To Be Yours Again by Taylor Chapter 650

To Be Yours Again by Taylor Chapter 650-People Are Fickle-Minded “They look great together,” Blake remarked casually, attracting Alec’s gaze. She hurriedly clarified, “The Walters and the Glasses might be relatives, but Jenny and Randy are not blood-related. Everyone knows that.”

Although Graham presented Jenny as his and Rowena’s long-lost daughter, everyone was clever enough to figure out that Rowena was not Jenny’s birth mother.

Alec was irked by the reminder that Jenny and Randy were not blood- related.

Their existence seemed unusually jarring to him when he looked at them again.

“Let’s go,” Blake urged. He nodded and left with her. He didn’t expect to run into Jenny during his business meeting at the restaurant, and he was even more surprised to see her dining with Randy.

Once Alec and Blake were gone, Randy shifted his focus back to Jenny. ’ Isn’t that guy your ex-husband?”

Thanks to his thorough investigation, he was more than familiar with Jenny’s background. That was how he recognized Alec Faust right away.

“Yeah,” she didn’t deny. Her relationship with Alec was nothing shameful.

“I heard that the Fausts recently roped in their indirect descendants. Looks like he’s one of them.” As the creme de la creme of the Ten Elites, the Fausts always attracted eyes with each move.

Jenny said nothing, so he went on, “I bet the others wouldn’t stand a chance to become the heir, but Alec Faust has the capability. Do you know who’s the woman beside him?” He purposely dangled the information in front of her.

Jenny shook her head—she had no idea.

“She’s the daughter of the Watkins family. She wasn’t actively managing the business, but things seem to have changed now.” Randy grinned and stared intently at Jenny in an attempt to pick up any hint of emotional change.

However, he was disappointed when she remained unbothered, as though Alec’s relationship status was none of her concern.

He wasn’t ready to give up yet and said, “If Alec Faust gets help from Miss Watkins, he has a higher chance of success than his competition. But…l guess he’s not ahead of them much. He can’t be that naive to believe that Zeke Faust is handing over the family business to a distant relative.”

Although Alec was a Faust, everyone knew that the Fausts treated their distant relatives as outsiders.

Jenny was unhappy to hear Randy’s disparaging comments about Alec.” And how do you know he has no chance of success?”

“It’s not my personal opinion-just a matter of fact known to all.” No one would believe that the head of the Faust family would hand over his business to outsiders.

Jenny pursed her lips, knowing that Randy was speaking the truth. “But what if there’s a chance? What if he is capable and gets recognition from that old man?” She had full trust in Alec’s capability. Hence, the alternative scenario was not impossible.

Randy held a different opinion. “The heir selection has got nothing to do with capability. It’s all about passing the business to the bloodline.”

The serious manner in which he spoke led her to realize that he was right. They were not the only ones who knew it. Perhaps, Alec understood the stakes against him too. Judging from the way he acted, he seemed dead set on competing.

“Where did he get the confidence? Is it because he has Miss Watkins on his side?” she mulled.

“Look how he was all obsessed over you last time. I can’t believe that he gave up on pursuing you this soon. People are indeed fickle-minded. He probably thinks that given he’s a Faust, and with Blake Watkins supporting him, you are no longer up to his standard.” While speaking, he observed Jenny keenly.

Her face soured as she glared at him, knowing well that he had purposely said that to her. “You don’t have to remind me about it.

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