia might not be sent to prison even if we hand this to the police,” Luke analyzed it and explained to her.

Leia did not directly make a deal with those people. There was no evidence to prove that she had something to do with those men either.

Leia could say that she went to open the door but forgot to close it, which gave those men the chance to break into the house. It was a mistake, and that did not make her a conspirator.

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