Triplets On Secret Mission Chapter 874

Triplets On Secret Mission Chapter 874-Molly’s phone suddenly rang. Someone sent her a text message.

It was from Sean: [Are you asleep?] Molly brought her brows together and replied after briefly hesitating. [Not yet.] [Open the door.] Sean texted again.

Molly saw Sean sitting in his wheelchair elegantly after opening the door, and he was holding a white food container.

’You didn’t eat much just now, so I came to give you some food.” He said with concern before handing the food over to Molly.

Molly was shocked to see how considerate and thought Sean was, but she shook her head, it’s okay. I’m not hungry.”

A growling sound was heard.

Molly’s stomach sounded at the wrong time after she said that.

She was embarrassed. A cheerful smile appeared on Sean’s handsome face too, as he looked at Molly cheekily.

“Are you sure you’re not hungry?”

Molly shrugged her shoulders and opened the door. “Come inside.”

She locked the door after Sean went in. Then, she turned around and sat on the sofa before opening the food container Sean had brought.

The delightful aroma of the food filled the entire room as soon as she lifted the cover.

Molly looked at the food and saw a set of appetizing mushroom soup and a few pieces of pastry. The presentation of it was simply amazing!

She looked at Sean and said, “Thank you!”

Sean smiled. “There’s no need for you to be so polite with me. Just go ahead and eat.”

Then, he handed her the utensils.

Molly nodded and took a few sips of the soup before she put the spoon down, ‘ What do you think he could be doing at his hour?”

Sean knew that she was talking about Caden as he consoled her, “Your brother isn’t a kid anymore. He’s capable of taking care of himself. He’ll be just fine.’ “He’s not a little kid, but he’s still just a student.”

Perhaps she was just too worried, or perhaps she was scared. For a second, Molly forgot the conflict she had with Sean, and she could not stop herself from relying on him.

“I keep thinking about it. Where could he be sleeping after leaving his apartment? And, what could he be doing after leaving school? How could he afford to pay for his mother’s medical bills?

“He’s all alone out there. What if he bumped into some people with bad intentions?’ Molly felt more anxious after thinking about that.

‘What would happen if Caden fell into the wrong hands?’ Sean could not bear it anymore after seeing how worried Molly was. So, he immediately started analyzing the situation to ease Molly’s mind.

‘Molly, listen to me. The doctor said that Caden would visit the hospital once every few days to pay the bills.

This indicates that he has found a way to earn money. If my guess is right, he has probably left school to work.”

“Work? He’s a minor. What kind of job could he be working?”

Molly was shocked as her stomach tied up in knots!

Sean replied without thinking, “A legitimate company isn’t going to hire someone his age. He’s probably just working part-time as a server or something like that if he wants to make money…

“However, I’m sure that someone would provide him with a place to stay if he had found a job. There’s nothing to worry about.”

“You’re right.”

The weight in Molly’s lightened after listening to Sean’s analysis.

However, she then thought deeper into it. ‘Linda is diagnosed with stomach cancer, and the medical bill would cost a fortune.

‘The only way that Caden could afford to pay for it is to get a job.

‘But, he’s still so young. How much could he be earning even if he has a job?

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