Too Much to Bear My Love Chapter 579

Too Much to Bear My Love Chapter 579


Amelia was crying sadly, and Molly did not know what to do.

“Mrs. Clinton, please… Oh sweetheart, please don’t cry. I don’t know what to do whenever you cry,” Molly comforted her.

Amelia continued to sob silently.

After a while, she buried herself in Molly’s arms, all choked up, and said, “Molly, am I that unlovable?”

“Of course not. Mrs. Clinton, you’re beautiful, elegant, and kind. Besides, you’re respectful to your in-laws and take good care of your husband and son. You even make your own money. In my eyes, you’re a hundred times better than most of the girls your age.” Molly could not stop praising her.

Amelia let out a bitter chuckle. “If I’m that outstanding, my biological and foster parents would not abandon me. I’m only good in your eyes. Maybe in others’ eyes, I’m worthless.” Amelia felt miserable.

The Winters family’s attitude toward her had been a thorn in her heart. Even though she was an adult now and had her own family, this matter was like a lump in her throat. She could not remove it, nor could she ignore it. From time to time, she felt her heart ache from this matter though the pain would not kill her.

“Nonsense. Mrs. Clinton, you’re a kind person, and many people like you.” Molly continued, “Mrs. Clinton, don’t overthink it. Though the Winters family does not treat you well, as a bystander, I will not ask you to cut ties with them. You can make your own choice, and I will always be on your side.”

Amelia finally laughed through her tears after hearing that.

“Molly, thank you.” If it weren’t for Molly, she would have overthought things.

“Mrs. Clinton, sit here first. I’ll get you some hot milk.” Molly sat her down on the couch and spoke gently.

Amelia took Molly’s hand, and the latter stared at her curiously. Then, Amelia said, “Molly, please don’t tell Oscar about what my parents said just now. No matter what happened, they had raised and nurtured me.”

Molly knew exactly what she meant because the former had experienced something similar.

“Sure,” she replied.

“Thank you, Molly.”

“Don’t mention it. It’s what I should do.”

Amelia sat on the couch in a daze after Molly headed to the kitchen to prepare some food.

By the time Oscar opened the door and entered the house, Amelia had already calmed down and returned to her composed self.

Then, he walked toward her. Amelia stood up and asked, “I thought something happened to your project? Why did you come back?”

Oscar stroked her cheek and asked gently, “Where’s Dad and Mom?”

“They went back to the hotel. My dad said he hadn’t seen me for years and he’s not used to staying at my place. So, I sent them back to the hotel,” Amelia explained calmly.

Oscar observed her expression silently.

Amelia smiled. “Are you hungry? I’ll get some food for you. Jolin brought Tony somewhere to play. I guess he must be overjoyed.”

Oscar stared right into her eyes, and his stare made her heart skip a beat. She felt a little guilty because it felt like he could see right through her thoughts.

“Oscar, why are you staring at me like this?” Amelia asked, pretending she did not know anything.

Oscar pulled back his hand and said in a coquettish way, “Honey, I’m hungry. Prepare something for me to eat.”

Amelia heaved a sigh of relief. “I’ll prepare some food for you now.”

Oscar’s face turned extremely dark as he watched Amelia walking into the kitchen.

After finishing the food Amelia had prepared, he planted a kiss on her lips. Then, he said, “If you’re okay, I’ll return to the company first. I still need to handle the project, and I might come back late tonight. If you’re hungry, eat first. There’s no need to wait for me.”

Amelia nodded. Then, she replied, “All right. Take care. If you’re going to work till late, remember to have your meal. Don’t work with an empty stomach, okay?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Amelia accompanied him to the entrance. Then, she waited until he entered the elevator before shutting the door.

After Oscar walked out of the elevator, he made a call.

“Help me find out which hotel Mr. and Mrs. Winters are staying at,” Oscar ordered.

After Oscar hung up the phone, he walked to his car. Then, he opened the car door and sat inside.

Though Amelia did not say anything, he could feel that she was not in a great mood. She tried to keep it to herself, and she could hide it from everyone except Oscar.

The man couldn’t help but sink into deep thoughts. How dare they bully my wife in front of me? I will not let this go easily. Since they bullied my wife, I will make them pay for what they’ve done!

Soon, Oscar’s phone buzzed. When he opened the text message, he saw the address of the hotel Mr. Winters and his wife were staying.

Oscar drove straight out of the neighborhood and headed to the hotel.

When he opened the door, Dominic was stunned to see a handsome, tall guy.

