Triplets’ Attack: Game Over Daddy Chapter 222

Triplets’ Attack: Game Over Daddy Chapter 222

Saving Her Daughter 3 Elizabeth received the money that wa transferred message recount She pursed her lips after hearing Jessica’s Jess is such a loyal friend She transferred six hundred thousand Elizabeth sighed. This amount of money was more than she could ask for. She would not let Jessica worry about her anymore Andrea glanced at Elizabeth’s phone and asked, “Has the money been transferred?” Elizabeth looked up at her and hesitated for a moment.

Even loan sharks have sympathy, right? Giving them an additional six hundred thousand should be more than enough. It is already more than the principal amount.

Andrea waved a finger at her.

“Ms. Wade, maybe you aren’t sure about the rules of our business. Pay as much as you have? If you don’t pay it all, there’ll be interest tomorrow. I suggest that you pay it all by today.

She raised her eyebrows and sneered, “Otherwise, I’ll have to feed you and your daughter to the fishes in the river.” Elizabeth felt her heart ache at the thought of giving them so much money.

However, after hearing those words, there was nothing else she could do.

She had tried calling the police but was unable to. It was likely that the signal had been tampered with, Andrea yawned. “I’m going to inform Samuel. I’m so tired but still have to deal with you. It’s so annoying” With that, she opened the door and left.

Elizabeth glanced at her sleeping daughter. With her here, Abby’s emotions were much more stable.

Now, she just needed to pay them the remaining six hundred thousand and negotiate a little. She believed that they would agree to let them go.

Her eyes darted around as she thought about how she should negotiate. :

Not long later, Andrea entered the room with several men.

She was so sleepy that she kept yawning Baying Her Bangder “Ma Wade, it’s almal dawn if you don’t pay up, they’ll send you and your daughter off” The burde thom them be Cheabeth stoqued them Wat a nude I can give you as handed the Hease let me and my daughter go” Andrea alunk her head with a emile I already told you Not a single cent loss.” wenda, she goal Elizabeth shouted, “Wait! I want to speak to Samuel Andrea’s face darkened “Me Wade, if you’re thinking of seducing him, you better forget about it!” Her eyes swept over Blac oth’s body as a disdainful expression appeared on her face. Look at that puffy military jacket she is wearing. Her face is so ugly that any man would disgusted by it Banne mine and mine alone. No one else can have hom Elizabeth suited lightly “How can my looks compare to yours? I won’t seduce Samuel. I simply want to speak to him alone” Andrea rolled her eyes. She really doesn’t know when to give up.

She beckoned at the men to leave.

“I’ll go and get Samuel.” Elizabeth heaved a sigh of relief after they left the room She shook Abby awake. “Sweetheart, wake up.” Abby opened her eyes. She was very tired, and there were tears in her eyes.

“Lizzy, are we going home?“.

Elizabeth looked at her daughter. At this moment, they could only rely on themselves.

She helped Abby to sit up. “Abby, hold on to my clothes later. Follow me closely. Understand?” Abby nodded vigorously at her serious look.

Her older brothers had taught her to stay calm in dangerous situations. There was no use crying.

Although she was afraid and kept crying after being brought to this place, she believed that her mother and brothers would rescue her.

A faint smile appeared on Elizabeth’s face when she saw that Abby was not crying and was being cooperative.

“Lie down first. When I call you, get up quickly and hold onto my clothes”

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