Twins in Her Womb: Sir President Please be Gentle Chapter 1122

Twins in Her Womb: Sir President, Please be Gentle

Twins in Her Womb: Sir President Please be Gentle Chapter 1122

Chapter 1122 He Would Not Divorce Her

Bianca drove the car to Tommy’s school. Seeing that it was still early, she sat down at a nearby cafe and ordered a coffee while waiting for school to end.

Usually, Luke or the driver would be the ones to fetch the children home. It was the first time that she did so.

Bianca browsed on her phone, feeling quite bored. She would not have done this if not that she wanted to gain Luke’s favor.

To achieve her objective of getting closer to him, she had to pretend that she was a good wife and mother so that Luke would place his trust in her.

An hour later, Bianca casually sauntered out of the cafe and went to the school gate.

Parents and caretakers were crowding at the gate.

Bianca frowned disgustedly when she saw the crowd in front of the gate. She thought that they were disorderly and unmannered.

She was not in a rush anyway. After the crowd dispersed, she slowly walked toward the gate.

She saw Tommy carrying his backpack standing next to the teacher.

Putting on a fake gentle smile, she waved at him and said, “I’m here to pick you up, baby.”

Tommy pouted when he saw her, as though he was angry.

It was the first time that the teacher saw Tommy’s mother. She lowered her head and asked Tommy, “Is that your mother, Tommy?” “Mm.” Tommy nodded reluctantly. He did not consider the woman in front of

him as his mother, but he had to admit that she had the exact same face as Bianca.

“Good day, Mrs. Crawford,” the teacher greeted Bianca with a smile after Tommy confirmed it.

Bianca nodded at the teacher arrogantly, walked over, and took Tommy’s hand. “Let’s go.”

As Tommy was dragged away, he turned around and waved to the teacher.

“Goodbye, Miss.” “Goodbye, Tommy. Remember to do your homework, and see you tomorrow.” The teacher waved goodbye to Tommy with a smile.

Bianca held Tommy’s hand tightly, ignoring his greeting to the teacher. She opened the car door and pretended to look motherly. “Here, Tommy, get in the car.”

Tommy pulled his hand away from her and clambered into the car.

Bianca cursed under her breath seeing how ungrateful Tommy was. Then, she closed the door.

She walked around her car and went to the driver’s seat. While fastening her seatbelt, she heard Tommy ask, “Where’s Daddy? Where’s Uncle Sean? Why aren’t they picking me up today?”

Sean was usually the one who picked Tommy up from school.

Bianca turned around and saw Tommy’s look of dissatisfaction, as though he were an arrogant heir. She smiled and explained, “Your Daddy is busy at work, and I happen to be nearby, so I thought I’d save your Uncle Sean some trouble and pick you up.” “You always trouble Uncle Sean though.” Tommy took out a toy from his backpack.

Bianca’s hands gripped the steering wheel tightly, and veins bulged on the back of her hands. No matter what she did, Tommy remained hostile to her.

“How can you say that, Tommy? Uncle Sean is our driver. Sometimes, I’ll have to rely on him to fetch me around. There’s nothing wrong with that, right?” She said.

Tommy ignored her.

Bianca felt as though she was talking to herself, which made her embarrassed.

She did not attempt to speak to Tommy anymore. Instead, she started the car and drove to Crawford Manor.

Her task would be complete as long as she sent Tommy home. However, Tommy’s words were like a thorn on her heart that caused her pain and discomfort.

Bianca glanced at the rear-view mirror and saw Tommy playing with his toys. She narrowed her gaze and had an idea.

Back at Crawford Manor, Tommy picked up his backpack and went toward the house without saying a word.

The butler greeted the boy with a smile. “You’re back, Master Tommy.” “Good afternoon, Mr. Griffin,” Tommy greeted the butler courteously. Then, he skipped happily into the house.

Bianca, who was following behind Tommy, saw the scene and felt indignant. The boy was not rude; he was only rude to her.

The butler smiled at Bianca when he saw her. “You’re back, Madam.”

Bianca was in a bad mood. She showed a sour face to the butler and replied to him with only a nod.

Tommy was already back in his bedroom. Bianca could not be bothered to entertain him, so she went back to her bedroom and closed the door.

She glanced at the time. Luke was almost home, and she would want to have a serious discussion with him.

The three children had been a thorn in her side.

Luke went to check on his three children after he got home. They were doing their homework.

After spending some time with them, he remembered that he did not see Bianca downstairs. She must be in her bedroom.

Luke patted Tommy’s head and stood up.

Tommy turned to look at him. “Daddy, are you leaving?” “I’ll go and put my briefcase down.” Luke went straight to the children’s bedroom after returning home. He was still carrying his briefcase.

Tommy nodded and pointed at his workbook. “There are some questions that I don’t know how to answer. You’ll have to come and teach me later.” “Alright.” Luke smiled and left Tommy’s bedroom.

He came to Bianca’s bedroom and saw that the door was ajar. He went inside and saw Bianca sitting on the couch with her arms crossed. She seemed very angry.

“Bea.” Luke walked upto her and looked at her.

Bianca lifted her head, and tears welled up in her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Luke felt a little helpless when he saw her crying without provocation.

Tve been thinking about this for a long time, Luke. I think I should move out,” Bianca said, sounding aggrieved.

Luke put his briefcase away, though he remained calm. He sat down on the couch and looked at the woman next to him. “What happened?” He said.

“I’m the mother of the children, but they don’t accept me because I’ve lost my memory. You too… I don’t think there’s a place for me here. I should just move out. Also, if you want to find another wife, I will agree to the divorce without asking for anything in return. I just want to live my life peacefully.” Bianca knew that she had to yield temporarily.

She knew that Luke felt guilty about her abduction, which was why she dared to say that.

Luke would not agree to her moving out or the divorce.

Bianca wanted Luke to take over the reins and help her discipline the children.

Luke frowned hard and held her hands tightly. “Don’t go, Bea.”

Bianca pulled her hands away, seemingly agitated. “What else should I do then? Should I stay here and be a nuisance to Tommy and the others?” “What did Tommy say to you?” Luke felt a slight headache as he saw her flowing tears.

He knew that there was a problem between her and the children.

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