Twins in Her Womb: Sir President Please be Gentle Chapter 174

Twins in Her Womb: Sir President, Please be Gentle

Twins in Her Womb: Sir President Please be Gentle Chapter 174-Luke Crawford Was Talking Dirty…

Bianca felt the man turning around.

However, she did not dare to lift her head.

“Xavier… Xavier came over in the afternoon. I fought with him over some minor inconveniences. Perhaps the button fell when it happened.”

Her tone was calm.

She did not want to become the prisoner he was interrogating as she was not at fault for what happened this afternoon.

‘What did he do to you? Why did you fight?” Luke lowered his voice and the temperature dropped by 1,000 degrees Celsius.

“Just an argument, nothing more. My friend Nina was also here. She was between me and Xavier.” Bianca lifted her head to look at him. She looked into his eyes to try to explain herself. 2

Actually, she did not know why she bothered explaining so much to him. Perhaps, it was because he was the father of her children.

After she explained everything that made him mad, Bianca did not get his reply after a long while. However, his hot breath that was mixed with a strong masculine scent landed on her face.

Bianca wanted to lift her head, but her lips were immediately captured by this man.

The kiss was very soft. However, it was this man’s gentle gesture that opened every pore on her body.

With the combination of their saliva, the atmosphere started to become lustful.

One of Luke’s hands was caressing her fair neck as it felt the temperature of her body rising while his other hand was on her waist.

He pinched her bottom deviously through her pajamas.

Bianca would feel her sanity getting devoured bit by bit. She wanted to stay sane. At the same time, she was also trying her best to look for every ounce of sanity.

After a long while when she finally sensed the danger and was about to push him away, she realized that throughout their kiss, the man had already brought her from the door to the narrow living room.

The sofa that was ready for them to get tangled up with each other was just behind her.

When she sensed the danger, Bianca turned her head away and took in a deep breath. The window of the living room was open and the cold air came in through the window. It awakened most of her sanity.

‘Your face is redder than the time we made Rainie and Lanie,” said Luke in a hoarse voice. One of his large hands went under her pajamas slowly.

Bianca backed away from fear. She took in huge gulps of air with her red face.

She wanted to grab the man’s hand that was invading her, but she was too late. Her sensitive buds on her chest had already been captured by that man.

“Please don’t. Rainie and Lanie are here.” novelbin

Both of her hands were grabbing the man’s arm to prevent him from moving. However, the firm and strong muscles on his arm made her heart tremble.

Looking at Bianca’s terrified and red face, Luke used his thumb to flick her bud nonchalantly.

“Oh… No… Don’t touch…”

Bianca’s eyebrows were slightly furrowed. She gasped for air as her lips were red and swollen. Her slender fingers were trying to pry away the man’s hands that were all over her body. The redness on her face was building and building. All of the blood in her body was flowing in the opposite direction.

The woman started to moan and plead subconsciously. Luke’s entire body felt numb when he heard that. Something had started to tower from under his pants.

The man’s hand traveled south from her waist. Then, he pressed down and pulled her into his arms. There was no space between their two bodies. They were rubbing against each other using the places that were in contact.

Weird sensations started to devour her body, and Bianca almost turned into a puddle of water.

The man’s lips and tongue were extremely hot. They approached her and kissed her lightly on the lips. Then, they captured her lips and started sucking. After that, the searing kiss started to burn and crash into her throat.

A pair of hands were caressing her smooth back repeatedly.

Her consciousness started to weaken and drift away. Bianca felt that the bottom of her pajamas had already left her body.

The man’s voice said seductively next to her ear, ‘You make me tremble, boil…”

The breaths of the two of them were intertwined together. There were fires burning in their throats and noses.

Bianca’s consciousness started to drift. However, she could clearly hear what Luke said in between his groans. He was saying the things that were only said while doing this kind of thing. Dirty talk…

“Ah… Ah… No… Ah…” The desire that was hidden deep inside her body was being pulled out. Bianca hated herself for being unable to resist his seduction.

“Good girl, you know you like this.” Luke breathed next to her ear in an unrestrained manner. Then, he took her earlobe into his mouth.

Bianca thought she would succumb to him completely. However, thankfully, Rainie woke up. Perhaps she did not see anyone next to her when she woke up, so she started crying.

She called out to Aunt Bea again and again while wiping away her tears.

It took Bianca mere seconds to wake up from lust. However, when she had to face the harsh reality after waking up, it was way scarier and shameful than falling in love.

She could not find her pants.

Her conservative pajama top had been pushed open to reveal her neck that was covered in love bites.

“Coming.” Bianca recomposed herself and comforted the little girl who was holding the doorknob.

Rainie’s wounded eye would be Bianca’s top priority as a mother.

When Bianca was about to go take care of her daughter, Luke frowned and pulled her back. He only hugged and kissed her. It was not enough to suppress the flame of desire in his body.

Bianca turned around and saw that the lust on the man’s face had not yet disappeared.

When the man pulled her back to him, she could even feel his energetic manhood crashing onto the most shameful part of her body.

“I’m going to take a look at Rainie. I don’t think you’ll enjoy yourself as much with the kids around…” Bianca was worried about Rainie, so she started babbling nonsense.

Unbeknownst to her, every word she said had already been carved into the man’s brain.

He would not enjoy himself as much if he did it with the kids around…

Then, what if the kids were not around…

Bianca did not come out anymore after going back to her room.

Rainie, who was just looking for her a second ago, was lying in bed while staying in her arms. While she was falling asleep, she mumbled, “Aunt Bea, you smell like Daddy…”

Bianca’s face heated up from guilt as she wiped away the tears on Rainie’s eyelashes. Then, she kissed Rainie’s cheek.

“What does your daddy smell like?” 1 “Um, it’s a nice smell. Sometimes, Daddy will smoke when he’s angry. I don’t like the smell of smoke,” Rainie mumbled in disgust.

That night, Bianca would wake up several times. She would hold Rainie’s hand in hers because she was worried that Rainie would scratch her wounded eyes when she was asleep, i

Even though Bianca did not have much sleep, she was still refreshed and energetic the next morning.

She took out the vegetables, fruits, milk, and bread from the fridge and made some breakfast that her past self would consider as pretty hearty.

After Rainie wounded her eye, she started to throw even more tantrums.

She said while eating her milk and bread, “Daddy, when you came to pick me and Big Brother up yesterday, you told Great-grandpa that you’ll go to a small town for a few days. Is it fun there? Can you

take me and Big Brother someday?” “It’s not fun.” Luke regained his manner of a serious big boss. Not only did he reject the kids, but he also said sternly, ‘You two should be done with your replacement classes. I’ll let Uncle Jason send you two to school today.”

Rainie and Lanie,”…” After they looked at each other, they lowered their heads.

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