This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 423

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 423

The Truth Behind the Death of Toby’s Mother

As soon as Toby heard Rose grinning through her voice, his eyes brightened. “Aren’t you mad at me, Grandma?”

“Why would I be? You don’t always take things seriously, so why should I stop you when you finally do?” she asked with a smile.

“Thank you, Grandma.” He appeared to be relieved.

“There’s no need to thank me, but even if you manage to create an opportunity for Sonia to meet more people, I’m afraid—”

Knowing what his grandmother was going to say, he interrupted, “I gave Mom’s jewelry to her in your name and she accepted it. By then, all she needs to do is wear it during your birthday feast and she should have no problem talking to those big shots.”

After all, Toby knew that the valuable jewelry would help Sonia to create a decent and well-mannered illusion. Even if Paradigm Co. might appear to be unstable, the jewelry could change their impression as they would probably think she was from a decent and established family. For that, they would be willing to interact with her; otherwise, she would struggle to even greet anyone during Rose’s birthday feast. She can never get away with the grim reality.

“Ah, I see.” Rose nodded. “What a meticulous plan you have there! It seems that I have worried too much.”

Toby responded with a faint smile just as something crossed his mind. “By the way, Grandma, Sonia now thinks that you’re the one who gave her the jewelry. She’ll be calling you to thank you later, so please don’t tell her anything I just told you,” he reminded his grandmother in a serious manner.

Rose laughed helplessly. “Do I look like someone who is too dumb to know what should be done? Don’t worry, I know what to do.”

He chuckled, “Thank you, Grandma.”

She responded with an affirmative hum shortly before an incoming call came in when she was about to say something. When she took a look at the caller, she couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows. These 2 kids can really read each other’s minds, can’t they? Toby was just telling me that Sonia would call a few seconds ago and here comes the call. “Toby, Sonia is calling now. So, I’m going to hang up first and answer her call,” she replied.

“Sure.” Toby nodded, staring at his phone screen for two straight minutes after the call ended. Then, he kept his phone in his pocket and headed toward the elevator shortly before he found himself at Bayside Residence’s main exit.

Meanwhile, Tom was leaning against the car when he saw his boss coming in his direction. He then straightened his posture and greeted Toby, “President Fuller.”

When he noticed his assistant’s stern look, Toby knitted his eyebrows and asked, “Do you have something you want to tell me?”

Tom nodded. “The investigation team working on your case seems to have found new leads on the culprit.”

“New leads?” Toby squinted. “I thought the culprit who tried to kill me and Sonia was caught the last time.”

“Yeah, but this time, the investigation team managed to dig deeper and find something that might lead us to the mastermind behind everything,” Tom replied with a deep voice.

As Toby radiated a cold aura, his stare became intense and chilly. “So, that culprit has a mastermind?”

“That’s right. The mastermind is the actual culprit who has been hiding for twelve years without anyone ever discovering a single lead on him until recently.”

“What’s the lead about?” Toby clenched his fists.

“That person seems to know your mother.” Tom looked at Toby, seemingly noticing the need to clarify his words as he added, “And I’m not talking about Madam White. I’m talking about your biological mother.”

“My… My biological mother!” Toby’s expression changed. This mastermind knew my mother and killed my father. What on earth is going on? “What evidence do they have to prove that the murderer knew my mother?” He fixed his gaze on his assistant.

Soon, Tom nodded. “The evidence is a picture of your mother. Ever since you were caught in that traffic accident, the investigation team took a long time before they were able to find and bribe the driver who knocked you down. After some time, they managed to get their hands on the security footage of the entire Seafield, through which they successfully identified the target’s residence. However, that person was nowhere to be found by the time they sent someone after him.”

“After that?”

“Then, the investigation team proceeded to do some digging about the house and discovered that it was owned by someone else. Thus, they approached the owner and found out that the house was rented to three people.”

“Three people…” Toby pursed his lips.

Tom then continued to say, “According to the owner, two of the tenants called the other one ‘Boss’. Thus, if I were to venture a guess, the boss was probably the same person who killed your father and orchestrated the car accident you were caught in. Meanwhile, the reason why I think this person knew your mother was because the investigation team searched the house and found a picture of her. Besides…”

“What else do you know?” Toby demanded with a dark look.

Tom took a deep breath and responded, “There were a few words found written on the back of the photo that read—I will avenge you! Those words were written so hard that it almost tore the picture apart. Thus, it was deduced that the actual culprit must have been in a good relationship with your mother, which was why he killed your father to avenge her.”

“Avenge her?” Toby was seen with a bitter look. “Are you saying my parents shared a bitter history between them?”

“N-No, of course not. That’s not what I meant. After all, it was a mere guess,” an embarrassed Tom clarified with a smile.

At the same time, Toby clenched his fists, looking down to mask the coldness in his eyes. Deep in his heart, he knew there was nothing bitter between his parents since they were not in love with each other in the first place. In fact, they were only together because of the pre-arranged betrothal. Subsequently, when Toby’s mother fell pregnant, his parents began sleeping in separate rooms and became spouses in name only.

When Toby turned 12, his father met Jean, but his mother wasn’t mad about that at all. Instead, she even supported the man’s decision to be with Jean and even put in a few good words for her in front of Rose, attempting to convince Rose to accept Jean. By doing so, Toby’s mother would be able to divorce his father and realize her biggest wish because she used to carry Toby in her arms and tell him that she wanted to leave the Fuller Family to live her own life.

Unfortunately, Toby’s mother had an emotional breakdown one night before she could divorce his father. She drowned her sorrows with alcohol that night and strangely threw a tantrum in the Fuller Residence while murmuring complaints about a man who stopped waiting for her and betrayed her love.

At that moment, Toby finally understood his mother’s indifference toward his father and her desire for a divorce because she was in love with another man, but he had fallen for someone else. Unable to accept the harsh truth, she committed suicide the next day by slitting her own wrist. Thus, he was sure that his mother’s death had nothing to do with his father, which was why he found the killer’s motive to avenge his mother absurd and laughable. Moreover, the culprit had also tried to kill Toby, which made him wonder whether there was something personal between his mother and this mysterious person.

“Please tell the investigation team to find out more about my mom’s lover before she married into the Fuller Family,” Toby instructed with a pair of glacial eyes.

Tom adjusted his glasses and asked, “President Fuller, are you implying that the murderer could be your mother’s former lover?”

In fact, he had already known a thing or two about the matter related to Toby’s mother. Thus, he could tell that Toby ordered him to investigate his mother’s former lover because Toby suspected the murderer was this person. Furthermore, Tom also agreed with his boss’ deduction since it was likely that the former lover of Toby’s mother was jealous and mad at Toby’s father for separating them. Well, if that murderer reckoned President Fuller’s father was the one who caused his mother’s death, that should explain his motive to kill Old Master Fuller. Why was he onto President Fuller as well? Perhaps I’ll still need to do some digging about that.

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