Triplets On Secret Mission Chapter 1638

Triplets On Secret Mission Chapter 1638-The original deployment and planning during this period were all carried out in an orderly manner.

Those ports were prepared for subsequent evacuations.

Exposing a port now would cause a lot of trouble.

Therefore, Sean’s subsequent workload would only be more.

Sean understood what Tony meant, but he still said calmly,” If I can’t keep Alkaid and Selon alive, how can I take more people out of here?”

After hearing this, Tony worshipped Sean more deeply.

He didn’t stay long and soon went to work.

After Tony left, Sean pinched his forehead and began to think about the problems that would arise after one port was exposed.

He didn’t feel tired. He just didn’t want to let Molly down.

Molly was a doctor and had always attached great importance to human life.

Otherwise, she would not have gone abroad to participate in free clinics regardless of the danger.

Nowadays, the people who were in danger were Alkaid and Selon.

One was her friend, and the other one was the core member of Stars Group and was also his core confidant. In Molly’s eyes, they were no different from her family.

If something bad happened to Alkaid and Selon, she would definitely be sad.

The last thing he wanted in his life was for her to be sad and worried.

Therefore, everything had to be more well-planned!

In the base, the Petersens were interrogated all night.

However, no matter what means were used, Ward didn’t get Randall’s whereabouts from the Petersens.

One of the Petersens even shouted angrily, “Our family has worked for Martial Art Union for many years. We are so loyal that it is impossible for us to defect!”

His words immediately triggered a lot of agreement.

This group of people had always had a high status in the base, so they didn’t show any respect to Ward and even dared to shout at him.

“That’s right! Although you are sent by Martial Art Union, you are really disrespectful to our family. I will tell them what you have done today!”

When Ward heard their protests, he was not angry and just sneered, “You can’t even protect yourselves, how dare you shout at me? But I don’t care, anyway.

When I find Randall and prove that he has really defected, it will be time for the Petersen family to perish.”

The Petersens were all angry and dissatisfied.

But for now, Randall’s disappearance was a fact, so they could do nothing even if they were furious.

Soon it was dawn, and everyone was tired.

Ward also looked tired, so he told Keane, “Lock up the Petersens.”

Then he was going to have a rest.

But just then, one of his men rushed in from the outside and quickly reported, “Sir, we have traced Randall’s trail.”

Hearing this, Ward cheered up and immediately asked,” Where is he?”

The man spoke quickly and said, “At about four o’clock in the morning, the man on patrol found a sneaky figure in the street. He felt suspicious at that time, so he followed that person and found that it was probably Randall. Not only that, the man also found a hidden port, which is to the northwest of the island.”

“Northwest?” Ward narrowed his eyes, “Isn’t that area full of bushes and cliffs?”

The man nodded, “Yes! Our people also found a boat there. Randall went there!

He may want to take a boat out of the port.”

“What did you say?” Ward clapped the table, and his eyes sank immediately.

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