Too Much to Bear My Love Chapter 450

Too Much to Bear My Love Chapter 450

She Bears With It

Tiffany stayed the night over at Amelia’s place. The next day, Amelia gave Tiffany a makeover. Half an hour later, she looked like a completely different person.

Tiffany admired her new look in the mirror for a while. She gave Amelia a thumbs-up and said, “Babe, this should do it. This time around, she won’t be able to find fault with my makeup. The last time I was at her place, you have no idea how badly she criticized my dress and even said that I looked nothing like an elegant lady. Now, I want to see what she is going to comment on. She’s way too inexperienced to go up against me.”

Amelia was amused to hear that.

“Tiff, since she likes you to look graceful, just play along. Why do you have to stoop to her level? If Derrick and you really get married, then she will be your elder. You should think of ways to please her instead of arguing with her. Otherwise, Derrick will be stuck in the middle. If it’s some minor issue, just let it go. Don’t push her to her limits,” advised Amelia.

Tiffany was an impatient person who was also quite argumentative. Amelia was worried that she might enrage the older members of the Hissons and ended up losing everything.

“Babe, I want to get along with her too, but that’s not what she wants. If she doesn’t create some kind of problem, she won’t be satisfied. She has never wanted me to be part of their family. If not for Oscar, she would have turned against me. I also heard that Crystal will be coming to Tayhaven in a few days’ time. I wonder what will happen to me by then,” said Tiffany nonchalantly.

“You have to put in more effort. Ms. Halliwell is Mrs. Hisson’s favorite. Everyone in the upper-class society believes that a couple should be well-matched in terms of their status. That woman is considered to be your greatest love rival.”

“What’s the point of her being Mrs. Hisson’s favorite? Derrick has to like her too. If he is cheating on me, then I will dump him before he can even ask for a breakup. I believe in being faithful to your partner. Since I can do it, I will naturally expect the same from him.”

“Why are you talking about all this for no apparent reason? Don’t think too much. Even if you think Derrick is cheating on you, you will require evidence before jumping to the conclusion. Right now, your mission is to suck up to Mrs. Hisson and get along well with Derrick so that the both of you can get married soon. If things get delayed any further, other issues may crop up.”

Tiffany’s face fell.

“Babe, I’ll make a move first. If I get bullied by her badly, you must give me a booster for my morale.”

“Quick, go. Stop talking rubbish. Once you are done, come back here, and I will cook some nice food for you.”

“Babe, you are becoming such a good wife now. In the past, you were only more worried about looking sexy. Now, you are making soup for your beloved. Bravo!”

Amelia was speechless.

After breakfast, Tiffany left and went to meet Kate. However, there was no sign of Kate after an hour. Tiffany decided to wait inside a juice bar nearby and ordered a drink.

She stared out the window as she was drinking her beverage, but there was still no sign of Kate.

“This old hag is so unreliable. I have been waiting for one and a half hours now, and she still isn’t here yet,” grumbled Tiffany while biting on her drinking straw.

After two hours, Kate finally showed up, and standing next to her was a stunning girl dressed in trendy clothes. Looking carefully, Tiffany found her familiar. It then dawned on her that the girl was none other than Crystal. I thought she is only supposed to be here a few days later? What is she doing here?

Tiffany pursed her lips. She knew Kate was not going to give her a pleasant shopping trip.

Tiffany was about to walk out when her phone rang.

It was Derrick.

“Hi, Derrick,” Tiffany called out in a much gentler tone.

“Are you going shopping with my mom?”

“That’s right. Old Mrs. Hisson has just got here, and so is your lover. In fact, she came together with your mom. Do you want to join us? The four of us can play a game of poker together,” joked Tiffany. Judging from her tone, it was not evident if she was upset or happy.

“Where are you now? I’ll come over.”

“It’s fine. I was just joking with you. If you really come over, then your mom will say that I am tattling to you. To her, I am a condemned case. There’s no need to give her another chance to chastise me.”

“Tiff, I’m sorry for what you are going through,” apologized Derrick.

“It’s all right. It’s normal to spend time with our elders. In the future, once I am married to you, this will be something common. But, I may need more time to complete the script for the fantasy movie. Is that okay?” Tiffany saw Kate chatting away with Crystal, and they made no attempt in walking over to the mall. Hence, she was not in a hurry to head out as well.

“There’s no rush. The filming of the movie will only start once you are done with the script. I’m your man, and it’s my job to give you special treatment. Just focus on your writing. It is my responsibility to promote your novel and turn you into a top-notched writer,” promised Derrick.