“May I know who are you?” Dominic asked politely. His daughter had been married for seven years, but as her father, Dominic had never seen his son-in-law before. This showed that either Dominic was cold-blooded, or he failed as a father.

“I’m Oscar, Amelia’s husband. I came to pay a visit because I heard my in-laws were in town. Dad, may I come inside?” Oscar replied in a rather polite manner.

Dominic shifted his gaze away nervously, but he moved sideways to let Oscar enter nonetheless.

Melanie stared at Oscar as he entered the room. Confused, she asked, “Dominic, who is this?”

Oscar answered, “Mom, I’m Oscar, Amelia’s husband. I didn’t get to meet you during our wedding, and I thought you’d… I’m sorry. Please forgive my negligence as your son-in-law.”

Dominic’s and Melanie’s expressions fell after they heard his words.

Melanie pointed to the couch and stuttered, “Hi, Oscar. Please have a seat. Make yourself comfortable.”

“Thank you, Mom.” Oscar sat down as he observed Dominic and Melanie silently. They were not as spiteful as Oscar thought they would be, and they did look like two honest and ordinary people. However, these two people nearly forced Amelia to a dead end.

Sometimes, people who were caught in a tragic situation asked for it themselves.

“Dad, Mom, why didn’t you inform me before you came to Tayhaven? I could’ve prepared a banquet to welcome you,” Oscar said calmly.

“We came to visit Amelia to see whether she’s doing well because we’ve not seen her for a long time. We don’t mean anything. Don’t overthink,” Melanie uttered.

“It’s nothing, Mom. You’re Amelia’s mother. I’d treat you like my own mother if you cared about her. However, I hate it when people force Amelia to do something she doesn’t want to do to ask her to return favors. Mom, you can agree with me on this, right?” Oscar questioned with a smile.

His attitude was surprisingly good as if he had no temper at all. However, in Dominic and Melanie’s eyes, it was pretty intimidating.

“Yes, yes,” Melanie agreed.

“Mom, you don’t need to be shy. This is your first time here, and as your son-in-law, I should prepare a banquet to welcome you all. But you didn’t inform me before you came, and I haven’t prepared anything.” Oscar still had a smile on his face.

Slightly panicked, Melanie shot Dominic a look. As a woman, she was no match for Oscar, who had been in the business field for years.

Dominic faked a cough and replied, “Oscar, I think Amelia must’ve told you something, and you don’t need to be sarcastic to us. I know we’re kind of mean to Amelia, but we’re forced to do so. She should return our favor for raising her too. We don’t want her to be involved too much with the Hutton family. Please help us to apologize to her. As for us, we still can be her parents, but we also know that we owe her too much throughout these twenty years. We’re genuinely sorry to her.”

Oscar’s eyes grew cold as he glared at them.

“Dad, since you know that you’re sorry to Amelia, why are you still doing her wrong? You’ve never visited her once throughout these seven years, and now you came without informing her. You should be ashamed of yourself,” Oscar said calmly. It was difficult to read the expression on his face.

Meanwhile, the guilt on Dominic’s face was apparent.

Oscar clapped his hands and laughed. “Dad, Mom. It’s rare for you to come to Tayhaven. Let me take you for a meal first. Otherwise, people might say your son-in-law has no manners. But after eating, I want to talk to you about the Hutton family. Is that okay?”

Sensing Oscar’s domineering aura, Dominic and Melanie did not dare to say no.

They were slightly puzzled as they followed Oscar to a high-end restaurant for a meal. Once they got into the restaurant, looking at the exquisite decoration, Dominic and Melanie felt awkward because their outfits didn’t fit into this place at all.

“Oscar, we’re not that hungry. Why don’t we go and have some street food?” Melanie asked cautiously.

Oscar chuckled. “Mom, don’t worry. I’m here. There’s no need to feel stressed out.”

Oscar continued to move forward in big strides. Dominic and Melanie had no choice but to follow him. They could not believe that their daughter, who was once unimportant to them, was now living a life that was practically unreachable to them. Initially, they were guilty and did not want to disturb Amelia’s life, but after so many years, they shamelessly appeared.

Everyone else thought they were easygoing and kind, but in fact, they had treated their innocent daughter badly. Though they did not give birth to her, they had brought her up.

“Mr. Clinton, we’ve prepared a private room for you. Please follow me,” the restaurant manager welcomed them and said to Oscar politely.

Oscar nodded and followed her. He deliberately left Dominic and Melanie behind.

He wanted to embarrass them on purpose and teach them a lesson. No one should bully his woman, regardless of who they were.

Dominic and Melanic felt even more embarrassed and did not know what to do.

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