The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 534

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 534

While they were on their way back, Nolan had been looking outside through the window, his gaze deep.

Quincy glanced at him through the rear mirror and asked, “Mr. Goldmann, is that Sue really Strix’s apprentice? Don’t you think she’s a little bit too young?”

Nolan withdrew his gaze and said, “Well, we’ll know about it after we find Hernandez.”

“Hernandez?” Quincy was stunned. “Are you saying that Hernandez knows Strix? During the outbreak 30 years ago, Strix made a name for himself after he showed up in Stoslo. However, other than knowing his name, it’s said that only a few people have seen him. No one else has seen him after he left the medical world. How does Hernandez know Strix?”

Nolan lifted his head and replied, “It’s because of Marina.”

“Ms. Vanderbilt’s mother?” Quincy was taken aback.” Wasn’t Ms. Vanderbilt’s mother related to the Metropolis? She knew Strix too? Could it be that Strix H

“The only thing we know about Strix is that he’s from Morwich. As for whether or not he’s related to the Metropolis, it still remains unknown,” Nolan replied, his gaze cold. “As for that Sue, I’m sure she’s up to


Daniel was dead, Hernandez had gone missing, while Roger had not made any movements yet. Then, this Sue suddenly showed up and told them that she was related to Strix.

Everything seemed calm, but Nolan knew there were a lot of undercurrents. However, whether or not it was a coincidence or a premeditated plan, they still needed to wait and see how things were going to turn out.

Nolan looked at the picture of the person on his phone, and his sharp gaze turned gentle. He stroked her cheek with the tip of his finger and mumbled,” Zee..”

Maisie had been resting on the bed for a long time. She looked a bit weak because they had taken blood from her three times.

“You’re awake?” Sasha walked up to her with a bowl of soup in her hand and helped her get up from the bed.” How do you feel?”

“Better.” Maisie smiled weakly as she took over the soup Sasha handed her.

Sasha sighed, “You need to rest for a few more days before we can continue to draw blood from you. Otherwise, your body won’t be able to handle the exertion.”

Maisie lowered her head when she heard that she needed to wait for a few more days. “It’s okay as long as the research is successful.”

She did not really care how much blood they were going to draw from her. She was willing to do everything as long as they could.” develop a new vaccine and save Nolan.

Mario was scratching his head in the laboratory. He hadn’t been sleeping for two days. There were two dark circles around his eyes, and stubble began to appear on his chin.

All three extraction experiments had been unsuccessful. The survival rate of the antibodies after leaving the blood was so low that they simply did not have enough time to break down the living antibody cells from the blood.

No matter how they tried, they wouldn’t have any result unless they switched to another faster method.

Strix put down the item in his hand and suggested,”What if we extract the antibody cells while drawing blood from her?”

Mario was stunned. “Extract the antibody cells while drawing blood from her? This is worth trying, but the extraction process is going to

take time. Besides, we can’t use Intravenous anesthesia throughout the process, so I’m not sure if she can hold on or not.”

Just when Strix was about to say something, Maisie appeared at the door and said, “I can. Let’s do it.”

Strix turned his head to look at her and frowned. “Zee?

What are you doing here? You should get some more rest.”

Maisie’s face was pale, and she looked so weak as if she would fall at the slightest gust. “I want to try the method you mentioned. I’m not afraid of pain,”

Since she could make it through the pain during her labor, she figured there was no pain in this world that she couldn’t endure.

Mario looked at Strix as if she was waiting for him to decide. Strix walked up to her and put his hands on her shoulder. “You should get some rest. We will talk about it in a few more days.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll get a lot of rest.” Maisie smiled.

Several days later…

Maisie’s countenance looked a lot better.

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