“I’m getting close now. Just a bit more effort on my end, and I should be right there. What do I do? Derrick, I love you so much. I’m so lucky to have a boyfriend like you who gives me so many privileges. It feels so good,” teased Tiffany.

“Derrick, I have to go. Your mom and Crystal are walking over now.” Tiffany immediately ended the call.

She paid for her drink and quickly walked out.

The moment Kate saw Tiffany, the smile on her face faded. She scrutinized Tiffany with a frown but found nothing wanting, and she snorted.

“When did you get here?” asked Kate.

“Old Mrs. Hisson, I just got here too. Who is this?” Tiffany pretended not to recognize Crystal.

“This is Crystal. She’s the one I want Derrick to marry, but you got in between them. Then again, Crystal is a very generous girl and knows that Derrick is just fooling around. Once he gets sick and tired of you, he will definitely marry her.” Kate reached out to hold Crystal’s hand and ignored Tiffany.

Tiffany’s mouth twitched. She had no idea that Kate and Crystal were in denial and even lied through their teeth.

“So, this is Crystal. You look familiar. Have I seen you before?” Tiffany studied Crystal in detail before exclaiming, “I remember now. You came to Derrick’s villa in Beshya once. You still look as beautiful as I last saw you. If I am not Derrick’s girlfriend, I would think that both Derrick and you will make a very handsome couple. You two look just like a match made in heaven.”

Tiffany poured praises on Crystal as she looked at her.

Crystal was sizing Tiffany up as well and smiled, “Old Mrs. Hisson, is this the woman that Derrick like? She looks very decent. I seemed to recall seeing her at Derrick’s villa more than a year ago. But after some time, I have forgotten those unnecessary people in my life. I thought Derrick has broken off with her a long time ago. Looks like Derrick is quite serious this time.”

Crystal’s gentle demeanor was a far cry from her arrogant self. Tiffany could not help but think that she was a very good actress. There were so many facades to a person.

“Derrick is only fooling around. Once he is old enough, he will settle down with you. All these other women are just passing through in his life.”

Tiffany could not help but rub her nose. They treat me like nobody. Is this a good thing?

Crystal linked her arm with Kate and grinned at Tiffany. “You are Tiffany, right? Old Mrs. Hisson has mentioned about you on our way here. If you don’t mind, I will address you as Tiffany. I don’t come to Tayhaven often. So sorry to have to trouble you. Let’s go shopping then. I want to buy some nice clothes for Old Mrs. Hisson.”

Tiffany forced a smile.

It was very stressful for Tiffany to go shopping with two pretentious women.

Watching the two hypocrites having a good time shopping, she felt that she was invisible.

Crystal saw something she liked and went into the changing room with Kate. She was happy with her choice and paid with her card. Subsequently, both Kate and Crystal had managed to buy a few bags of clothes.

Kate pointed to the bags and said, “Tiffany, if you want to be the daughter-in-law of the Hissons, then you must learn to serve. It’s only right that you carry the bags for your future mother-in-law, don’t you think?”

Tiffany was about to blow her top, but the fact that she was Derrick’s mom stopped her.

She went over and picked up the bags. With a smile, Tiffany asked, “Old Mrs. Hisson, where else will you like to go next?”

“It has only been half an hour. Crystal seldom comes here, so we intend to go through all the shops in the mall. Why? Are you tired?” Kate frowned and lectured her, “You cannot be so weak if you want to be the Hissons’ daughter-in-law. If you get pregnant, how are you going to have the strength for childbirth? Tsk! I have no idea what Derrick likes about you. Crystal is far more superior than you in every aspect. Every time I go shopping with Crystal, I have never heard a single complaint from her. In fact, she will even give her suggestions when it comes to choosing the clothes. You are so useless. Just carrying a few bags, and you start to complain.”

Tiffany suppressed the anger in her and smiled. “Old Mrs. Hisson, you are right. Let’s continue with the shopping until you are happy. If you don’t have enough money, I can pay for it.”

“What is that supposed to mean? Are you implying that I am poorer than you? How dare someone like you from a less well-off family acts like a rich person! The money that you have belongs to my son anyway,” ridiculed Kate.

Tiff, just suck it up and bear with it…

Tiffany kept reminding herself.

Hence, she stomached the humiliation.

“Old Mrs. Hisson, it was my fault for saying the wrong thing. Please don’t hold it against me. Shall we continue shopping?” said Tiffany with a smile.

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