Triplets On Secret Mission Chapter 738

Triplets On Secret Mission Chapter 738-Molly paused and shook her head. “I’m not going, Sean. Miss Herring invited the Anderson family, not me…”

“Don’t worry. I’m bringing my companion, it’s only reasonable.” Sean knew Molly would say that, so he rejected her idea.

“But…” Molly still did not want to go.

Sean knew that Molly was reluctant because she was not invited, and she was too shy to attend the banquet with him!

After all, they still had not publicized their relationship.

If they showed up together, that only meant that they were telling everyone that they were in a relationship!

So, Sean raised his hand and brushed Molly’s head as if she was a kitten. ’ Just go with me. You know just many heiresses will attend banquets like this. Do you really want them to approach me?”


Molly was amused. “Tch, get over yourself.”

However, Molly knew that Sean was right. There were countless women that were attracted to him because of his status.

Obviously, Molly did not want to see other women getting close to him. She was already uncomfortable if they stayed a little too long for a chat with Sean.

She could not help but be moved. “W-Well, I’ll go with you then, okay? I don’t have a dress ready though.

Would we make it on time?”

Sean laughed and said, ‘ Don’t worry about these. I’ve already got it prepared.

“Tony, get the gown out from the car boot.”

‘Yes, boss.”

Tony ran out and took the gown in before handing it to Molly with both of his hands.

Molly was hesitant as she did not know if she wanted to accept it.

She was still afraid. After all, wouldn’t attending the banquet with Sean indicate that they were officially in a relationship?

But, Sean did not care about that at all. He took the gown from Tony and passed it to Molly as he urged her softly, “Change into this. I chose the measurements for you, so it probably fits.”

‘Mommy, go get changed!”

The triplets were all excited as they watched their mother being so hesitant.

“Mommy, if you don’t wear it, I will.” Claudia looked extremely excited.

‘Just wear it, mommy. You’ll be the prettiest woman ever, for sure!” Ben and Alex were both excited as well.

Molly was immediately put on the spot. Even if she did not want to change into the gown, she could not anymore.

So, she just smiled defeatedly and took the dress into her room. After she changed into the gown, she walked out.

Just as Sean said, the dress fit her just right!

Although the gown had a simplistic style, it was cinched at the waist and there were subtle pearls sitting in the folds of the skirt.

Under the bright light, the gown looked elegant, expensive, and enchanting on Molly.

The triplets had their eyes wide open when they saw their mother.

“Mommy, you’re just like Snow White!” Claudia praised her as she stared at her mother with her dark eyes.

“You look beautiful, mommy!”

Alex and Ben were covering their mouth as they think that their mother was now beautiful on another level.

Molly found their compliments amusing. “I’m not that pretty, okay? You’re exaggerating!”

“No, they’re right. You’re really beautiful.”

Sean suddenly responded.

His dark, deep eyes were glued on Molly’s white gown, and all he could think of was that the gown was made exactly for Molly.

Molly had always had fair skin, and the gown only accentuated her sharp features. Her dark silky hair was exactly like fine and exquisite silk

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